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The problem that processes turn slow after Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 (PC-cillin) installation, and the solution The problem that processes turn slow after Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 (PC-cillin) installation, and the solution  
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1. Introduction
2. Newest Situation
3. Phenomenon
4. Other Phenomena
5. Generating Conditions
6. Rate of Generating
7. Cause
8. Correction Situation
9. Measure
9.1 It is uninstall if Spy Wear Measure Software is Put in.
9.2 It is Completely uninstall about Other Virus Measure Software.
9.3 Update to a New Edition (Version on and after January 30, 2007) of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007.
9.4 [Case of XP] IE is Raised to IE7.0.
9.5 Delete Definition of Cookie Management Site.
9.6 Delete Definition of Restriction Site.
9.7 Re-Install 2007.
9.8 Reduce Setup of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 Function.
9.9 Extend Memory (RAM).
9.10 [Cases other than Vista] It Returns to PC-cillin Internet Security 2006.
10. Conclusion
- Important word explanation
- Notice
- Delightful "language of gratitude"
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If so busy that time to be troubled by the weight of 2007, lateness, and instability and read is also regrettable, let's try the measure of the following with much repaired people first. :

! + updated to a new edition (version on and after January 30, 2007) of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 (however, an obstacle may come also out of a new edition)
! + which raises the [case of XP] IE to IE7.0
! + which reduces a setup

Then, if useless, the "measure" of this report is all checked.

However, neither those who have self in an arm, nor those a network adaptor is destroyed and it is impossible to do what confirms all, but is the means of the suddenly most positive last.

! + returned to a [cases other than Vista] PC-cillin Internet Security 2006

If that of i succeeds, it may be able to be managed at least with 1 hour and a half and may be the earliest.

ECXoX^[2007bhLo	_

Progress of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 problem

1. Introduction

Users of PC-cillin Internet Security ("Virus Buster" in Japan) have been facing too many troubles from September 2006 to the present.

something and processing are heavy when the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is used -- late -- it goes out -- it becomes the stopping error which falls and solidifying

It is the problem to say.

serious trouble occurs among the personal computers which installed 2007 -- a number of percent -- F -- although the generating ratio to say was presumed to be about 3 - 30% at the 2006 end-of-the-year time, it is the touch which will decrease by a distribution start and sale of 30 Nissin version 15.30 in January, 2007, and has become about 1 - 10%
Thousands of - tens of thousands of people may still be in trouble, and, probably, there are some reserves out of whom the phenomenon has not come yet also from my experience.
But, although the maker (Trend Micro) is making only information offer of Q&A, he gives neither synthetic explanation nor timely explanation (the posture in which make you trouble and it is inexcusable is not seen, either).

In such a situation, it is the Sonobe laboratory. (The procedure which sounds an alarm bell in the beginning for people in the company, and is returned to 2006 was only packed) I thought that I would reduce damage of "bad you of my luck" and its school, a company, a home, etc.
And its experience was added to investigation information, information dispatch was started on December 3, 2006, and it has raised into such a report.
Of course by accuracy or comprehensibility, "? is burning and making information offer in . contrary to a maker's capacity, however the range to understand.

PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 problem The No.1 description site of the world Is it this report M and as of April 25, 2007 (at any time under updating)?

%%%%% basic checkpoint %%%%%

  • I want whether to only learn the method of coping with the error message which came out of the PC-cillin Internet Security.
    -> If it is it, it is the error collection of "! PC-cillin Internet Security of Trend Micro. " -- pleasing .
    But since the thing peculiar to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 which has a "deep" root does not work only by the management, please check the following.

  • Is it the condition of "not leading to a network"?
    -> The check method when not being connectable with the Q&A "! network of Trend Micro probably, if it is it" (solution 2060650 ) Let's carry out the setting check of three L.

  • "If a lid is opened, a screen will be deep-black and it will not start" (you have to reswitch on a power supply). [ that a power supply does not fall even if it shuts "lid with a notebook PC", and ]
    "Even if it carries out mouse operation and key operation after that, a screen is pitch-black and it does not start" (you have to reswitch on a power supply). Is it condition? [ that a power supply does not fall even if it pushes "standby (resume, sleep, suspension, pause, new crescent) button with a desktop PC", and ]
    -> This is the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. A known obstacle . -- first -- Trend Micro -> ! Q&A (2061363 ) please give looking . -- if it carries out by accident, when you will however think that it does not correspond on the . above-mentioned Q&A which cannot finish throwing away the possibility of the obstacle of cause of another of 2007, either, please also read the following

  • It is an old talk and is already 200. 5 . with the obstacle with which those who operation of a user's computer becomes slow and will not be able to do a startup of a system to updating next time in April per year then, either, since the pattern file of the distributed PC-cillin Internet Security was bad on the 23rd occurred one after another -- this -- the obstacle of this report On a separate charge Be careful by that.

  • When only writing it as "2007" and "2006" in this report, it is the thing of "PC-cillin Internet Security 2007" and "PC-cillin Internet Security 2006", respectively.

  • .-> semiconductor storage called RAM (random access memory) with which the computer is equipped is written [ -> ] to be "memory" in this report details + -- meaning of GB and MB -> Details +

  • Is a character too small?
    The site of Trend Micro which is crawling on the link in large numbers from this report has a small character, and it is hard to see on a high resolution screen.
    The place which is not important in this report makes the character small.
    -> Solution which can be used anywhere :
    Internet In the case of Explorer (IE) 6.0 [display (V)] - [size (X) of a character] is specified more greatly
    IE In the case of 7.0 and browsers, such as firefox It is "+", it being easier and pushing Ctrl. (Key on which";" and "+" are stamped) push measure
    . on the contrary, a character will become small if "-" is pushed, pushing Ctrl -- it will be easy to memorize
    In the case of an Opera browser the I which does not push Ctrl -- "+" and "-"

2. Newest Situation

[6] 2007.4.24 . which is the affair of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 which recommends use as an emergency evacuation place in case 2007 is fault with this report -- irrespective of such a situation Support (pattern update) is carried out only till December 31, 2007. Things became clear. -> Trend Micro report . If it Becomes Like this, if "PC-cillin Internet Security 2008" Which Will Come Out in 2007 this Year Does Not Have Product Stabilized Absolutely Become, is it Troubled?

[5] 2007.4.15 It freezes in one personal computer (CPU 1.83GHzx2, RAM 1GB, XP, VB2007), without being standing by 70% - 80% of case, even if it closes a lid (2007 known obstacles ). . -- as good measure . as having come to repeat h with which LAN connection of a cable with a router went out, or was connected again -- the version down was carried out 2006, reviewing the procedure of this report there yesterday (about 1-hour necessary)
Then, till then, the mp3 file was solved together to the obstacle of becoming a sandglass and stopping, when performed by the browser (plug-in of Quick Time).
Based on this experience, supplementary correction was added to the procedure of this report, and the file for urgent was also prepared for those who cannot receive PCCTool.

[4] 2007.4.5 It is how although it is new edition 15.30 of expected 2007 (the personal computer of RAM 1GB loading). While using, an important obstacle will come to occur.
I myself have experienced this at last!

A LAN driver is erased and web perusal, mail, etc. cannot be communicated [ all ]. -> Phenomenon and management +
Whenever it pushed Ctrl-C etc. by Excel, it became a sandglass during several seconds, and it became so late that it cannot bear. -> Phenomenon +

The user of 2007 recommends referring to the version down of this report a little early 2006 (a 1-hour - 1-hour, and half necessary).

[3] 2007.1.30 "A circuit is under connection in dial up or broadband environment. Neither the return from standby of Windows nor the shift to sleep can be performed. -- Get it blocked. It has solidified, if a lid is opened. F It does not finish, even if it makes it end. On the obstacle -- which will be which condition", Trend Micro has recognized at last and it gave an interim report.
-> ! Q&A (2061363 )
Below . that is the atmosphere which is likely to take many months for solution since this obstacle is unsolvable only at its company is from that Q&A. :

When the personal firewall of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is installed, the shift to the return or sleep from standby cannot be performed during connection in dial up or a broadband environment. About the affair here, a cause is investigated with Mr. Microsoft Corp. and correspondence is under examination by the Microsoft Corp. Mr. side now.

[The evasion method]
As a present evasion measure, when you end dial up and connection of broadband environment clearly, it is checking shifting to a sleep mode.

It is cutting a circuit, before shutting the lid of a notebook PC, and before pushing a standby (if attached to the model) (resume, sleep, suspension, pause, new crescent) button with a desktop PC.
But to those who tend to tie, it is troublesome.
The procedure of cutting a circuit is the icon of the circuit connection at the lower right of :screen (= task tray = notice area). b It clicks, and the screen of a "[connection name] state" is taken out, it clicks "cutting" or "it repealing", and a window is closed.
If a version down is carried out 2006, naturally this obstacle is avoidable.

[2] 2007.1.30 PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 Vista [ which was released synchronizing with the Vista release ] compatible version 15.30, i.e., a version, r h 1151 (vb27 1530_1151.exe) is attention ( is s, f, u, etc.).

although it is named "the Vista compatible version" -- this program -- " The version which corresponds also to Vista and runs also by Vista/XP / 2000 SP4 " . which is a meaning -- that `E[r[ -- it is thing + [ like ] which was being written
(They [ In my case, the conventional version is / r h 1329 of a version 15.00 and / a version 14.00. . which was r h 1023 (vb26f1410_1023.exe) etc. anyhow ] 15.30 . which I hear is raised to r h 1151)

The installation method of this version is mentioned later. -> ( + updated to a new edition (version on and after January 30, 2007) of ! PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 )

You, readers, need to wait for this installation just for a moment, and please read the following.
or [ that what has happened to the problem of the late heavy instability currently explained below with this report ]
. whose a . which may be eased to some extent however possibility of not being eased, and possibility eased that fault will happen occasionally although kicked are still if Trend Micro is doing its best -- since it is not checked that it is safe, I consider that it is better in the case of usage's computer not to install 2007 in it also although a now new edition is told to important business
If it is made 15.30 The opinion to which operation became light just like the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 and which it was it errorless having come out of, and an uphill transmission speed went up that it became comfortable * -- it has come out mostly
-> (example: Mr. every day of ! patent attorney ) M two 2 which became late Taizhoug recovery .

however, two personal computers with which there were also many people that operation was still slow, and I returned them to 2006 -- like Also in a new edition, operation may become amusing too. As for the . free which recommends the version down to the stable PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, and 2006, in the case of the personal computer which is not Windows Vista, renewal of a pattern is supported as my opinion only till the last day of December, 2007.
There was also a serious illness person of having come to freeze only by putting the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 (a new edition being issued naturally) into Vista.

[1] 2007.1.30 It is a PC-cillin Internet Security as planned. The "Windows Vista compatible version" of 2007 was put on the market.
-> ! announcement ! Product ! Q&A ! Limitation

Since it is not supported even if he wants to use the stable PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 on Windows Vista, installation is impossible . ).
But if the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, 2005 --, or 2007 is inputted into the version PC-cillin Internet Security corresponding to Vista which newly downloaded the serial number (a serial number, license key) on Vista when it was purchase ending, it can be used regularly. -> Detailed
It is newly a Vista compatible version. He does not need to buy it. By L, carelessly, about loss, please bend and be careful like.

As a computer which operates, it is with a Vista compatible version. More than CPU 1GHz and more than RAM 1GB . *'(ed) -- or [ that the serious obstacle of "late heavy instability" with the case where even the man of the version till then, CPU 2GHz, and RAM 3GB has happened is repaired very much with this Vista compatible version ] .

3. Phenomenon

" Trend Micro L PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 Trend Flex time Security If it installs
(or -- if it upgrades to 2006-2007)
processing of a computer became heavy with something -- it became late -- it came to go out -- the error which came to stop, which came to fall and which came to solidify came to take place "

Much voice to say is heard.
-> Retrieval result (created in the past three months) of "PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 problem [ (fault OR -- late OR -- heavy -- it goes out OR -- it falls OR -- it solidifies OR) ]"
About 70,000 document In L, many opinions which are many men that he is troubled, and opinions are uneasy are also contained.

The phenomenon which in the case of me upgraded to 2007 and happened from 2006 is as follows. :

  1. While perusing a web page, this thing is 1 minute [ dozens of seconds to ] or more more until a screen changes, even if it clicks.

  2. If it is going to peruse a web page, it will become a time-out and the error of "a page cannot be displayed", "it having not been normally connectable", "a server not being found", etc.

    Large shortage of memory takes place (that is, touch to which the amount of sum totals of the memory demanded from the program it is running has increased also 3 times and 4 times from 2.5 times of RAM carried), exchanges (paging) of the page between memory and a disk occur frequently, and Cali Cali of a disk continuing being good.
    the basis of this state -- a browser -- Windows -- this URL -- a screen -- a receive -- F . by which it does not come on the contrary even if that receptionist that comes on the contrary, without it taking 1 second usually even if it requests the request to say as send by TCP/IP waits several seconds by paging frequent occurrence -- it was touch whether such errors were occurring one after another

  3. The state where it becomes impossible to communicate by wireless LAN happens a target or for a long time for 10 minutes and temporarily.
    (At such time, the router was returned on and it had restored)

  4. Even if it is going to make into a forefront side the window which is not present in a forefront side by click, since the redraw of a window is slow, it is not displayed easily.
    This will also be because memory shortage is severe.

  5. The amount of the memory (RAM) used by the program which constitutes a PC-cillin Internet Security being performed is increasing sharply compared with the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006.

  6. Update (Download of the newest pattern file of a PC-cillin Internet Security etc.) LJ increases very much. (1 time was set to 5-10 MBs ?) .
    Download of a pattern & Programs, such as patch.exe, run during installation, applying load to CPU or a disk, and work is barred over a long time.

  7. it tends to become 100% of CPU activity ratios . -- if it becomes like this, other work will seldom progress
    It was conspicuous that PcScnSrv.exe (spy wear supervisor) newly established especially by tmproxy.exe (proxy program which probably supervises e-mail and a web) of Trend Micro and 2007 has consumed CPU.
    It is . aggressive attitude currently made so that it may refuse, even if it is going to start a task manager by Ctr+Shift+Esc and is going to lower priorities, such as PcScnSrv.exe, tmproxy.exe, and patch.exe....

