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Sonobe Laboratory NEWS
2011.6.9 (Inventions)  Inventions and Patents of Sonobe Laboratory is updated by recent information.
2006.12. 3 Do you have freqent errors during browsing?
I present an article, writing the problem that processes turn slow after Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 (PC-cillin) installation, and the solution.
2003. 8. 3 (ComeTop effect)  [Notes] "ComeTop(R)'s wonderful advantages of increasing Web visitors" is published.
2003. 6.15   Sonobe Laboratory announces a novel invention named KeyRelayAd, which presents web advertisement business.
2003. 5.17   Sonobe Laboratory announces a novel invention named ComeTop(R), which increases web visitors dramatically.
2003. 4.16   Sonobe Laboratory announces a novel invention named Number Guide and Connect System.
2002.11.26   Bio-communication demo, by which you can make your own biological letter in biological cryptogram, is now released.
2002.10.17   Sonobe Laboratory announces a novel invention named Bio-memory and Bio-communication.

1.  Interesting Products of Sonobe Lab.  (in Japanese)
1.1   [Tool] Michinori-kun  (in Japanese)
1.1.1     [Tool] Listing aliases for Michinori-kun  (in Japanese)
1.1.2     [Tool] Michinori-kun Download  (in Japanese)
1.1.3     [Michinori-kun] Buy  (in Japanese)
1.1.4     [Michinori-kun] Support  (in Japanese)
1.1.5     [NEWS RELAEASE] Tool Michinori-kun  (in Japanese)
1.2   [Game] CompuCar  (in Japanese)
1.2.1     CompuCar Hi-Score  (in Japanese)
1.2.2     CompuCar players' voice  (in Japanese)
1.2.3     [Game] CompuCar Requirements  (in Japanese)
1.2.4     [Game] CompuCar Download  (in Japanese)
1.2.5     [CompuCar] Buy  (in Japanese)
1.2.6     [CompuCar] Present of Free License  (in Japanese)
1.2.7     [CompuCar] Support  (in Japanese)
1.2.8     [NEWS RELAEASE] Game CompuCar
1.3   [Web access improve tool] ComeTop A  (in Japanese)
1.3.1     [ComeTop A] report article  (in Japanese)
1.3.2     [ComeTop A] features  (in Japanese)
1.3.3     [ComeTop A] Requirements  (in Japanese)
1.3.4     [ComeTop A] Download  (in Japanese)
1.3.5     [ComeTop A] How to Install  (in Japanese)
1.3.6     [ComeTop A] Buy  (in Japanese)
1.3.7     [ComeTop A] Support  (in Japanese)
1.3.8     [ComeTop A] Secret methods for access up  (in Japanese)
1.3.9     [NEWS RELAEASE] ComeTop A
2.  Interesting Inventions and Ideas of Sonobe Lab.
2.1   Inventions and Patents of Sonobe Laboratory
2.2   ComeTop: A novel technology to increase access!
2.2.1     Access Up Tool ComeTop for such sites!
2.2.2     [NEWS RELAEASE] Access Increase Technology ComeTop
2.2.3     [Notes] ComeTop's wonderful advantages of increasing Web visitors       Accecss increased violently after ComeTop started on-line       How was ComeTop's demonstration experiment performed?       80-90% of visitors viewed the top page by ComeTop       80-90% of searching visitors viewed the top page by ComeTop       Number of viewed pages per person increased by 17-44%. by ComeTop       Some persons clicked a link to outside further under ComeTop       1 in 7 persons viewed further pages from the top page under CometTop       Forcasting top page count increased by ComeTop       Law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you"      Such great effect of ComeTop in terms of money!      Summary of ComeTop's advantages
2.2.4     Traffic increase! Hints for taking advantage of 'ComeTop'
2.3   KeyRelayAd: A novel and absolutely promising technology for Web advertisement
2.3.1     [NEWS RELAEASE] Web advertisement technology: KeyRelayAd
2.3.2     [DEMO] KeyRelayAd  (in Japanese)
2.4   Connectable Directory Inquiries System
2.4.1     [NEWS RELAEASE] Connectable Directory Inquiries System
2.4.2     Patent Application of Connectable Directory Inquiries System
2.5   CATS: Common Automatic Transport System
2.5.1     The Introduction Slides of Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)
2.5.2     The Epoch-making Paper of Common Automatic Transport System CATS
2.5.3     Praises for Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)
2.5.4     Slanders for Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)
2.5.5     The origin of the symbol colors of CATS (Common Automatic Transport System)
2.5.6     Patent Application 1 of Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)
2.5.7     Links to information related to CATS
2.6   Bio-memory and Bio-communication
2.6.1     [NEWS RELAEASE] Bio-memory and Bio-communication
2.6.2     Patent Application of Bio-memory and Bio-communication
2.6.3     [DEMO] Translation from human text to DNA
2.6.4     [DEMO] Translation from human text to amino acids
2.6.5     [DEMO] Translation from DNA into human text
2.6.6     [DEMO] Translation from amino acids into human text
3.  Haiku and Senryuu
4.  Design and Photographs
4.1   [DESIGN] Fairy Clock
4.2   [PHOTO] The Longest Moon Total Eclipse in the 20th Century
4.3   [PHOTO] Suddenly from the Ceiling!
