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How to correct interestingly How to correct interestingly 'To' part (in Japanese letter)  
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It is withholding attaching a title to oneself well from the address column of a double postcard or an application form. [ a "OOOO line" and ] [ who is printed ] [ . ]
For example, in a direction of "a reply" of a postcard which has heard attendance absence of a class reunion, it may be printed with a "Otohiko Kono line."

in order to make it a title, those who write a reply usually erase a character of a "line" by line, and are writing "appearance" or "Messrs." to a side newly -- ? (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1 Method of known repair (in case of horizontal writing)

But it discovered suddenly.
if it often sees -- "appearance" -- "Messrs." -- "-- " -- it has the character of a "line" in inside -- coming out -- isn't it?
Then, let's transform a "line" in this way (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Overwriting method

Although it is slightly forcing, one poor at a character seems to be good as this one feels it refreshed, after it is from the first.
A double postcard is enjoyed for a long time, already using this method.

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