  8. Uncommon phenomenon in which this has also happened in the example of 100% of CPU activity ratios with the personal computer (CPU 1.83GHzx2, RAM 1GB, XP, VB2007) (CPU is two pieces) at hand :
    1) Immediately after a spy wear retrieval start, reach for 20 - 40 seconds after a retrieval screen becomes pure white until a display comes out.
    2) For 40 seconds after becoming pure white immediately after giving the indication and clicking with a way and a line, since it came out having detected spy wear (safe Cookie type thing) with the first scan until a display comes out,
    At this time, it was very much surprised that it was displayed by the task manager that the task manager which could eat [ the PC-cillin Internet Security ], did not come out and was moving 1 CPU at this time has consumed the remaining 1 CPU fully.
    (It was set to 1 / 4 - 1/2 of usually when measuring wireless LAN transmission speed at this time.)
    since the priority of a task manager is "quantity" -- other tasks -- a priority -- "-- usually -- " -- it is -- since -- large -- influence -- popularity will be won . -- or [ that . as which the phenomenon in which a task manager like the above 1 consumes CPU even if it however scans by another computer (CPU 2.1GHz, RAM 1GB, XP, VB2007) is not regarded will be the obstacle of only a display of a task manager ] .... .

  9. The work of . meantime which requires time for spy wear retrieval too much others will seldom progress.

  10. All network connection becomes impossible and it cannot restore.
    (CPU 2.1GHz and RAM 1 -- although it is GB, XP, and the VB2007 new edition 15.30 -- generating .... 2007.3.31) .
    ., i.e., a web, to which there was no response of Explorer suddenly, operation specifically became impossible during the test of the sharing setup of the folder of a share server, and all LAN connection became amusing cannot be perused, and it cannot transmit and receive e-mail, either.
    - Even if it takes out and inserts a LAN cable from a personal computer, the error of "not being connectable" comes out immediately after saying that it connected by 100Mbps.
    - Even if it was going to repeal LAN and was going to confirm it by connection] of a [setting]-[network, it became invalid for the connection error (surely).
    - An error like there being no "network adaptor instead of a graph, if the "network" of a task manager is seen"
    - Even if it stops the fire wall of VB2007, don't change.
    - if a system reboot is carried out there, except a mouse cursor, a screen will be deep-black and maker LOGO or XP starting will not come out of it, either -- although it will start if . power supply OFF / ON of is done, LAN connection has run out and does not still have a network adaptor -- the same, even if it situation. repeats

    - :[my computer] right-click which finally investigated the driver - The property of a system is taken out with a [property], [hardware] taboo [a device manager (D)] is clicked, and it is a device. A manager is taken out.
    [+] of a [network adapter] was clicked, and the adapter (although a name changes with models, if it is a model corresponding to LAN, there must be that seemingly it is it) of Ethernet (they are Ethernet and LAN) was opened in the double click.

    - if it carries out -- the state of a device -- " There is no driver. It is ., i.e., a kind of a network adaptor, out of which the error message of" purport had come. It had disappeared, before the LAN adapter knew.
    Now, the communication via LAN is destroyed totally.
    - When the window was filed as management by ., [O.K.], etc. which clicked the [driver] taboo [the roll back (R) of a driver] (return to a front state) on this screen and the system reboot was carried out, the network adaptor (driver) became normal operation and all communications restored it safely.
    . made into qb since it had an advanced disease -- if it is in the same phenomenon -- the above-mentioned management -- a trial -- that. uniting and carrying out a version down 2006 -- recommendation
    With the phenomenon which Mr. SW also resembled A PC-cillin Internet Security is uninstalled by the machine of 2.8GHZ(s), 2 GB, XP, and VB2007. If it reboots, network connection will become "An active network adapter not found" by . (that is, even if it calls to other computers, there is no response) task manager from which it completely becomes impossible and even ping was set to unreached. A driver is once deleted after all. (My phenomenon is resembled) F5D it is normal and the rollback of a driver is not changed in . device manager -- impossible (this point is more unfortunate than I) . -- "-- Although it solved when the driver had already been downloaded and installed by one of the two's machine, considering a thing when there is only one set, it shudders. It may be better to have prepared for 10,001 and to make before uninstallation the preparations which re-install a network driver, since it is such a reason. What [" / thing ]

  11. It becomes late to the extent that Excel (Excel) does not become useful.
    When Ctrl-C (copy), Ctrl-X (cutoff), and Ctrl-D (the upper column is copied) are pushed, it will surely be in a sandglass state for 6 to 10 seconds, and it becomes impossible to operate it in the meantime.
    (CPU 2.1GHz and RAM 1 -- although it is GB, XP, and the VB2007 new edition 15.30 -- generating .... 2007.4.5) :
    - When Excel was investigated by the task manager, after it pressed keys, such as a copy, that "it is the number of times of input and output in addition to this" is usually continuing increasing slowly (that is, it cannot understand), while [ several seconds ] operation was not effective, the increase stopped, and, as for CPU load, it was wonderful to have consumed neither . input and output nor CPU, while it has been low, and to really have carried out what.
    - Ctrl-X in Word (WORD) and Ctrl-V are normal, and condition seems to be restricted to Excel.
    - Even if it starts restoration (in overwrite installation of Excel) of application and reboots from Excel, although he thinks that it is related with a useless .Office clipboard even if it turns OFF almost all the functions of a PC-cillin Internet Security, there is no hand.
    - a network -- "Excel [ ] -- it is late -- " -- the applicable phenomenon was not found, although several second" etc. was variously searched when "Ctrl-C was pushed
    - The PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 was suspected and it determined carrying out a version down as 2006.
    - . 2007 was uninstalled in the procedure of this report and uninstallation was put [ . ] into practice by PCCTool.exe in safe mode -- when starting Excel here, it was already repaired
    - It pulls, continuation VB 2006 and VB2006 SP4 are installed, and it is thought that . which is moving while Excel has been normal was the obstacle of 2007 (since it seems that it had not been repaired by chance since it was made safe mode).

4. Other Phenomena

Others, the following writing, and retrieval by keyword are seen here and there. : [ above ]

  1. A startup of a computer takes time.
    (It became that it was about 1 minute in XP in 5 - 10 minutes)

  2. if a system is started, it will become a blue screen (the blues -- clean) and will fall in many cases
    (Those with a man of falling 8 times among 10 times)
    (Those with information of having fallen in the error of a PC-cillin Internet Security of PcScnSrv.exe when seeing memory dump) (new edition 15.30 improvement ?)

  3. It will fall, if an external disk is connected with USB and a system is started.

  4. If it uses, the capacity of HDD (hard disk) becomes less with hundreds of MBs and several GB. -> Temporary-file VSS*.* which collects by the ability doing at the time of retrieval , such as log file deletion + and " ! PowerPoint (PowerPoint, PPT), is eliminable . "

  5. Starting of a program becomes slow.
    (E-mail transceiver program starting which takes no less than 1 to 2 minutes for starting of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is slow)

  6. The state where only the frame of a window comes out and inside calls it transparence continues for a long time, and is not working.
    (When PowerPoint is started to the beginning after system starting etc.)

  7. Starting of a program will not be carried out.
    (The Internet Explorer (IE) is not started)

  8. The icon to which . flashlight late even in even being displayed when a my computer etc. opens a folder looks for darkness comes out.

  9. It becomes impossible to operate only the window which is opening the icon of a desktop, and the taskbar now [ . ] which disappears all at once.

  10. Network connection takes time.

  11. ping *Ji -- it takes considerable time until it becomes like
    (Argument -> with the pronunciation of ping interesting incidentally)
    ! "Pingu" and the man who has said are too shameful in the thing of "ping".. Mr. -- (;^omega^) < wall mZ/

  12. It will freeze, if a browser is started.

  13. It will freeze, if it connects with a network.

  14. If it reboots, it will become a repetition of "new hardware was found", "please reboot", and saying.

  15. Transmission speed fell.
    (Example 1: Get down Only 2Mbps(es) appear in having come out 3 Mbps)
    (Only 3Mbps(es) appear in having come out example 2:going-up 40Mbps) .
    In the version 15.30 of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 released on January 30, 2007, it is . one side with voice of having been improved.
    The fall also with the remarkable new version (94Mbps->18Mbps) those with * -- " If all of a URL filter, Web mail retrieval, a fishing checker, and a protection-of-personal-information function are made into an invalid, Pmproxy.exe will no longer be used and a speed fall will not be carried out. There is also a report that ascertained " and Trend Micro also accepted it. He is Mr. installation about Vista to the -> ! its original work PC .

  16. LAN and wireless LAN stopped connecting -- those drivers were lost when. investigated (my CPU 2.1GHz and RAM 1 -- this cause is seemed although the LAN driver disappeared also with GB, XP, and the personal computer of VB2007 15.30)

  17. The sound which a personal computer makes came out, "There was no ."driver which stopped sounding entirely."

  18. [start] - [(all) program (P)] WORD (Word), Excel (Excel), etc. which were in inside disappeared (although the program did not disappear -- C: -- only the shortcut in \Documents and Settings\ <user name> \ start menu \ program disappeared).

  19. A net game (lgQ) is heavy or stops on the way.

  20. It takes dozens seconds until it is going to download a file and actually starts.

  21. Download of a file becomes slow.

  22. There is also a talk of being cut when download of . PC-cillin Internet Security in which download of a file fails starts.

  23. Download and a reboot of a pattern file are repeated without limits.

  24. Microsoft Update is interrupted.

  25. Transmission and reception of e-mail become impossible.

  26. An animation becomes a way piece way piece and JNJN.

  27. While he is watching television (capture board use), sound and a picture will shift.

  28. Time takes for "construction of the cache of troublesome mail" at the time of renewal of a pattern.
    In the meantime, processing becomes heavy.
    It does not change, even if it carries out a setup which stops the measure against troublesome mail.

  29. It freezes during a spy wear virus check (under retrieval).

  30. . with a slow spy wear virus check (retrieval) -- or it does not finish and a stop is also impossible (even if 20 hour passes)

  31. "urgent lock" button [ of a PC-cillin Internet Security ] -- although this is in the place pushed in spite of itself, if -- is pushed, even if it will cancel a lock, unless it is not canceled in fact but it makes it reboot, it does not make network connection

  32. Just as a PC-cillin Internet Security detects a virus in the compressed file which is about 100 MBs, it is begun to create a huge isolation file and the opening of the disk which had several GB is used up.
    Even if the isolation file tends to delete, it becomes an error.

  33. It is hibernation about a system. (Standby, resume which shut a lid) .-> ! Q&A in which a system solidifies when it was alike and carries out, or when it returns from hibernation after that (a screen is deep-black, not finishing, etc.) (2061363 ) Reference (unsolved obstacle)

  34. .-> which the shutdown of a system does not finish The above-mentioned ! Q&A (2061363 ) Also or [ the case of a (unsolved obstacle) ]

  35. When a system is returned from hibernation, wireless LAN stops connecting.

  36. A screen freezes (it solidifies).

  37. Even if it presses the key of a keyboard, it is no longer inputted.

  38. The power supply of a computer falls suddenly also in work (shut freely).

  39. A system reboots freely.

  40. even if it returns to .2006 to which the blue screens after a pause occurred frequently -- not being repaired -- just -- being alike -- the obstacle with which a vertical bar goes into the screen of a personal computer occurred, and use became impossible
    It recovered, when exchanging the graphic card (RADEON 9800Pro 128MB DDR) for another model.
    That is, touch which broke after this card and the PC-cillin Internet Security competed
    -> [Former report] (8 A 4 Mr. January 6)

  41. Just as it upgraded the PC-cillin Internet Security of a server to 2007, the memory of a server changed into the mass consumption state, and it became unreasonably late to access Web.
    (. that the claim from an employee poured in the in-house Management Department station)

  42. "Please redo after rebooting", and the message "serious problem ..." coming out, if it is going to uninstall, and becoming the back will repeat.
    (That's right made when uninstalling in the following procedure of this report)

  43. Tool for "Finishing [ installation ]" being said and carrying out full installation, if uninstallation tends to freeze and it is going to uninstall again after a reboot, and "Finishing [ uninstallation ] already" is said and it is going to re-install PCCTools .-> which did not accomplish a meaning but was puzzled Management +

. the following is [ . ] the problem of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 that solution is already (most seems to be on a separate charge with the unsolved obstacle of this report) announced -- isn't your computer applied?

  1. When Windows is upgraded to Vista, with a PC-cillin Internet Security put in, a PC-cillin Internet Security does not operate normally.
    -> [a case [ the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 before a version 15.30 is under use ]] Solution
    When [ [when the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 is under use] ] Solution

  2. When Windows is upgraded from XP to Vista, with a PC-cillin Internet Security put in, a personal firewall setup carries out gray out.
    (That is, since a display color becomes gray and cannot push, it cannot set up)
    -> Solution

  3. . which requires long time for logoff of Windows, or a shutdown and power supply OFF
    -> Solution
    (. considered that there are some which are not repaired only with this solution)

  4. [2007 year spring model Vista loading personal computer of FUJITSU] Installation is not completed normally.
    -> Solution

  5. "The fatal error occurred" at the time of installation execution.
    -> Solution

  6. "A PC-cillin Internet Security cannot be started" after clicking the button "it agrees" on a use consent screen during installation.
    -> Solution

  7. "Windows LOGO test is not passed during installation."
    -> Solution

  8. "The error occurred during installation. Installation is interrupted.
    A MBD profile is not installable. "
    -> Solution

  9. At the time of uninstallation, it becomes Dan Mali and uninstallation does not finish.
    -> Although there is no thing apt with the solution to, this is because only imperfect deletion may be unable to be performed in "an addition and deletion" of Windows of application (program).
    in this case, please carry out full deletion of the PC-cillin Internet Security in the procedure of " alternative 3(it returns to PC-cillin Internet Security 2006) + " of this report -- PCCTool.exe is performed by ., i.e., safe mode, and the folder of a PC-cillin Internet Security is also deleted

  10. If it is going to install a PC-cillin Internet Security after uninstalling a PC-cillin Internet Security, "it is already installed."
    -> With the solution to, although there is no apt thing Since this may be unable to perform only imperfect deletion by "an addition and deletion" of Windows of application (program) Full deletion of the PC-cillin Internet Security is carried out in the procedure of " alternative 3(it returns to PC-cillin Internet Security 2006) + " of . book report in which wreckage will probably remain in . registry. please give -- PCCTool.exe is performed by ., i.e., safe mode, and the folder of a PC-cillin Internet Security is also deleted

  11. At the time of installation, "a PC-cillin Internet Security cannot be deleted while performing Microsoft Outlook (or Microsoft Outlook Express)."
    -> Solution

  12. "A kernel driver (tm_cfw driver) is not installable" at the time of installation.
    -> Solution

  13. When it is going to uninstall "a PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 period limited edition (trial version)",
    "The error occurred during installation.
    The fatal error occurred. "
    -> Solution

  14. [A Vista top] "the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is performing. Uninstallation cannot be performed. "
    -> Solution

  15. "The PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is performing. Uninstallation cannot be performed. "
    -> Solution