4.4   [PHOTO] Terrible Taxi
4.5   [PHOTO] The Display of the Station Broken by the Typhoon
4.6   [PHOTO] Sun rays radiating to all directions
4.7   [PHOTO] Clouds Crawling on the Ground
4.8   [PHOTO] Lucky Tree Flowers (Lucky Tree Blooms)
4.9   [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(1)
4.10  [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(2)
4.11  [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (1)
4.12  [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (2)
4.13  [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (3)
4.14  [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (4)
4.15  [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (5)
5.  Music
5.1   [MIDI] I am an Eel
5.2   [SCORE] I am an Eel
5.3   [MIDI] So ein Tag (Such a Day)
6.  Life Science Theories  (in Japanese)
6.1   Brain-Contributed Evolution Theory  (in Japanese)
7.  Pet Island
8.  Popotan Chat  (in Japanese)
9.  Interesting Know-How
9.1   Life-related Know-How
9.1.1     How to keep pets for nothing
9.1.2     How to traverse crowd without collision
9.1.3     How to count hundreds of numbers without tool
9.1.4     How to correct interestingly 'To' part (in Japanese letter)
9.1.5     How to open a plastic bag in a short time
9.1.6     How to repair plastic food wrap torn unclearly
9.1.7     How to write modest compositions
9.1.8     How to memorize a number securely without memorandom
9.1.9     How to make full use of heaping pocket tissue
9.1.10    How to shake off sleepiness
9.1.11    How to receive tax credit of medical expense also by hospital single room charge
9.1.12    How to mark out your shopping memo items without pen
9.1.13    How to restart work more easily by a split task
9.1.14    How to remember what must be done definitely
9.2   Computer-related Know-How
9.2.1     *  (in Japanese)
9.2.2     *  (in Japanese)
9.2.3     *  (in Japanese)
9.2.4     *  (in Japanese)
9.2.6     The problem that processes turn slow after Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 (PC-cillin) installation, and the solution
9.2.7     How to pack slides on one paper maximizing fonts at PowerPoint
9.2.8     How to layout windows to view them easily
9.2.9     Clear explanation: How to enable/dispable JavaScript
9.2.10    Clear explanation: How to save/restore registry  (in Japanese)
9.2.11    How to move figures more minutely at Word/PowerPoint
9.2.12    How to duplicate (copy) a graph on Excel
9.2.13    How to investigate system troubles smartly
9.2.14    How to type a tilde (~) or HOME (~/) very easily
9.2.15    How to recover when background is blue and start/taskbars are missing
9.2.16    How to recover MIDI sound breaking when browsing
9.2.17    How to recover IE, which is slided and partially hidden, in full screen mode
9.2.18    How to shut out worms like MSBLAST by blocking ports
9.3   Network-related Know-How
9.3.1     How to read documents which could not be found
9.3.2     If deta How to read documents which could not be found
9.4   Game-related Know-How
9.4.1     Hiccup game
9.4.2     Spy technique to disappear oneself instantly
10.  *  (in Japanese)
10.1   *  (in Japanese)
10.2   *  (in Japanese)
10.3   *  (in Japanese)
10.4   *  (in Japanese)
10.5   *  (in Japanese)
10.6   *  (in Japanese)
10.7   *  (in Japanese)
10.8   *  (in Japanese)
10.9   *  (in Japanese)
10.10  *  (in Japanese)
11.  Essays "Worldly Thoughts out of My Bamboo Pen"
11.1   My first invention and stars
11.2   I thought about thee 3D TV again
11.3   I cannot agree with antonym test
11.4   Worldly Thoughts out of My Bamboo Pen (1)
11.5   Worldly Thoughts out of My Bamboo Pen (2)
11.6   Why can we read such a tattered document?
12.  Interesting Links
13.  About Sonobe Lab.
14.  Company Profile - Sonobe Laboratory Limited
15.  Privacy Policy - Sonobe Laboratory Limited

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