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Announcement data
May 17, 2003
Sonobe Laboratory

New invention which has a greatest effect in the Sonobe Laboratory ( increasing an access of a homepage on May 17, 2003 -- " ComeTop (R) We completed and announced the design which is ".
Moreover, it has filed for the patent (*1) of this technology to the Patent Office of Japan on May 16.
ComeTop Technology is widely applicable.
One of the ways with a big effect to be used has "top page guidance of a visitor" on a website.

Until now, it was most that the visitor who looked at the page found by the search engine or the link collection does not look at other pages in a site.
In fact, a problem is not solved on other pages in a site, or how to follow . which may fill concern further, however a link to other pages is various by the site, and the visitor who spares does not move time and effort.
For this reason, for the owner and administrator of a site, there were "a visitor's not being satisfactorily provided with information and service" and a trouble "the access counter of a top page did not go up so much even if a site is registered into a search engine."

On this problem ComeTop の "top page guidance of a visitor" is useful.

ComeTop In the case of the page which was made to が動作, a visitor is the non-top page of the site. (*) At the time of を見た, it is a top page. (*) Open in an exception window. (*) The window is turned to the back of the non-top page currently seen now. (*) In the non-top page currently seen now, it is a guidance message. (*) It displays in addition. (*) Things are made.
here -- " * " -- the attached portion can be specified by liking, when site owner generates the "ComeTop script" inserted in a web page group beforehand (however) ComeTop . depending on a の version

However, it will be expected that a problem arises if this is carried out recklessly. :
  • Even if it moves to a non-top page in a site, a top page comes out each time, and it is noisy .
  • if a link is clicked several times, it is troublesome that many top pages also come out and erase .
  • . which may change the music which should be automatically started by the non-top page to the music automatically started by the top page
  • . in which the visitor who confirms operation of the script of a browser, and the visitor who has not confirmed are

ComeTop . which also solves は and these problems with the technology under patent application
  • Only when seeing a link with main search engines, main directories, main bulletin boards, etc. and coming to a non-top page, the addition display of a top page is performed.
  • Even if the window of an addition display of a top page is started how many times, they do not increase in number.
  • A musical problem can be avoided now because site owner creates CGI or a script.
  • When the visitor has not confirmed operation of the script of a browser, although a new window cannot be taken out, it can insert and display the guidance message of the sake in that case on a non-top page.
therefore -- for the owner and administrator of a site -- "-- satisfactory -- a visitor -- information and service -- it can provide -- " -- the greatest effect "the access counter of a top page will go up with グン if a site is registered into a search engine" is demonstrated
For a visitor, it is what "a problem is solved or concern is further filled with other pages in a site for", and the degree of satisfaction increases.
※1 The name of invention "the object addition display method and the program which performs an object addition display, a script, plug-in, a tag, a picture, data, an object, contents, an advertisement, and a document" (patent application number: application for patent 2003-139686)

Contacts: Masayuki Sonobe (Sonobe Laboratory)

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June 22, 2003
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