  16. it is not uninstallable -- "-- error: -- please log on by administrator authority -- "
    -> Solution

  17. It will stop at installation of a personal firewall at the time of re-installation.
    When Mr. -> MI asks Trend Micro, a cause (1) under the influence of the cache file which remained at the time of breakage of registry, or installation before (2) that's right . which was the re-installation O.K. after performing both the program for (1) registry positive sent as management, and program [ for (2) cache clear ] , -- if the man of the same condition asks Trend Micro
    however -- how for Mr. MI "to make starting of Firewall manual operation" for . book report which the condition out of which a part of icon of a task tray (notice area) does not come after re-installation generated -- useless . -- that's right . which all made manual operation starting of those other than Trend Micro Central Control Component there -- "-- if it carries out -- a fd wonder and before -- (the time of 2006) -- quick -- starting The icon of a task tray also comes out ordinarily. If it checks with service, the function which was being made into manual operation will also be started. To . reference which was what [" / a thing ]

  18. [Vista top] The virus retrieval from a right-click cannot be performed.
    -> Solution (alternative means )

  19. [Vista top] The category column of a main screen becomes blank and is not displayed correctly.
    -> Solution

  20. Execution of [security diagnosis] detects MS 06-061 each time.
    -> Solution

  21. Execution of [security diagnosis] detects MS 07-013 each time.
    -> Solution

  22. Windows Update For performing Office Update (or Microsoft Update), it is [security diagnosis]. It will be said that there is a security hole (hole on safe).
    -> Solution

  23. If a specific FTP (ProFTPD) site (example: is accessed by "Opera browser
    It reboots freely (only in case of eye after [ installation ] 1 time).
    Or it freezes (it will fall whole Windows).
    -> Solution
    (.H which obtained information before still being carried, and had been indicated to this page from Mr. H to whom Trend Micro applied for the obstacle for the first time -- it is impressed by tenacious influence [ like ])

  24. jeh[ DS and Wii It is not connectable by the Wi-Fi USB connector.
    -> Solution

  25. a [Vista top] --  E`.com etc. -- some websites are not displayed
    -> Solution

  26. Communication of FTP cannot be performed.
    -> Solution

  27. a game "a Cv story" -- the blues -- clean (blue screen of a system down)
    -> Solution

  28. A specific network card
    (Buffalo LPC4-TX, LPC4-CLXL, or R K FEtherII PCC-TXD)
    He is the blue back (blue screen of a system down) with the personal computer *gp(ed).
    -> Solution

  29. The main screen of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is garbled (case by Unicode character use).
    -> Solution

  30. With a chat or one bulletin board, whenever it speaks, the two same things will be carried.
    -> Solution

  31. The screen of chat support of Trend Micro is not displayed correctly.
    -> Solution

  32. Reception of mail with electronic signature "altered e-mail" in the environment where e-mail is received in Microsoft Outlook Express.
    -> Solution

  33. [Troublesome mail measure tool bar] Optimization of the folder of OutLook Express cannot be performed during use.
    -> Solution

  34. The tool bar of Outlook Express will disappear.
    -> Solution

  35. Spy wear retrieval [Exception setup] "Reading of a setup went wrong" by click.
    -> Solution

  36. "The error occurred at the time of connection with an update server. Please check network connection and perform again. (28")
    -> Solution
    "In order to exhibit the newest pattern file, while file replacement is performed by the server side, this message may be displayed from several minutes for dozens minutes."

  37. He is a messenger cable when update is performed. Soft connection will be cut.
    -> Solution

  38. If [found change] of a doubtful software wear watch system is clicked "while saving a setup, the error occurred. Please reboot a computer and perform again. (error=0-0, hr=0x0) It becomes ".
    -> Solution

  39. [Doubtful software watch system] [Found change] In a column
    it is invalid that listing of ""SAM account and shared anonymity is not permitted" " .
    -> Solution

  40. [Vista top] "The unexpected error occurred" at the time of a manual setup of a wireless network.
    -> Solution

  41. [Vista top] Wake On LAN It does not *. l.
    -> Solution

  42. emulators, such as [Virtual PC and vmware, Imagination OS, and par ` PC -- the time of use -- ] -- it does not operate correctly
    -> Outside of support

  43. It is the environment which used [Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM), and is ]. Java applet * -- it may not be displayed correctly
    -> Solution

  44. [ -- this -- problem] of 2006 -- the time of a computer end -- rare -- the blues -- clean (blue screen of a system down)
    -> Solution = the corrected version 14.12 is installed .

  45. [Problem this is [ problem ] in 2006] It is the Internet. Explorer (IE) 7.0 will be terminated compulsorily.
    -> Solution = if the version 14.12 is installed in installation =IE 7.0, a fishing fraud measure tool bar will be automatic, and will be cancelled .

5. Generating Conditions

The program may not be the newest when the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is installed by CD-ROM to download.
The latest version may not start a problem by your computer.
In order to make it the latest version, the icon of the forms of the blue of a task tray (notice area of =) and a white capsule is clicked on it and started, and it ties to a network. [Update start] It clicks and update is made to complete.
It is because not only patterns, such as a virus, but programs, such as a virus search engine, are distributed occasionally and corrected by this mechanism.
Now, about this obstacle, some generating conditions are announced by the maker and it is presumed by the user.

5.1 There is Weight to Some Extent.

Though the light phenomenon of ^cL of the reaction time aggravation by memory shortage, the increase in pattern download time and retrieval time, and other programs at that time is not conspicuous, it has surely happened.
Among a writer's three own Windows machines, two sets had happened in the severe state constantly at one set, although the other condition was not conspicuous.
Therefore, I can declare "Neither a performance fall nor an unstable condition is mere rumor, a false rumor, and slander slander."

Since it is too late, if true I do not buy a new personal computer immediately, either, it is like [ which jumped to a conclusion, useless kana, ].
(Sequel) even if I returned to 2006, it carried 2007, came out [ were, ], and it was not subsided [ the shortage of a performance of a personal computer was worrisome, and ], but I ended up having made at the time of breakage of a hinge (hinge) portion on February 2 .... in which the personal computer will sell surely, thanks to [ "thanks to" ] . PC-cillin Internet Security 2007

now, l^ (false rumor) of ."anti (it becomes heavy) (man of anti-Trend Micro) from which it became an established theory that the obstacle of 2007 is not a lie in 2ch(es), either -- F -- although [ ] considered -- me -- occasionally -- N\ -- it becomes heavy . . It confessed with ". Man `"\7

5.2 Even if There is Much Memory and CPU is Quick, it May Generate.

To being [ the machine by which fault does not happen is / . / a large majority, of course ] ., however it being surprised, it is memory. Having equipped 1GB - no less than 2.5GB, it is CPU. Even many highly efficient personal computers of 1.8-3.2GHz are generated without knowing why.
Even 1GB of my personal computer became, two months after beginning to use a version 15.30, and the obstacle [ the cell copy of Excel is slow and ] of being unable to communicate showed even the symptoms of it.
therefore The view "it happens only by computer with low amount of memory loading and CPU performance" is a mistake. .

In the case of the computer of 128 MBs, 256 MB, and about 384 MBs, memory that it is comparatively easy to come to a serious illness out of the influence of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 of memory H" for . which will be natural, in this case a PC-cillin Internet Security If thousands of yen - tens of thousands of yen are taken out and memory is extended, there are many men of having become light and having been stabilized at a stretch (by example 1:256MB, since it was heavy). . which the man of having not changed to having added 512 MBs to its purchase and having extended with much trouble to 768 MBs at ., however one side (since it having been heavy in 2:1GB of example -- 1GB -- adding to its purchase -- 2GB) also requires -- now, it is a bet

5.3 Coexistence with Other Virus Measure Software is Useless.

Trend Micro has said well that the coexistence with other virus measure software is useless.
A user thinks that he uninstalled the software of the other company, and, in fact, there is a case where it is imperfect only . which may be regarded as not corresponding, however only by having only started "uninstallation" and deleting from "an addition and deletion" of application (program), and remain in part and it is moving etc. in it.
These are taken into consideration by the method of lower coping with it.

It is a word (.... even if it skips a column, it is OK) just for a moment. [ of the direction of hurry ]

By any procedures which a beginner does not understand for such a thing and which have been. Written, although an exception is sufficient only as a program or the setting information which may be data -- Succeeded, it should enable it to erase --, and it is completely security. RH of each soft company is desired.

. [ delete / using PCCTool.exe in -- safe mode / the person the trouble arose and it did not work by uninstallation before 2006 although the trace of the old edition before 2006 of a PC-cillin Internet Security -- was also that which can be being prevented from remaining, and which learn and is / completely ] -- the procedure is a full deletion procedure written in the first half of a lower measure "it returns to the alternative 3 PC-cillin Internet Security 2006", and please read 2007 as 2006

5.4 Coexistence with Spy Wear Measure Software is Useless.

To the same computer as the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, they are Spybot (Spybot Search and Destroy), SpywareBlaster, and IE-Spyad. If spy wear measure software, such as "PestPatrol anti spy wear", lives together, it becomes heavy or it has already turned out that it becomes unstable.
However, since many those who have not installed [ Spybot(s) ] including a writer have also happened, other causes are a certain reasons.

5.5 Internet Explorer (IE) It Generates because of Information Added to Security Setup Manual Operation or Unconsciously.

Trend Micro showed clearly that it will become heavy and will become late if the "restriction site" and the "Cookie management site" are registered into the security portion of an option for the information on correction on December 29, 2006.
Among these, since it may be automatically added depending on how to a dialog to answer even if there is no memory which he added, if a "Cookie management site" is reached, cautions are required.
These are taken into consideration by the method of lower coping with it.

It is a word just for a moment.

It is registry in order that a PC-cillin Internet Security may check a site whenever a user clicks new URL when these registration is carried out the place imagined from this announcement. The inside of a file, or on memory he searches a registration site with a guru guru, and consumes CPU (memory is also ?) earnestly . -- it will be corrected if there is such a design mistake (carried out)

5.6 Also Example Which Gets Worse with Use Days

a typical, gradually worsening example -- Rito -- an example [ like ] .
the worst thing -- "2007 -- uninstalling -- 2006 -- also returning -- having already disappeared too late and the whole communication driver, it does not lead to a network -- if it reboots -- Windows -- not starting -- Z - Him who stood the thread by i in my two since it was unreasonableness" also in t[h There are those who say.

Moreover, although one of my personal computers was stable once for two months with new edition 15.30, since communication was suddenly hit succeeding the phenomenon which becomes useless in which Excel will always become late, 2007 was thrown away and it was set to 2006.

It is a word just for a moment.

"-- the bulletin board only for question-answering "OKWeb" which is taught and OOO", "OOO wisdom", and Trend Micro also recommend -- it is .
^ on condition of there being no obstacle to the questioner who comes to such a place and who worries about the problem of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 -- it is worrisome that an easy reply is often seen
For example

"Since 2007 is stabilized and it is moving by my personal computer lightly, please feel easy about it and use 2007." (you are only fortunate!)
"It is OK if there is 512-MB or more memory," (it could not guarantee that the person who became heavy is needed for there being 2GB and 3GB memory ?)
"Since virus measure software consumes CPU and memory, a highly efficient model is required for it." (-> putting the cart before the horse!) the machine like 600MHz and 256MB -- uninfluential -- moving -- naturally -- !
"Let's extend memory." (if ineffective even if it spends money, it will carry out [ -> ] what ?)
"Please stop a resident program." (-> although Trend Micro also says so, since it is needed fundamentally, it is made permanent residence!) It is difficult for a beginner in what a resident program makes it it, for stopping some.
"Let's carry out defragmentation." (it does not solve at all to the extent that fragmentation of -> disk area has been improved by execution of a defragmentation program!)
""Let's clean" registry." (if -> beginner breaks registry very much)
"Let's carry out re-installation (recovery) of OS." (if it is -> overwrite installation and clean installation is carried out better, since all the files created since purchase will disappear, it wants without recommending simply!)
(Signs that there is also actually a man of having been useless even if it carries out clean installation)

. which is the said reply -- although a questioner is convinced now and it is made "finishing [ solution ]" in many cases, it is pitiable very

There is some solved condition which carries out memory extension, and there is some condition which is not solved.
Surely there is a man of having carried out memory extension and having become light, and there is also a man that it is still heavy.
Unless a product is improved, full solution is not necessarily carried out.

.... If the above is written in December, 2006, those who write the exact reply based on this report to such question, and those who introduce this URL will increase in number and .-cooperation-gratitude-do in January, 2007!

6. Rate of Generating

Accesses to this report are as usual very many situations (it is the 24-hour average on April 24, 2007, and is 1 time to 52 seconds).

Many big three by the keyword of those who come to this report by retrieval
"-- the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 -- it is heavy -- "
"-- the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 -- it is late -- "
"PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 fault"
Therefore, or [ that you are troubled and condition cannot be imagined ]

-- since the person who comes this document to reading is month frequency of about 30,000-50,000 people per as mentioned above -- F5D those many are the persons who are not still in this obstacle as an appearance meeting -- it presumed "it has put up with whether tens of thousands of people are already in trouble, and increases by about 20,000 people every month"
Many men who "take refuge" temporarily in inside 2006, and are looking at the situation are also contained.
On the other hand, since the PC-cillin Internet Security was nominal 4 million user in all versions, it presumed "2007 There are already 1,500,000 or more users and they increase in number by about 100,000 people every month."
then, each computer rate of presumed generating = -- 20,000 / 100,000x100% ` 2% . which enlarged and was made into "about 1 - 10%" from a molecule and a denominator giving width since the error is large, and a phenomenon coming out from my experience slowly also by computer with much RAM although it became -- rough -- 5e

In inside, it generates three 3 Taizhoug . Also bad person of fate called four b 4 Taizhoug generating ....
I who was writing as every one which * Meets have also reached three 3 Taizhoug generating at last in April (2000, XP, XP).

7. Cause

I consider that the problem on a performance is likely to be in the program structure design of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, and there are likely to be some obstacles (bug) (it is the intuition as SE or a programmer).

A certain man is the cause of a series of obstacles.
"The bug a certain stop instruction is not correctly described to be in the process which calls memory bank ? when a M PC-cillin Internet Security probably supervises memory"
As [ notified / analyze and / ( fault running fire by ! VB2007 ) / Trend Micro ] L L No.18 reference

Moreover, the cause of a series of obstacles is an opinion ( ! 2ch report ) that it is the result of the fault of the new communication driver introduced by the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. It is.

* Tk. which do not wait by carrying out But it is as real experience.
"-- since it enters as "Trend Micro Common Firewall Driver" as a network driver, although it becomes empty, this is doing mischief -- as .
w which can carry out browsing easily if it acts as the husband of the check (if it is made not to use)
the measure against security -- although the soft significance of existence is lost ... (;'M -- ') -- "
It is written. (6a -- without it can  ^ -- peevish)

It is early for Trend Micro to have recognized the late problem of this PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 of being heavy, and to have announced officially.
Product Q&A ! "operation with a startup of a computer slow [ after installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 ] is heavy"

The point to be checked was added on . December 29, 2006 when L l, is on September 10, 2006, and January 18, 2007.

However, it is about the main causes.
invasion of "virus -- before it happens -- prevention -- the trend of a file -- always -- it is necessary to supervise -- the sake -- a computer -- some load -- "
. which is how to write of being from i -- although the grade of some cannot be thought by all computers ....
And the problem on the structure of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is indicated by not wanting whether for it to be under investigation whether you think that there is really nothing, and to touch.
And about the phenomenon of various kinds of unstable operation reported, there is no explanation also including a relation with memory, and there is also no publication that other big causes were found.

About the important coping-with method, it is written as follows. :
"We recommend you to set up so that the resident program which is not used usually may not be started."

No, . expert who does not understand which should stop to . beginner that most persons are impossible for it how by permanent residence will not feel pleasantly in the virus measure software which must put up with it, since he uses upgrading with using a resident program usually.

. a resident program is [ . ] a program which will be automatically started if Windows is started, and mainly shows the icon on the task tray (notice area of =) which is usually in the screen lower right -- which [ these ] are not needed -- it will say -- although it is different with ., for example, -- people, --
The surveillance for e-mail surveillance, a task manager, volume, a clock, a calender, and CD conversion, a printer utility, remote scanner surveillance, a router / TA company / wireless LAN, PC-cillin Internet Security .... (A and this are ringleaders!

Trend Micro is only the method of canceling the portion and it by coexistence with Above Spybot among phenomena on December 7, 2006.

Support information [ on an English version ] ! "the affair in which processing execution of a computer will become slow if Trend Micro PC-cillin (= PC-cillin Internet Security) Internet ZLB eB is installed"

It carried to >/.
(For PC-cillin, from the product of Trend Micro, a prefix called PCC often attached to the program name of PC-cillin Internet Security offers, such as .PCCTool which is the product name of the overseas of a PC-cillin Internet Security, will be PC-cillin Internet Security Ltd of Hungary, if it is called PC-cillin Internet Security overseas [ . ] which is the thing of this.) It advises, when seeing a virus detection contest result, since L;i is pointed out in many cases.

It is a word just for a moment.

However, Trend Micro thinks that the degree of seriousness of this obstacle is still made light of.
it is written to Q&A in this case -- " -- we recommend you to set up so that the resident program which is not used usually may not be started " -- F -- the solution to say is far from fundamental solution
Rather, even the posture which imputes the responsibility for the badness of a performance design to a user is felt.
The informational announcement method is not conspicuous too much only in updating Q&A quietly, and an expert and a beginner hardly reach a user, although the present condition is that a remarkable person is continuing twisting a head.
Not carrying this problem to the top page of a PC-cillin Internet Security or a PC-cillin Internet Security club is whether to be a plan on business.
It will be how although it will think that a business top is also minus, if there is no sincerity....

8. Correction Situation

By "version 15.30" of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 released on January 30, although improved [ seem ] to some extent (becoming silent), the details of an improvement do not understand yet these problems (it is heavy, is late and goes out) well.
Since it is however thought that large modification of -- program structure is required for radical solution, it predicts whether to carry out with the -- PC-cillin Internet Security 2008 at the Sonobe laboratory.
I consider that it is not likely to be that Trend Micro announces this problem as an urgent question, and it does full solution immediately by then, in view of an old posture.

When it looked back upon circumstances, after Mr. Mary Laon De Dis Mann who is the guide of the "antivirus software" of summarizes this problem on December 2, 2006
"There is [ a rumor that it is under development that the correction for this performance problem solving should be come out of and carried out within January, 2007 ] Trend Micro."
It was writing (-> text ).

(Pitiful, although it is the site of the measure against . spy wear of which it will be warned that the advertisement which appears in this site and an ironical thing occasionally requires spy wear ....) .

The writer discovered the source of rumor on December 22, 2006.
In view of the contents of an utterance, it is the report which Mr. `E[r[ in character with "the external beta test monitor of Trend Micro" contributed to the bulletin board which exists on December 16, 2006. :

Re : Disposal of PC-cillin(PC-cillin Internet Security) 2007 CPU / memory problem

It tests [ inner / be / it ] now. 15.3beta There is a version to say.
I did the _E load, installed this and performed beta test.
I consider this that it is likely to be released in somewhere in end of January.
It seems that that problem that pcscnsrv.exe is late can correct perfectly, and is moving.
It has improved, so that it was perfectly repaired also by my computer and he was astonished.
-> ! text

It is a word just for a moment.

If the same [ as last year ] and it does not wait for the "PC-cillin Internet Security 2008" expected to come out around September, 2007, it will be expected that full solution of this problem is not carried out.
Don't thing [ for which a person like me who encountered the problem and suffered damage when becoming, supposing it became so can serve renewal charge one year free / ? ]?

9. Measure

Hereafter, please check in order of.

9.1 It is uninstall if Spy Wear Measure Software is Put in.

To the same computer as the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, they are Spybot (Spybot Search and Destroy), SpywareBlaster, and IE-Spyad. Is spy wear measure software, such as "PestPatrol anti spy wear", made to live together (to item which is a degree if it is No)?
If it is Yes and will delete as follows, it is said that weight decreases with O.
(Since fault has happened also to those who are not this condition, it may not become a full dissolution only now)

To the above-mentioned Trend Micro support information (December 7, 2006), he is the ZIP-ZAQ janitor . It can bite and he is Mr. ?aq . What united a man's besides HG information and my knowledge is indicated. (I cannot guarantee accuracy) .

  1. The following procedures are examined, and if required, a more positive method is rather asked to each company (if it is the necessity of looking for information from the website of each company, it asks by e-mail or telephone).
    The knowledge and investigation power of a personal computer are needed for the following procedures.
    Therefore, although it may be difficult for the man of being seldom still used to the personal computer, please judge through an eye.
    By performing a procedure aims at operation of the program of your PC-cillin Internet Security and Windows, or others becoming comfortable.
    however, . which cannot finish saying that there is also no becoming so amusing that recovery being difficult when the worst in a system becoming unusual on the contrary by a certain reason -- only the direction of consent should refer to it

  2. The lower procedure is printed for the sense.
    (meaning with which a reboot enters the middle and an emergency stormy voyage is equipped)
    ((To grasp the applicable page range by the print preview to save paper, and just to specify the printing there it on a printing screen) What is necessary will be) [ it ]

  3. It is installing again, when the setup of immunity-izing is not being cut with finishing [ program / of spy wear measure software / uninstall ] already. (V%-) .

  4. The program of spy wear measure software is started.
    In the case of "Spybot Search and Destroy"
    [start]-[program]-[Spybot-Search & Destroy]- [Spybot-Search & Destroy]

  5. . which cancels immunity-ization -- namely
    If it is the case of "Spybot Search and Destroy"
    [Left menu]-[Undo]
    It clicks.

    In SpywareBlaster, protection (immunity) is stopped.

    In IE-Spyad, a restriction site is canceled.

  6. A window is closed.

  7. When spy wear measure software is being used by two or more users using the computer, all users have to log on, respectively and have to do the upper immunity or the work of release etc.

  8. (It is unnecessary if this work item is due to perform lower "2007 being re-installed" perfectly)
    The next file is deleted using a "my computer" (Explorer).
    C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\VB2007 _1500_1329 \the usrwl.dat
    (The number portion described red may change with versions, and there may be) [ no ]
    C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\PC-cillin Internet Security 2007\usrwl.dat

  9. A system is rebooted.

  10. It performs that the definition of following "Cookie management site is deleted."

  11. It performs that the definition of following "restriction site is deleted."

  12. It performs that following "2007 are re-installed."

The procedure currently written to the following document may also be consulted. -> The release method (Reply No.5 reference)

9.2 It is Completely uninstall about Other Virus Measure Software.

Was the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 or before used?
In this case, although I think that it uninstalled, if it should not have carried out, please install a new edition of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 as follows after uninstalling it.

wasn't the virus measure software (eye other free software \ [ Norton, source lNXg, JUST System / Cappel skiing, }JtB[, and ] -- various) of the other company except a PC-cillin Internet Security that is, used?
(In addition, spy wear measure software, such as Spybot, is treated not by this item but by the following item)
And did you install the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 in the place into which the software of the other company was put, and did the problem arise after that at it?
In this case, it is necessary to improve whether software of the other company was uninstalled, or it is not imperfect even if it is carrying out.

<> It was not uninstalling. -> It is necessary to carry out perfect deletion.

<> He thinks that carried out uninstall. -> It checks whether perfect deletion has been carried out, and if imperfect, it is necessary to delete completely.

The method of soft perfect uninstallation (deletion) of each company should be written to the soft help of each . company which Trend Micro is not writing, or its site (if not written, it does not those[ with a method ]-\).

For example, Norton of Symantec -- when the antivirus (or the Norton Internet ZLB eB) is being used
Was not only an antivirus but uninstallation in the direction of "Live Update" performed perfectly?
Otherwise, this will be automatically started with starting of Windows.
Isn't an icon (? appropriate for brown) in a task tray (notice area of =)? Is it the icon of "Live Update" which forgets deletion?

The Norton deletion tool for carrying out full deletion manually, in performing by being automatic and becoming an error (Norton Removal Tool ) It seems that pg&N is good.

If it erases by Explorer started from the my computer about each software when the soft folder of the maker should have remained into the "Program Files" folder, in addition, it will be perfect.
(please never erase till an excessive place -- please stop absolutely a surprising thing [ a thing ] . "Program Files" folder is erased) .

since the direction of the PC-cillin Internet Security which failed in installation is in the halfway state when useless even if it carries out this -- from a PC-cillin Internet Security -- "-- since other software is already installed, it cannot do Please carry out after rebooting. It is not the software besides ." which may be called "." At the time of such L, if the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 (2006) which is a procedure in the first half of + returned to a lower ! [cases other than Vista] PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 (it is the point to use PCCTool in safe mode), and it was going to install is uninstalled perfectly, it may be repaired.

9.3 Update to a New Edition (Version on and after January 30, 2007) of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007.

Shall a situation be seen [ if the new edition is not used, let's change into a new edition in the following procedure, and / whether a situation is improved and or not ] on several?

. the "PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 (trend flex time security) version 15.30" which was put on the market on January 30, 2007, and was put [ which were put on the market and was download-distribution-started ] on the market was written [ . ] to be a new edition here -- although this has named it "the Vista compatible version" -- this program -- " The version which corresponds also to Vista and runs also by Vista/XP / 2000 SP4 It is the meaning which is ".

It is the check method of a version. :

- Since it is a new edition if it purchases with a box and is written to the box as Windows Vista correspondence, a check will be unnecessary if it is installed.

- Click on the icon of the forms of the blue of the task tray at the lower right of a screen (notice area of =), and a white capsule.

Since a PC-cillin Internet Security starts, if left "left help and support" are clicked, in .2007 in the direction under a main screen, it will be found .2006 which display "version information."

ECXoX^[2007,o[W\&	fJLa
The example of the version display screen

- If a "program version" is more than "15.30.1151" in the information displayed, small numbers, such as . "15.00.1329" which is a new edition, and "14.10.1023", of cases are old editions.

The upgrade method to a new edition is as follows.

(1) When the PC-cillin Internet Security (2005/2006/2007 old edition) is already installed

- Display and cut down the serial number currently used conventionally for version information for a sense.

- In the case of Windows XP {before work, it clicks on the icon of the Windows fire wall in the direction of under the security center of a setup (control panel), and let's change a fire wall effectively (if it has not become)}

- ! upgrade kit Although a system reboot enters in the middle of . updated as pg, it completes to operation of a new edition.

ECXoX^[2007,AbvO[hLbg,@
s	fJ
It is a screen during execution of an upgrade kit.

ECXoX^[2007,AbvO[hLbg,
.9	fJ
The completion screen of an upgrade kit

- In the case of Windows XP {when the last PC-cillin Internet Security is beginning to move and it begins to use the "personal firewall function", even if Windows is more invalid, it is O.K.}

- By the example, since there are some which are not taken over to new environment, re-set up a part of setup of a PC-cillin Internet Security, for example, the schedule of an automatic retrieval setup etc., which the user performed variously with much trouble.

Although it is the problem which encountered by the machine of my Windows XP, the 1st time is the stage of "deleting the PC-cillin Internet Security installed" in Step 2. Processing is Dan Mali. Since it did not change even if . 20 minute had passed, . have come to be alike of . and which carried out the system reboot and was redone from the beginning, then twice, the stage could be passed in about only 1 minute, and it went to the last, and was made to the version 15.30.
Even if the worst niche and Tb` stop also going, if the below-mentioned PCCTool is used, it will become somehow.

(2) When the PC-cillin Internet Security (2005/2006/2007) is not installed

- ! PC-cillin Internet Security consultation room ")q=q ! installation" It is alike and follows (for beginners).

Or the following is performed (for experts).

- ! PC-cillin Internet Security consultation room " "the installation procedure not using )q=q ! installation"" It comes out and is operating procedure [3]. ) A file is saved with LG?'s and others preservation button.
- Cut a circuit.
- Perform and install the saved file in a double click etc.
- A serial number will be inputted if a new edition of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is started.
- Connect a circuit.

How is it? Was the late heavy fault of going out canceled (a solution procedure is an end if it is Yes)?

9.4 [Case of XP] IE is Raised to IE7.0.

In the case of Windows XP, Internet Explorer is upgradable to 7. (IE) (Windows 2000 is not made.) Finishing [ Vista / the beginning to loading ].
If IE 6.0 or before are under use by XP, there are also many reports that the thing with the heavy PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 was solved, by upgrading to the latest version 7.0.

-> example: -- Mr. ! 6d$ [Calah which is not seen] u O having seen the Sonobe $ and having risen to the version 15.30 -- starting of IE6 (Internet Explorer 6.0) -- yet 25.5 seconds It cuts in `. because there are those who will have improved if IE was set to IE7 -- "yes -- it is -- ! -- late at any rate -- take out and do If it does as " 4.8 seconds alike -- being shortened -- "-- the time of stopping VB2007 what and before 8.7 seconds It is quick! "

- If it carries out as IE7 is installed, and a standard browser is set to IE and it will return even when another browsers, such as Firefox, Mozilla, and Opera, are being used, this obstacle may be able to be solved uninfluential in user-friendliness.
- In Windows Vista, he thinks that IE7 is installed from . beginning.
- In the case of Windows 2000, IE7 cannot be used.

Download site -> ! Internet Explorer 7 (Microsoft)

9.5 Delete Definition of Cookie Management Site.

Isn't the "Cookie management site" defined?

Please follow the procedure in the next report of Trend Micro. :

! Operation with a startup of a computer slow [ after installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 ] is heavy (solution 2060520). (Above)
the inside of L -- "
The deletion method of "the managed website" (WindowsXP)
The deletion method of "the managed website" (Windows2000)

It is a word just for a moment.

if the personal computer which became heavy [ me ] is investigated - and " -- 14 websites, such as permission", are always registered -- coming out -- isn't it?
It is imagined that it has probably been automatically stored as security information on IE according to my response when being heard from a PC-cillin Internet Security in the dialog.
these 14 pieces -- " -- a large number correspond to "-- if it considers as ., even if I will also only delete a registration site and will put in 2007, it comes to operate lightly -- it is
If something will answer a Cookie-related dialog from now on, does it become the reason of it being registered here automatically and becoming heavy? It will be troubled, if an effect is temporary even if it deletes registration information with much trouble....
Isn't deletion needed although there is the same option setup also as a Firefox browser? ....
Since 2007 must be carried again for verifying with the personal computer returned to 2006, it is serious....

9.6 Delete Definition of Restriction Site.

(Although the preceding clause is resembled, since it is another, be careful not to skip.)
Isn't the "restriction site" defined?

Although I do not know whether it is that there is a repaired case since this point is seemingly in the reply of support of Trend Micro, a procedure is described for it at reference.

  1. Internet Explorer (IE)

    [Tool (T)]-[Internet option (O)]-[security] tab

    It comes out, a site "with restriction" is highlighted by click, and a "site (S)" button is clicked.

  2. A site (it set up by itself until now) there
    Since it was not related when there was nothing, it is to a degree.
    All are deleted, after making a note if required later when it was.

  3. [O.K.] is clicked and a window is closed.

  4. A system is rebooted.

In the procedure in the next report of Trend Micro, although the reboot of a system must not fall out, only the screen which appears is consulted. :

! Operation with a startup of a computer slow [ after installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 ] is heavy (solution 2060520). (Above)
the inside of L -- "
The deletion method of of the [website] which has managed [the site with restriction] (WindowsXP)
The deletion method of of the [website] which has managed [the site with restriction] (Windows2000)

9.7 Re-Install 2007.

It is good information.
"PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 It became light only by re-installing. "
Although the reason for . for having seen some lucky examples although it was wonderful to say is not known well, there is likely to be value to try.

. which the man of having been repaired also requires only by obtaining even if it uninstalls once and installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 once when in X[ of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is carried out and there is a problem -- please download and install the latest version from the site of Trend Micro like * [ the above "it updates to a new edition (version on and after January 30, 2007) of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007" ] at this time

not only reinstalling but the following -- "2006" of " returning to a [cases other than Vista] PC-cillin Internet Security 2006" -- "2007 -- " [ 9.10 ] Read. If PCCTool execution and PC-cillin Internet Security folder deletion are also included, the rate of a success seems to be high.

9.8 Reduce Setup of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 Function.

Also when continuing using the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, it is the function of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 . L -- the direction stopped by setup becomes light and the following which makes processing heavy inside also have an opinion are safe

Since especially cancellation of the "doubtful software watch system" of a setup is like [ which Trend Micro is also writing ] Probably, it is effective.

  1. The "troublesome measure tool bar" attached to e-mail software "Outlook Express" -- (*)
  2. The "doubtful software watch system" in "the measure against spy wear"
  3. The measure against fishing fraud
  4. URL filtering
  5. Web mail retrieval
  6. Protection-of-personal-information function
  7. Wireless LAN & home network management
  8. Access regulation of a harmful site

Except a "troublesome mail measure tool bar", the main screen of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is sent, a left tab is chosen, the above-mentioned setup is found, the check of a check box is removed and a setting change is made.
Let's all make the above into an invalid.
it is wasteful that a function cannot be used like this -- it is .
What is necessary will be just to make it the plan "reviving" these functions separately and to trace the greatest uninfluential functional group, if all are made an invalid and a situation improves.
* Uninstallation of a "troublesome mail measure tool bar" is the -> ! method which is the another method. . Mr. AT -- this Uninstallation -- That's Right Which Became Light
So that Trend Micro also accepts especially cancellation of the "doubtful software watch system" of a setup It is effective.

All, such as a problem of the . free as which many fortunate persons of having actually become light only now are also regarded, warm-up time, end time, and retrieval time, and a problem on which radio is turned off, do not know whether it is having solved by it.

In the case of those who are now heavy and are in trouble
"The above-mentioned function is stopped, and after seeing [ whether weight changes and or not ] a situation, it is decided what next it carries out."
Is also the way to say a good idea?

In addition, it is CPU 700MHz, RAM 256MB, and Windows 20000 in my personal computer. Even when a case stopped the above-mentioned function, the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 consumed memory from 2006, and was heavy operation.
(It will be because the performance is low.) although there is probably also that factor, he forgets that there are many examples to which CPU 2GHz and RAM 3GB also became heavy also by a certain machine -- there is nothing . . which is not that which is too low so if this performance moreover uses neither XP nor Vista

On the contrary, it is a function to employ efficiently if it uses at all even if heavy.
  1. The measure against a comprehensive virus (real-time retrieval, e-mail retrieval),
  2. The measure against unlawful access (fire wall)
If it comes out and this is not carried out, is the meaning which is putting in the PC-cillin Internet Security lost?

Furthermore, seemingly, there is a shortening measure of the warm-up time of a Windows system. :
According to taught M appearance, it is the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. (It does not know whether the same is said of the other version) Inside of the obstacle with which L N. T is extended, (Probably, it changes with computers, respectively however generally) It is said that 1 - 2 minutes is the process which "a personal fire fall (TmPfw.exe)" starts automatically, and is because it is ^^(ing) with what it has collided.
this was made manual starting, system starting became early and M appearance became comfortable -- that's right, the . procedure is as follows

  1. [start] (- [setting (C)] -) [control panel (C)]-[management tool]-[service --] It clicks and . service screen is taken out.

  2. [name] column -- -- which expands the width of a header with a mouse if too narrow to read [Trend Micro Personal Firewall] it is -- the . [kind of start-up] column which finds a line [It is automatic]. it should have become . (it is a procedure end if it is [manual operation])

  3. This line is double-clicked and a property screen is taken out (the property of other lines is not opened by mistake like).

  4. [Kind of start-up (E)] [It is automatic]. Shell [manual operation] It changes.

  5. The [O.K.] button is clicked. [Property] A window is closed.

  6. The upper right [x] button is clicked. [Service] A window is closed.

Thus, seemingly, especially a user does not necessarily operate some manually, since a PC-cillin Internet Security starts a fire wall perfectly afterwards (personal), even if it changes into manual starting.

. which gives a nod of assent somehow although the writer has not tried -- trying the direction which can understand this

9.9 Extend Memory (RAM).

. smallness which memory + with which the personal computer is equipped is the system's having used the part or having extended by oneself although there was much following quantity etc., and the thing of middle quantity and the thing besides this range generally also have -> it is in adult order.
128MB, 192MB, 256MB, 384MB, 512MB, 768MB, 1GB(=1,024MB), 1.5GB, 2GB, 2.5GB, 3GB
Although influence will come out at the remarkable rate of generating at the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 if there are few amounts of memory, there is the feature that it may happen on the other hand even if there is no less than 3GB of the amount of memory.

Trend Micro has announced officially. Conditions of operation ,
In the case of Windows 2000/XP: 128 MBs or more (256 MBs or more are recommended)
In the case of Windows Vista: 512 MBs or more (1GB or more is recommended)

However, if the situation is seen in the network, he will have a feeling severer than this.
. which I will regard as good if it is made 512 MBs or more by . memory extension which is slow and becomes heavy according to remarkable probability in 384 MBs or less, it returns to 2006 or other virus software is examined -- even if good measure extends repeatedly and memory increases, the late problem by the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 of being heavy may not be solved
512 MBs and at least 768 MBs are safe -- like -- since . which I will hear will cope with it if it meets with a problem -- there are already 512 MBs and a late person also has the bet of increasing 512 MBs and making it 1GB -- )`5j\9 .
If it is 1GB or more, it is conspicuous and late, and if it is made . misfortune which is touch that it does not become heavy rash and a problem occurs, functions other than foundations will all be cut with the above-mentioned setting change, and if useless, other virus measure software is still said to a visual field.

Please [ the view of the amount of memory and the talk of extension with which it is equipped are following memory + , and ]
By applying money, since an effect is not trustworthy, recommendation does not strengthen memory extension.
Since the LAN driver disappeared, communication became impossible or the phenomenon in which the copy of the column in Excel was slow came out, although the personal computers (CPU 2.1GHz, RAM 1GB) which actually have me were 2007 new editions, they carried out the version down 2006.
furthermore, it is, and it carries PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 and a personal computer change etc. is [ it comes out and ] putting the cart before the horse (F -- people's thing cannot say me who say, either)

9.10 [Cases other than Vista] It Returns to PC-cillin Internet Security 2006.

If the heavy phenomenon peculiar to 2007 of becoming the stopping late error which goes out is returned to 2006, isn't it regarded as . (persons who did not solve are rare) you mist solved altogether?

[Note] When Windows Vista is used, since a PC-cillin Internet Security can use only 2007 (the version 15.30 or subsequent ones corresponding to Vista), it cannot use it like this item, being able to return to 2006. It has indicated for the lower procedure whether if it cannot bear, the above-mentioned evasion measure is tried thoroughly. After performing even thorough uninstallation others (to substitute of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006) -- it will change into virus measure software (for example, JXy skiing, Norton, and no charge Avast! etc.)
easy [ carry out "thorough uninstallation indicated for the lower procedure" actually and ] [control panel] - [an addition and deletion] of application (program) "it being full of faults and having returned to 2006 in 5 minutes", although there was a person who changed to JXy skiing by uninstallation -- however, it is said that it can use without fault this time if JXy skiing is installed after making deletion of 2007 perfect by PCCTool exactly

Here, it is profit information.
FAQ about a serial number (from the user information on a network) :
Q1 Don't those who have bought the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 rebuy it, either, and can 2006 be used?

A1 If it is and the serial number (a serial number, license key) is inputted into the program of 2006, the download of .2006 which can be used perfectly itself will be no charge.
. considered that it is my natural right that I myself use 2006 on the same operating condition as emergency evacuation as a user since 2007 was useless -- 2007 is higher if it moreover uses only by one set . -- if you newly buy it -- 2007 -- it is not -- 2006 ( example of a store ) Let's carry out.

Q2 Although that of "being able to 1 Use even three domestic computers by the serial number" is an uncanny charm in the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, can those who have bought the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 also use mixture of 2006, and 2006 and 2007 by computer to three sets of a home?

A2 Are, and if it uses only by 2006 without having installed by 2007 also at once [ . ] which can be used conditionally, pattern update will go wrong. . which is a thing that all cannot be used in the state of the newest, in order to avoid this When 2007 is bought, two sets besides . which once installs even when it is uneasy, registers by the serial number, and then carries out a version down in the following procedure 2006 are OK only by installing 2006 and putting in the same serial number.

Q3 In when is support of 2006 closed?

A3 It is a thing that it is and support (pattern update) is carried out only till . December 31, 2007. -> Trend Micro report .
however, after distributing and putting on the market the version which can be used in comfort, grade would like you to support 2006 for one year as me who am a user, since 2007 was useless -- coming out -- peevish . -- I want to hope that it becomes the PC-cillin Internet Security 2008 or sale may become around September, 2007 to Mr. . Trend Micro who does not understand

Let's keep in mind a procedure that the talk that there are those who break and fail also has environment as mentioned above when returning to 2006 from 2007 to prevent mistakes at least.

. which is the -- PCCTool point that the procedure under -- also describes tips and of using the program installed together -- I hear that what is necessary is just to perform PCCTool in the state which the program stopped and became a response pear where Windows was started in safe mode without. (it ended up cutting with a task manager) doing so even if it performs this in the state of ordinary Windows

Those who become an error and are in trouble even if uninstallation of 2007 tends to become an error and tends to install 2006 or 2007 also need to try the "arrangement work" of performing PCCTool in safe mode.

I am one set which had changed into the severe state. Three sets One set which wants to expect safety although that is not right was made to return to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 with a makeshift intention.
Then, various processings became light at a stretch, and the time-out at the time of perusal also decreased sharply.
Other people were written.
" It was made 2006 and peaceful days have returned. "
I was also able to carry out skilled [ of the happiness to say ]. .

Then, the procedure returned to 2006 for your reference is described below.
(Although it is long, since it is unavoidable, please allow .)
(. which cannot guarantee it if valid for anyone)
(The time required is [ whether although it varies by the kind of Windows, line speed, etc. with people again, it is for about 40 minutes to about 3 hours, and ] .)

!9.10.1 Prior preparation :

  1. ! Operation with a startup of a computer slow [ after installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 ] is heavy (solution 2060520). A )G$) [ that the report of the (above) is updated after "updating on January 18, 2007" ] (if carried out the contents),
    ! The top page of Trend Micro Does neither explanation nor solution appear in L "important information"? (Since it does not seem not to think that it is important, it does not appear here)
    ! PC-cillin Internet Security club Does neither explanation nor solution appear on the L top page?
    Since it may be better to follow the announcement rather than it returns to 2006 in the following procedures if . to check also appears by carrying out, please judge.
    (It has not come out by the present) .

  2. The following procedures are examined, and if required, a more positive method is rather asked to Trend Micro (if it is the necessity of looking for information from websites, such as the company, it asks by e-mail, the telephone, or chat support).
    The knowledge and investigation power of a personal computer are needed for the following procedures.
    Therefore, although it may be difficult for the man of being seldom still used to the personal computer, please judge through an eye.
    By performing a procedure aims at operation of the program of your PC-cillin Internet Security and Windows, or others becoming comfortable.
    however, . which cannot finish saying that there is also no becoming so amusing that recovery being difficult when the worst in a system becoming unusual on the contrary by a certain reason -- only the direction of consent should refer to it

  3. From the following prior procedures to this procedure is printed for the sense.
    (meaning with which a reboot enters the middle and an emergency stormy voyage is equipped)
    ((To grasp the applicable page range by the print preview to save paper, and just to specify the printing there it on a printing screen) What is necessary will be) [ it ]

  4. the following -- it is called "safe mode" . which investigates what kind of procedure it is about the special startup mode which operates Windows safely by the minimum function in the case of its own computer -- pushing [F8], [F5], and [Ctrl], when saying simply and a LOGO comes out

    Example 1: Windows Vista and Windows XP and -- Windows 2000 Time of being received when [(the best after maker's LOGO probably comes out) F8] key (the old thing of XP [F5] key = following) was intermittently pressed with it being equal during system starting It changes to a [Windows extension option menu] screen.
    The "safe mode" is chosen by the direction key here, and [Enter] is pushed.

    Example 2: Windows Me and Windows 98 and -- Windows 98SE From [ immediately after system starting starts ] Pressing the [Ctrl] key is continued (= following which presses [F5] key partly).
    (the best, after a maker's LOGO probably comes out)
    It changes to a [Microsoft Windows ** start-up menu] screen.
    " [3.Safe Mode] is chosen by the direction key here, and [Enter] is pushed.
    Type distinction of a keyboard is pressing half width / "full-size" key etc.

    Example 3: by a part of "Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows 98SE", since it is [F5] key, read F8 of the above "Example 1" as F5

    Explanation in the safe mode by -> ! Trend Micro

  5. The PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is started and a note of the serial number displayed by version display is made (example-QRS-9876-5432-1098-7654).
    Or the serial number which carried out purchase and additional purchase to the past, and received assignment is investigated.
    (In order to use for inputting into 2006 later) .

  6. ! The page of 2006 latest-version download From (the site of Trend Micro)
    The newest "PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 Internet security" (version 14.11 or subsequent ones),
    "The service pack of PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 Internet security" (the version 14.12 or subsequent ones) of the "product related module [ ]" column of the same page
    It downloads.
    (I do not know also serial number un-purchasing or whether this is operating as a trial version of what ten days)
    (Either being liking although it can choose in the versions into which it went or the versions of only a program, such as an animation)
    (unnecessary, although the update file of a search engine is also in the same page)
    Instead of this, it is ! 90-day trial version . ((Mr.) Lightly network) The thing in "download" on the right-hand side of a page may be able to be used.
    (Signs that it has succeeded since a claim does not come, although I have not tried) .

  7. Although it becomes a product of the other company, he is ! Norton of Symantec. Internet ZLB eB 2007 Trial version It downloads.
    (Reserve of a sake in case a PC-cillin Internet Security does not move 2007 or 2006 for this but by way of precaution truly)
    (The direction of the Internet ZLB eB is backlash with a large function, and the part price of a product is higher than an antivirus) .

  8. . which will confirm the fire wall of Windows if it is after Windows XP -- namely
    a [start]-[setting (S)]-[control panel (C)]-[security center]-[fire wall --]
    * [It is effective]. If it has not become [It is effective]. It carries out.

!9.10.2 Main procedure :

  1. After this, since there is risk of a virus and a worm entering, the cable made of a telephone cable, a LAN cable, the USB cable to TA, etc. is extracted.
    In the case of radio, if the card of a radio adapter is extracted from a personal computer or it is about the radio transmission from a personal computer, it will be a switch, stopping with Windows or each company software, if there is nothing, or turning off a router, if the user of wireless LAN is not in others, such as a home, etc.
    Thus, the communication always used is intercepted. What a circuit is certainly cut for [important] .
    Otherwise, it is because risk of having said that the mail which contained the virus during work was taken in, or the mechanism in which a bad computer is robbed of information will be incorporated arises.

  2. the addition of a [start]-[setting (S)]-[control panel (C)]-[program, and deletion --]
    Depending on the kind of (Windows, it is at the addition of application, and [deletion]).
    [PC-cillin Internet Security 2007] It deletes.
    The direction which is isolated and which carries out file (since Cookie file judged to be spy wear probably is not used any longer) elimination is chosen.
    The warning from Windows XP "the computer may be exposed to risk" etc. is unavoidable.
    If a reboot is finally heard (although it is not bad even if it does so by [Yes], since a reboot increases once) [No] It answers.

  3. [start] - the power supply of [an end option (U) (or shutdown )] and a computer is turned OFF

  4. The [1st time of a reboot] A computer is started in safe mode (safe mode).
    choosing "safe mode" in the place which pressed [F8] key, [F5] key, or the [Ctrl] key, and changed the screen, and pushing [Enter], for example during starting, although concrete operation must have been investigated by the above-mentioned prior preparation item etc.
    The power button of a computer is specifically pushed and a power supply is switched on.
    (Probably on a screen which is asking whether it goes to a maker's restoration tool, it is not heard yet) The key is pressed when a screen becomes black.
    Even when not effective without carrying out without 5AO, it cuts down in about 2 times at 1 second.
    If effective, it will become a mode selection screen.
    If behind, a process will go to the screen of initialization of Window.
    If it jumps into a BIOS screen by mistake, and the thing [ like ] which disregards change and comes out (Exit Discarding Changes) is chosen, it will go to start.
    I think that its account of the account which logs in is probably also good. (doing [ it / since I give administrator authority to it ] .) [ usual ]
    If it seems that the reason of since administrator authority should not have operation of "uninstallation of a program" by following PCCTool.exe comes out, and it becomes an error, please relog in by the login ID "Administrator" for administrators (. which must be being aware if you of the password are an administrator, since it becomes long, please investigate by a help and network retrieval of Windows more than this .).

    What is necessary is just to choose the name of Windows always used, if selection of OS is heard.
    Safe mode may require the warm-up time rather than the usual starting.
    A safe mode screen is not surprised although resolution differs from usually low.
    If explanation in safe mode comes out [O.K.] It clicks.

  5. C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\VB2007 _1500_1329 \Tools\PCCTool.exe is started (the extension ".exe" is displayed as "PCCTool" without being displayed depending on a folder setup of a user (there may be no place of a red character -- it carries out and differs in each environment))
    Moreover, VB2007 The user of a version 15.30 needs to read "\Tools" as "\UpgPcc\Modele."
    Depending on the version, it may have said directly the folder of C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\VB2007.
    [the case where it is not found] ., in which PCCTool was not found in a certain personal computer of XP from which I deleted 2007 -- since it had left PCCTool to the folder of C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\2006, it succeeded in the fortunate thing using it
    it seems that it cannot download to the Trend Micro site though regrettable ., since it is pitiable if those who cannot receive from where, either come out The Tool folder of 2006_1411_1017 is compressed. Start Windows to usual [ which can be used also for the deletion of .2007 carried out to the file only for emergency, or deletion of 2006 / not . safe mode but usual ], and this is downloaded to a suitable folder. please give, since a defrosting place will be heard if it performs in . double click if a suitable place is answered, please open a Tool folder there by Windows started in . safe mode which can do the folder of the name of Tool, and start PCCTool.exe in it in a double click -- finishing [ . virus check ] -- it is .

  6. "4 Uninstallation (U) of a program" is performed with [uninstallation] tab.
    "Uninstallation (U)" button is clicked to the inquiry of a check of uninstallation.
    (finishing [ . application program which had erased the file briskly / uninstallation ] -- it is -- anything remained in the thing -- saying [ . ] -- too -- this procedure -- necessity -- like) (or [ for some men, it will finish immediately ])
    (PCCTool. . considered to be bad . which tries several times, and is given up when useless the execution environment of exe re-installing 2007 right PCCTool. exe will be started when no displays change, even if it clicks "uninstallation (U)" button serving .)

  7. The [2nd time of a reboot] Inquiry which comes at the time of the end of uninstallation by PCCTool
    "In order to complete uninstallation, it is necessary to reboot a system. Is a system rebooted immediately now? "
    It is it being alike, and ['sbeing and answering (Y)]. supposing the inquiry does not exist -- [a start] to manual operation A system is rebooted.
    It waits, although a display called safe mode follows four corners of a black screen for dozens seconds until a system finishes.
    Since [PF8] and [Ctrl] are not pushed shortly It becomes the usual starting.

  8. It logs on by its ID.
    Since it is dangerous if a circuit is connected here, it separates immediately again.
    The warning from Windows XP "the computer may be exposed to risk" etc. is unavoidable for a while.

  9. Since there is a case where a setup changes freely as follows by "doing" of Windows when starting in safe mode in the case of Windows XP, in such a case, it corrects manually.
    • . from which a part of customize about a taskbar returns to initial value -- this is right-clicked by the taskbar, takes out a "property", and checks and returns a setup
    • A standard mailer returns to Outlook Express (?) of initial value.
    • Standard Japanese input service returns to IME of initial value etc.
    • It is the Internet when the Internet shortcut is clicked. So that Explorer (IE) may be started and it may surely freeze on the way On . concrete target which will return this by himself although it is troublesome if . which may become is also carried out and this situation is encountered [My computer] It clicks. Explorer started [Tool (T)]-[folder option (O)]-[kind of file] tab At the "Internet (nothing) shortcut" of the upper one, especially a [program] has no correspondence. [Detailed setup (V)] [open] It chooses. [Edit (E)] Appearing information [action application (L)] to perform if it returns to the regulation value of "rundll32.exe ieframe.dll, OpenURL %1", it should become normal shortly . -- if it is the value already written here -- change -- unnecessary .

  10. In the case of Windows 2000, it is "doing" of Windows when starting in safe mode.
    The position of the icon on a desktop,
    Customize of a taskbar,
    The person with whom the txt extension was matched in addition to the memo pad is returned to a memo pad.
    Since a HG setup may be changed freely, these are returned by themselves. (You may be the back) .

  11. (although it does not exist in before the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006)
    C: \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Trend Micro The folder to say is deleted.
    (It is a big log as a recorder file of a PC-cillin Internet Security here.)
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Trend Micro\PC-cillin\log
    This folder is not made from . PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 which seemingly became the huge size of 1GB and 4Gb for some . people who do not exist depending on . setup which may be able to * here.

  12. C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\VB2007 _1500_1329 (there may be no number portion described red by the version -- it differs by carrying out) . which deletes a folder -- all will be erased if there are more than one
    When . name change also with sufficient also changing the name of a folder into "old-Trend Micro" etc. becomes an error so that it can return to origin after -- although not released, the person with anxious erasing will terminate it, if a -- hard disk area is using [ be / it ] that the folder under this "Tools" is open etc.

  13. The PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 is installed.
    It is [reading subsequent 2006 as 2007, when you are going to carry out re-installation or new installation of 2007].

  14. . it is heard that a serial number is -- finishing [ purchase of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 ] -- it is -- if -- if it is download sale and is the mail at the time of purchase, and package sale, the serial number (****-****-****-****-****) currently written to the paper of CD-ROM enclosure etc. is inputted

  15. if he is asked by XP etc., "is it all right even if invalid in the fire wall of Windows?" -- [O.K.] It clicks (although "cancellation" may be clicked, processing of the part using both of fire walls and a personal computer becomes heavy slightly).

  16. if selection is wavered -- "-- if function" tended to connect a provider and accounting and has "all" made a contract of "automatic connection of a circuit" -- "permission" -- otherwise, "disapproval"

  17. When "online database service" is heard, a check mark is attached to all here and it is O.K. (it is clear that processing of a part personal computer in which the direction of a setup which does not attach this restricts a function becomes light). (changed by setup of a PC-cillin Internet Security always)
    "The computer may be exposed to risk" during the upper work.
    The warning from Windows XP to say is unavoidable.
    You may close, if the window of a "security center" opens.

  18. [The 3rd time of reboot] (Does it use "it rebooting immediately now"? Manual operation from [start] or whichever is sufficient) [ of an end of installation ]
    A system is rebooted (it OKs by the normal mode).
    Although XP etc. warns "A pattern file is not the newest", it ignores for a while.
    You may close the window, if "checking an Internet connectivity" and a PC-cillin Internet Security say to a screen right corner (it restricted to 2007).
    The center of a screen "a pattern file and the latest version of a program were found. Is update started? Even if a PC-cillin Internet Security hears ", it leaves as it is without still answering.

  19. It checks that the icon (capsule of blue and white) of a PC-cillin Internet Security has been made to the task tray (notice area of =), and is to a degree.

  20. the same -- PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 Internet security . which installs a service pack -- this must also have been downloaded in the preparation procedure . -- it can ask for a reboot here

  21. [The 4th time of reboot]

  22. If it is after Windows XP and succeeds in installation of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, it will be good even if invalid in the fire wall of Windows.
    (The performance of a system should be improved a little by the repealed direction)

  23. Installation of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 should go wrong, and moreover, 2007 is defenseless at the virus, when having disappeared.
    It is necessary to download a certain measure software urgently and to install it anything, also with the trial version of the virus measure software of the other company.
    (If the provider who has contracted by the Internet connectivity is doing service which intercepts a virus and a worm, he can expect it to some extent)

  24. A circuit is connected again.

  25. If the window of "online user registration" has come out by the PC-cillin Internet Security, you may input and register information here (possible even from a main screen later).

  26. The center of a screen "a pattern file and the latest version of a program were found. is update started? if the PC-cillin Internet Security is hearing " -- [-- it is -- (Y)] It answers.

  27. . which starts update to the newest pattern file -- a program also becomes the newest by this
    (When 2006 is installed, it is automatic, and since it does not become the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007, only it is OK)
  28. Probably at this time, a system reboot is needed ([the 5th time of reboot]).

  29. It clicks on the icon of a PC-cillin Internet Security, a screen is called, and various setup, such as specification of the time of fixed retrieval, is carried out.

  30. It is good to carry out virus retrieval of the first time which pushes a retrieval start and becomes a new PC-cillin Internet Security.

  31. Hg user's registration is still carried out.
    (. with sufficient how to bend, when having finished it as 2007 and it returns to 2006)

    It is in the end of . which was tired with labor.

seemingly, there is the worst case where the error which has not performed uninstallation of uselessness, i.e., a PC-cillin Internet Security, completely even if it uses PCCTool comes out . -- such time -- " Specific medicine Uninstalller of the Trend Micro distribution which Mr. SW taught " pccuinst.exe There is saying.
-> ! PC-cillin Internet Security 2004 It cannot uninstall correctly but is the PC-cillin Internet Security 2005. It is not installable .
Inside of L It is "an automatic uninstallation tool is here (pccuinst.exe)."
although this seems to be the report about 2004 and 2005 -- SW -- that's right which succeeded in full uninstallation by this pccuins.exe when it was said that neither installation nor uninstallation could be performed, and depending like and it was [ PCCTools did not accomplish a meaning, either but ] puzzled after it rebooted, since uninstallation stiffened 2007

10. Conclusion

It is the outstanding software, and I also like a PC-cillin Internet Security and it is the product of IXX.
But a design and correspondence which make light of a user in this way are peevish without [ appropriate for Trend Micro ].

  • Even so, it is difficult selection whether it changes to the virus measure software of the other company immediately now.
    A thing cheap also in the other company is a talk very said that the rate of virus detection is quite low. When it keeps by pGq, it is touch as "yes, ` A."

  • Although those who want to purchase a PC-cillin Internet Security from now on greatly approve of it, they need to purchase not 2007 but 2006 now (however, if a PC-cillin Internet Security is moved on Windows Vista, it will be compulsorily called 2007 which is also carrying out Vista support).
    However, sale of the download version of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 is ended late in September, 2006.
    It is whether to be that which purchasing by the mail order etc. says the package version (CD-ROM and the description have said the box) of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006.
    Is a few still sold ( example )? ).
    Or [ that it is not that which is said since it is cheap and safe, if the above trial versions of 2006 are also first used before purchasing immediately ]
    . with the method of carrying out a version down by downloading 2006 from the site of Trend Micro in the above-mentioned procedure, after purchasing the download version of 2007, once installing and registering, although it is higher than it if 2006 cannot come to hand -- thereby, it is thought that 2006 can be used to three at home

  • Even if he does not buy the warm treatment version etc., is it upgradable to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 for free in the case of those who are using the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 now?
    The free upgrade system which is the tradition of this PC-cillin Internet Security is a serious charm, and has also been recommended to people.
    However, I regard the free upgrade as prudent only this time as it is safer to cut down until it sees information (information) that this obstacle was solved....
    When saying so, did competition partner Norton's Internet ZLB eB 2007 also keep the free upgrade of a program for the first time?

  • Probably, it will be more safer for the person who installed the trial version of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 to also uninstall.
    probably, it will be better for a method to be most which is not related with 2006 in the above-mentioned procedure, and to carry out uninstallation by "deletion of application (program)", and PCCTool in safe mode -- since it is dangerous ., however no . defending [ which should surely install the virus check software of other somethings ]

I also want to use all the functions of the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 fully early.
It waits for January early solution of this problem.

It is a word just for a moment.

A grumble is put in order for a while. :
  1. It is to refuse it for it to do manually, in order to lower influence besides . which has many which will be refused in the process of 2007 if it is going to change a priority by the task manager....

  2. Even if spy wear retrieval comes to take time and he wants to come to push a discontinuation button, gray out of it is carried out and it is not effective (program mistake ?).

  3. Although a main screen is beautiful, the time kept waiting until it clicks and a display changes is extended, and a motion of a round arrow is made to be gazed at.

  4. By download of a pattern taking time like this, probably, a pause button should be attached, if heavy.

  5. I think that . priority rise which attaches the function performed while dropping a priority and looking at the load of CPU or I/O (= input output= input and output) in the background, and the button of a down or a setup may suit.

  6. Even if it is 2006, tmproxy.exe (proxy program which probably supervises e-mail and a web) consumes memory rapidly, and swells up.
    After page-out of other programs will be carried out and they return from standby, even if it clicks which window, for page-in, Cali Cali and a disk will be read and it will be kept waiting all the time.
    They will be what and :"=- what should just control the amount of pages uniformly.

  7. Taking over of a setup of even . freeware which is the thing which me want to improve early is the world of common sense mostly, and this will not have bad structure that the information which coma sesame and the user set up till then is not succeeded, either, when a program is replaced like 2006 to 2007.

  8. . whose font of a site is too small although this is also a thing from before -- the person exceeding .40 years old which is the clauses of a contract closely written to the reverse side of some application form was not seen on the screen of high resolution (pushing Ctrl by Firefox, by +, a character is expanded and I correspond)

  9. or [ that the natural measure of being a problem that an updating pattern is too large, and carrying out / which sends only the difference updated from before / the data compression even of . which is a thing not sending the information on an unnecessary kind by setup is taken completely ] . -- a part is not taken -- if .

  10. noisy . [ gather / in many cases / even if it warns that a program carries out some / the information a user should judge propriety to be ] -- if details are seen to the site of Trend Micro again in the case of Cookie even if spy wear is found, it will have written that it is safe and the embarrassment of . user and the labor which are carried out in a setup automatically deleted from next time after all will be made light of

  11. That the combined use with spy wear measure software cannot be performed is whether to be the power which a user understands perfectly, before buying the release version before using a trial version and using, although it is the restriction suddenly produced in 2007.

  12. . by which .ICMP attack in which the sprout of the thought which wastes user resources as it wants is impressed because a log file may exceed 1GB only eats the capacity and CPU of . log which nothing will be able to use however it may record such a thing, although a large number come very much, such as one etc. piece, in several minutes -- rather -- a port -- closing -- or [ that it should not be made for a log not to occur ]

  13. In order to uninstall a PC-cillin Internet Security completely so that it may not leave an obstacle behind as this report explained In safe mode, PCCTool.exe . which needs the complicated procedure of performing -- moreover, if an excessive folder is not erased manually, it will remain . -- it is big problems that it is such structure or that even guidance is not carried out by uninstallation with that ordinary ., if even this problem does not exist Synthetic improvements, such as . simplification and the automation this report of whose of mine was the manual returned to 2006 at the beginning of -- and which possibly were not -- Written, and clear-izing, are desired.

As mentioned above, he has a feeling that "user t h [" 3 which I was estimating excelled the other company conventionally was quickly lost in 2007.

The developer and verification person of the company have surely put only the function of a PC-cillin Internet Security and a mere small number on the highly efficient personal computer.
Therefore, it is hard to become the conditions on which weight and lateness are conspicuous, and moreover, it could not be worried at all, even if work has . weight and the troublesomeness which are the reason it does not become the obstacle of another work, since debugging and the test of a PC-cillin Internet Security are the purpose.
Probably, organization with sufficient ventilation which a performance problem notifies the . difficulty of using which should have happened in the company, and is made to correct still is not done not a little.

Such development environment and a view are how.

. which Trend Micro is expected that it is to put an important target on a user basis "is light", "for it not to interfere", and "not applying time and effort", and to improve a product further -- this point and Symantec -- one-step beyond There is p z(ed) admiration.

although it was distribution-started and the version PC-cillin Internet Security corresponding to Windows Vista was put on the market on January 30, 2007 -- the blues -- it seems that the copy of the column of Excel becomes very slow, and stops becoming useful, and the phenomenon in_which of a network adaptor (LAN driver) disappears suddenly and communication of it becomes impossible entirely happens also after that as a clear program mistake which is clean decreased, and I also experienced, although it was said that a part of weight of operation was also canceled

There are also those who have limited to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006, and thousands of persons who did the version down, and I think that the situation is seen.

Trend Micro makes a whole company project in this case, leaves analysis of this obstacle, correspondence, and reputation, and thinks that I would like you to set and strive for the purpose of "a PC-cillin Internet Security 2008 like air which does not interfere with a visitor", "sincerity  i information offer", and "a reliable support center."

Important word explanation

The term which becomes a key point for those who are not known well is explained.

- Memory

Semiconductor storage called RAM (random access memory) with which the computer is equipped is written to be "memory" in this report.

It is in . desktop area which is how to investigate the amount of memory with which it is equipped. [My computer] It right-clicks on an icon. [Property (R)] . to open [Whole] The CPU clock rate and the amount of wearing RAMs should be displayed on the direction under a tab in form like "1 GHz and 1.0 GB RAM."

. by which a standard and the maximum should surely be carried by the table of the specification of . personal computer with which it does not say that . memory extension which it is about memory extension can be performed without limit, and the limit was decided by the model -- extension according [ this ] to the memory of a maker original manufacturer's product is a premise
. which has the example as which the amount of the maximum loading is displayed more highly if the compatible article is sold at a low price by the peripheral-device maker (for example, ACI[ data) and the conversion table of a model is seen -- although the model which I extended in the meantime was setting the maker to standard 256 MBs and a maximum of 1GB, if it performs by having written that 1GB is extended and it is made also to 1.25GB, it is moving by ACI[ data satisfactory
Also for a personal computer maker's information, or a compatible article maker's information, if your model is to be able to extend memory any more, bearing only has it.

Although 1GB extension for the personal computers of a model was carried out in 2003 the other day [ . ] when he can buy it so at a low price that it is surprised also when he bought it with the network in search of the compatible article in the cheap store if it is a maker original manufacturer's product -- 512GBx2 sheet -- a total -- the method of buying one 1GB RAM of a ACI[ data company also with . to carry out [ of about 310,000 yen ] from uWorks by the mail order is used, and it carried out, moreover 1GB did not come out, and it was made [ what and / which have been purchased for a little less than 14,000 yen ] to 1.25GHz

. which memory extension needs to remove the screw of a notebook PC or a desktop PC by itself, looking at an operation manual, needs to open a lid, and needs to insert a substrate in a receiving window (slot) with p` -- those who do not get it will ask of those who get such surrounding things, and the electrical appliance shop
Although what is necessary is just to put it there if there is no slot and it has an opening, when two slots are buried with the 256MBx2 sheet from the beginning, even if he buys 512 MBs one sheet, only two pieces or three pieces are not made into an opening, extract 256 MBs of one sheet, and it has only put there.
Thus, the empty situation of a slot is considered, and it needs to be convinced if there is also memory extracted and reduced, although it is wasteful.

It may be said that there is "affinity" in memory.
By the memory and capacity of another slot whose memory does not suit to a personal computer and which the memory and the maker of another slot do not suit not suiting etc. It will sound s[s[s[ etc., if the power supply an extended part is not recognized to be is switched on even if it puts. under operation which does not progress previously -- suddenly -- a system -- falling -- the blues -- if it becomes frequent occurrence etc. that an error message comes out cleanly, it reputs to . slot which is failure firmly, and if useless, it may be that whose extension was impossible
Extension will be a success, if the amount of RAMs is displayed as mentioned above, it comes out perfectly and a system carries out stable operation.
Is it better to have extended many sets by ACI[ data in my case, but to judge carefully the . free and the third-rate article of a no brand with which a problem has not arisen?

Now, that of memory talks about =g+.
. which the program which can perform the processor (CPU) of a computer, and the data which reading and it write must have at the moment on the actual memory for which the one command is executed, however the data which a program and data generally use are indifferent to the amount of mounting of RAM, it is that for which memory is used by the program started to a user or a program (virtual memory), and, naturally it also comes out to exceed the size of real memory.

for this reason, an insufficiency -- the paging file on a hard disk -- next =7 -- it is dynamically controlled by the circuit of Windows and a computer to make it like, to read the command and data which squeeze out the memory which can drive out and use the portion which is not used immediately there, and are performed, and to be able to process them normally (virtual storage supervision)

If virtual memory exceeds real memory too much, since the exchange with real memory and a paging file will however become frequent, operation will become slow with KN.
In the environment of this Windows 2000 personal computer of mine, to RAM 256MB, if a virtual memory portion called commitment charge of a task manager is set to 600 MBs or more, it is begun to have a heavy feeling, and if set to 800 MBs or more, he will have an intolerable feeling (even if he wants to extend to 512 MBs, it cannot do because of failure of metallic ornaments called a RAM slot).

If it says whether what is the matter, will be hard to carry out this melancholy that the weight of a personal computer worries even if it returns to 2006 not at all, and in then, the feeling of shooting Niagara a part for .(CPU Core 2 Duo 2.33 MHz and RAM standard 1GB +1GB extension, XP) 3 month which has bought one notebook PC -- effective Norton . which the antivirus appears and has not installed 2007 yet -- if heavy -- comrades -

- GB and MB

1 GB(G Byte) = 1,024 MB (Megabyte)
With many personal computers, the amount of loading of memory is 256 MBs, 384 MB, 512 MB, 768 MB, 1 GB, 1.5 GB, and 2 GB. Since there is also a case out of which a severe condition has still come although it is hard to come out of the heavy problem of 2007 of being late so that it goes to . right which is either, it cannot generally say.


  • This report may contain some shortages of explanation, and errors from the limit of investigation or an experiment.

  • . which does not undertake any S about the damage or lost profits which a writer does not secure any about the accuracy of this report, and safety, but is produced with this report -- this -- _2 -- please utilize after an understanding

  • The information about a cause, management, fundamental solution, or a written mistake is a welcome (from the maker).
    The information "the obstacle is not conspicuous in its own personal computer" is unnecessary.

  • This site should ask each maker whether to investigate for consultation of each phenomenon by itself. [ to whom it will not respond (even if it is as a result of operation with this report) ] [ . ]

  • . to which the writer has only reported impartially the phenomenon which happened by its own computer, and that it is written that it is the same as that of a network although it is free not to believe existence of an obstacle . which is never carrying out obstruction of business by fallacy information or the rumor -- since it is the human being to whom I also did SE, research, and development by the maker, rather, it is a warm eye and it cooperates, and the heart is made into a demon and is encouraging

  • I am thankful to you who were allowed to quote or link for web pages, such as u O.

  • The product name and company name in a sentence may be the trademark or registered trademark of each company.

Delightful "language of gratitude"

! It is VerDN to VB2006 from VB2007. ((Mr.) Jw_Figures site Rito)

" Some condition and solution same to a site were found. Site -> which sets reliance most also in it If it depends
that [which is returned to VB2006] (F -- although in my case it does not have 2006 even if it says ... [ ^^ ] -- possible) says [ merit right / that / ! ] most -- it is -- the installation program of VB2006 -- CD from a network -- dropping -- going home .... previously -- safely -- completion

That seems to be right! This [ this ]! The deep emotion when always changing to connection from dial up was remembered... One week of a nightmare seemed to be the lie these days [ like ].

It is glad, and you get and are writing by the very readable text from honorable . problem generating to solution.

! That's right which the phenomenon in which he stopped while the window has been transparent even if Mr. MI starts Excel with system warm-up time increase returned and solved to 2006

"Even so, starting of Windows XP before 2006 re-installation (virus measure soft state where it does not install) is very smooth! The personal computer was improved as you were in fact such a highly efficient good child. "

AD .

! . to which Mr. A was CPU 1.75GHz and RAM 768MB, it became on the blue screen at the time of starting of the time of system starting, a PC-cillin Internet Security, or other programs, and the down (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) occurred frequently -- since this report was found, the version down was carried out and it referred to the makeshift of this 2004
that's right . which was not repaired with directions of Trend Micro even if it considered doubtful software watch system construction release as PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 re-installation, but was repaired at last in uninstallation of the fire wall of the further directions -- seemingly, the correction module (creation date December 8, 2006) of TM_CWF.SYS is used again, being sent -- it is the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 which put it in now [ . ], and although there is much amount of CPU and the memory used, it is a thing that it can use especially, could not

! That's right altogether solved when the MH set the PC-cillin Internet Security of the personal computer of a company to 2007 from 2004, it became heavy, he was embarrassed in perusal of a network, mail, and Excel and he found and returned this report

! At the time of . safe mode which is what Mr. ST also returned to 2006 completely with the application of this procedure, and "was become comfortable", since precious indication that a "common" tab did not appear in PCCTool.exe was obtained, it was instantly reflected in the procedure. (If it reappears, since I saw when it was not in safe mode, it thought that safe mode had also come out, but isn't it in safe mode surely? .) .

! Mr. AO -- heavy -- becoming -- the blues -- that's right . which a certain cause did not understand becoming clean and falling, either, and worried about it -- that's right which it is pleasant and came to move snappily when discovering this site by chance and returning to 2006

! . indicated that "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Trend Micro" under . above-mentioned procedure which is a thing that it returned to 2006 and the comfortable network life was able to be regained did not exist although Mr. M becomes as late as a network cannot think light and the online game fell earnestly -- among those, it is alike and investigates

! That's right [ MK ] to which system starting from from became impossible when the personal computer of CPU 3.06GHz [ like ] and RAM 256MB set the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 to 2007
He thought whether carried out defective restoration (check disk) of a hard disk, and it was repaired, and it fell that it cannot be started (safe mode) after time called +b and system starting error frequent occurrence.
Then, that's right which tried check disk and hard disk re-new and various means on a recovery console, KNOPPIX (starting from another medium), and another personal computer
Since it succeeded in starting suddenly during this work, when 2007 was execution. Uninstalled, the "SAM" file of registry was destroyed.
seemingly, this report is now moved to reference "comfortably" 2006, after spending 9000 yen with two weeks . -- pitiable -- him -- it was .

! Mr. TT is also fairly miserable.
five days [ which working hours, such as image edit, increased by 40% when upgraded to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 in December, 2006 ] after ., and Microsoft it is merciless also during re-installation [ of Windows ] . however the picture voice gap from January 5, crash of a videotape-recording picture, and DVD baking as support of Windows starting improper ., then A company of personal computer makers (Japanese syllabary) says after update -- phenomenon in which it is not put into a shutdown and a power supply for 5 minutes
Windows starting is usually [ 15 ] impossible in the end again, and it is re-installation of Windows.
that's right which found the report of the Sonobe $ at this time -- the severe situation that 50 percent of the condition of . report is applied to itself .... when it returns to .2006, fault is if it decreased sharply in two phenomena, such as a shutdown at the time of image edit
However, you have to correct the failure destroyed by the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. (Where broke? . graphics board ?)
the person in charge of A company -- "-- even if it fixes -- even if it hears it, it is not [ at least 50,000 - or more 100,000", and ] -- "-- it is pre-installed -- if not soft, the same condition may come out -- " -- etc. -- voice has been raised and said
support of Trend Micro -- a cause -- saying -- repair expense -- 30% -- AD -- seemingly, a person in charge will fix in a self-belly tearfully, since it is also disagreeable to consult with a superior official and to seem . Kramer in about [ answering "that's right which cannot be guaranteed as long as there is no corroboration even if it is said that the products of our company may be the causes" ], although it negotiated that it was at what may be given
Mr. TT is writing, "Since I will think whether the 2nd I come out to you if it can know to you at an early stage, since I was saved a little to this site by you who started the site which becomes the help only this time so that encountering such a miserable eye may finish it as only me (omission), if you are called to, he will think that it is happy."

! environment also with comfortable Mr. MBS -- it can recover -- "-- disagreeable -- were [ being - and ] good -- it is a word Thank you for having fault information offered. Gratitude! Please give the mail ".

! That's right . which looked at this report and was changed into the software of source lNXg when Mr. TK had the late standup of a PC-cillin Internet Security and it was troubled "I think that this report becomes a pressure also to maker by generalization of your old voice."

! It is said that he was C C (ing) to lateness after the MO introduced PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 trial version. When it changes to }JtB[ with this report, it is "it seems that a few is early."

! So that operation of a personal computer may become slow, and Mr. K may not improve in Windows re-installation but Outlook Express may cause an execution-time error . book site which became It sees. Setting release and uninstallation of spy {bg and spy wear u X^[, So that it may move snappily although it is not the time of a new article if it becomes quick somewhat and a doubtful software watch system is further set up invalid, when VB2007 is made into the version 15.30 on January 30 it became -- that's right, clean in g[ of Windows from which . file all becomes a par, and memory extension on which money was spent were also determined temporarily -- although that was right, language of gratitude by having stopped needing was given to me

! HY, since the process of ."PC-cillin Internet Security which Web access was unusually slow although memory has no less than 3GB, and was troubled by it with a new personal computer comes out restlessly when like this page was hit, when this kana was thought and having been searched although it checked before upgrading to" "IE7, each Cookie management site and restriction site was also empty " -- "-- it was not seeming to occupy especially CPU " -- "-- in my case, it solved by installation of I.E.7 after all ". Internet It is the example skillfully solved only by upgrading Explorer to 7.

! Although transmission speed does not become slow, it generated [ "a page is not displayed" and ] frequently, and Mr. GO was also troubled by it. "It was easy to be connected, when having clicked the web page which he wants to see as soothing of this condition and having been clicked continuously. About five continuation. (Server Mr. I'm sorry w of an access place) " Did he invent such secret technique? There was a man that this continuous-hits U was effective against others. It is said that the Sonobe $ is seen and it has improved considerably in "turning off a doubtful software watch system" off with "introduction of IE7."

! It is said that he returned ordinarily when LAN connection of a cable with a router looked at . this report which has come to repeat h which went out or was connected and set Mr. ND to 2006. "It was saved truly."

The SF three sets of inside which installed 2007 ! Although a personal computer performance is enough, one set It is clear to have become a motivation on this page. that's right . over which operation of IE became very slow and took pains -- "-- ". How to carry out on-line user's registration for whether if it is made 2006, lateness is the result of the repaired . free and "2007 of the monthly amount version purchased from EO home fiber" by the serial number when you carry out, please give another serial number to . Trend Micro out of which it comes, saying "it cannot register" 2006 except one set -- but . refused -- cold -- coming out -- peevish . -- there -- the employment by 2006 -- giving up -- the measure against a virus before (1) -- seven soft wreckage files Lateness so that anyhow mostly [ it is soft, and / when IE 6.0 were coped with in compulsive deletion and (2) IE 7.0 in order which is called A bJ[ and which is called a version down and re-installation of (3) 2007, which might be the cause, or / the repaired people that that's right, it is better to make it .IE 7.0 ] It may be the opposite example.

. thank you very much it is [ . ] the joy on nothing to touch such gratitude mail at a writer
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Not truck back -- but the link back

! such of Mr. 1 * 3s -7 "-- "-- the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 -- it is heavy -- " -- if it investigates instantly by the keyword -- $((((' -- bowl 3 or bowl 3 -- coming out -- ! The conclusion site which was most used in it be elaborate. "
! I /-appearance (the d$ kiln) IXX! "Since it is moreover "security software", what 7 and many of these faults "that cannot be regarded as a product at all" are made to laugh."
. to which this problem was intelligibly summarized, was now peevish, and became . reference from inside (Sonobe laboratory)
! Mr. cancer Zz L "I thought recently somehow that Web browsing was late."
! *. . :*- * Maki's PC kR diary *. . : Mr. *- * "-- only my trouble -- it is -- since it considered ... was it a problem by the side of A` too? Since there was likely to be no hard disk owing to, it considered as zb (smile). "
! G's is .-= diaries in drops. Mr. on blog "Since  ?+ also introduced 2007 to PC of a place of work and was nonplused to it, it decided to return to 2006 too. "
! The capricious diary of Jiy. It needs. "Although the contents were work difficult and dangerous (Jiy), it was able to be somehow made 2006. (It was selfish even if it did not do a part of work.) It can come and is slightly uneasy."
! Mr. John "It is a PC-cillin Internet Security immediately. Too useless, although returned to the version in the 2006 fiscal year . "
! Appearance which goes to the ground bury up every day 2007-01-02 It is PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 Which was Said to Lucky Bag.
"Has not the display of a page taken 1 minute one by one? It can use and is K-------!! (# _D _)
comfortable, when removing a PC-cillin Internet Security to a trial -- comfortable "
the comment to this report -- " It does not understand, if it says what it should carry out. this page -- long -- carrying out --- " I'm sorry . . (Sonobe laboratory) added to the beginning by making only the point into a shortcut for the busier one
! Mr. TbL[ & EbL[ "It performed one by one from what is likely to be made. - delete the definition of a Cookie management site The definition of - restriction site is deleted. -> -- it became troublesome it cuts there are too many sites and it is doing in the check one by one, and performing, respectively gave up these two immediately " Although it may remain heavy owing to when it -- Gives up .... (Sonobe laboratory) .
the measure against spy wear -- even if it limits a function by soft uninstallation and setup, it improves -- not having -- "-- -> returned to the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 -- it could not but carry out like this after all (cheek) -- "
! Mr. uu O "-- so bad that it says in public, as long as the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 after losing interference with spy {bg is used -- it is soft -- "
! It should curve. This be elaborate. It needs. "it will be what kind of reason which is said that a phenomenon changes greatly with PCs F -- or it says -- by people"
! Mr. OSARU House (that of a good-for-nothing monkey -- F) "The method of coping with a problem operation of PC will become slow if it installs PC-cillin Internet Security 2007"
! it is -- Mr. xxx of hcq "Even if it deletes an antivirus, it does not become light at all."
! The suicidal-explosion diary of a  ^ honest addict "It seems to be better to stop a major upgrade until it is corrected since it is the premonition which becomes an appropriate problem."
! Mr. memory of a sea horse "-- a front state -- returning -- snappily ---"
! 3 bracken [n] It needs. "Release of immunity-izing and service of a personal firewall are changed into manual starting for the time being."
! Mr. NoGood "Aren't online update of such size and a narrowband person life-and-death problems? -- Access to a network becomes impossible as a matter of fact during update. AIR-EDGE x1 if it is a fixed amount -- before pattern file download Imi -- the following pattern file -- F -- rather -- so . "
! Mr. security groupie diary +alpha of Jem it is blamed by "relative - "
! Today notices and it is appearance. "-- "-- the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 -- it starting and is late -- " -- the searched m trouble which place [ a trouble ], comes out and comes out It is the following site (this report) to have become helpful most in it. "
! it is \A?a -- Mr. GSh-- * who is and wipes and who cannot thing diary * take "Speaking of the affair in which the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 is late, the Sonobe $ is the most famous."
! Mr. favorite of mine "Surely, after putting in 2007 (VB), it became late extremely. although Sleipnir2 of a tab browser is used, when beginning to switch on a power supply, it solidifies well " -- "-- this HP -- it read pleasantly "
! It is the appearance which tomorrow's wind blows tomorrow. "Our house is also together with all of husband and wife right [ that ]. It is although heavy one can decide whether it is [ of this ] a cause and there is not."
! Mr. y f l0 "It also feels like [ as being heavy ] as surely a pattern file is updated."
! Appearance which Ic - Gets bored and is N. Crowded "The reason and cause which become heavy are investigated, and also all possible coping-with methods are introduced."
! Mr. Mori of $7 "It is a translation serious because of the printer via a network, a share, or this."
! The punching company Blog branch "Mr. IJb` puts in and was severe . Although it worries in the method of shells and being cooked It is whether it is better not to set this to 2007 ..."
! Mr. Mori of $7 "I wanting to return to honesty 2006 ('A -- ')"
! Mr. .30CAL CLUB January 24 "the condition which has an idea when some are read is Y Y . You is a cause or a PC-cillin Internet Security. "
! Mr. LifeWindow It attempts "the display of the top page of Yahoo! takes 10 seconds or more", and "to reduce a setup of the measure of this page of "PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 function, and to see a situation instantly,." Since the motion became early, the function which thinks will probably be required of in having reduced a setup too was returned. For the moment, it came to move without stress."
! He is Mr. diary Tk. a weekend. Although "one was frustrated when he used the evaluation version on the 90th before the release version. orz To put it bluntly, that weight can die. "
! Mr. INCORPOREAL "|-_.!oO (PC of a parents' home will certainly be influenced surely of R .) If this report is found as of yesterday " ...
! Mr. zXT "The disagreeable report was found. -- The paragraph to which it occurs is just possible. $*. this ) (;'D -- ')"
! Mr. R fN G "Me who still use 2005 since there is this "
! Mr. ExplosionSocietyI/O one third "it is impossible to use wireless LAN" -- "........ starting 9%Vq ( )" -- having made it reference on "VB2007 problem -- here me -- those who are in trouble like -- right or wrong "
one fourth "it moved spec. top wooden-clogs VB2007 too." "
! Mr. "m l Z "See the problem that processing is heavy (late), and the coping-with method, and try many things on the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. . It improves somewhat. . Still intense heavy w
the next -- physical .. memory extension E` -- halfway -- 256M plus w 512+256 ... Those with effect \R\R E` -- heavier than the time of 2006 use
coming out -- Since one year of contract will also expire soon others -- software ... "
! _|~|O Mr. useless [z L "The affair in which this front TA sj= PC is unreasonably applied for the time being. Having assisted in committing hara-kiri by beheading is whether it was RCc in fact % % % % % % % % % %"
! Mr. PRTP-Kaulquappe "It comes to time-apply one notebook PC to starting greatly, and when investigating, seemingly it is the result of this somehow. If spy wear retrieval and the function which seems to be new are removed for the time being, I will feel that it revived by about lateness before it (although it is late after all ^- ^)."
! I G Changelog -- The Au branch "-- # -- a machine -- starting -- time -- starting -- -- # -- a pattern file -- updating -- the time -- a CPU power -- 100 -- % -- consuming -- -- # -- a pattern file -- updating -- a process -- the second half -- "-- troublesome -- e-mail -- correspondence -- a cache -- construction -- inside -- " -- ten -- a minute -- more than -- quantity -- load -- a state -- continuing -- " -- "-- 2006 -- returning -- since -- the above phenomena -- happening -- D" -- (This report) "
! Mr. every day of a patent attorney "It is a new version about the conventional version of 2007. (Version 15.30 of the January 30 version) It was alike, and replaced and the motion of a personal computer became quick as the result. "
! Mr. Take a Diary "Although it thought that it was natural to stop the load to PC as much as possible if security software resides in a system permanently at all, if the PC-cillin Internet Security is used, is it that it is impossible to follow such a natural thing?"
! The diary of the musical band of a private school "-- merely -- even coming out -- powerless inside -- Mr. p\R -- well -- well, it begins to groan it comes out and is that of 6%  6%  . or  " -- "-- if it investigates in a network slightly -- a serious noise -- that of HA and i -- it is . do this way and that, coming in a heavy sweat -- time of settling down at which it obtains and burns The spring morning sun is illuminating the hit softly. if there is no" "+ -- me -- why -- merely -- wax (This report) "
! Atsushi:: -- Mr. Memorando "Internet Explorer7 will terminate abnormally. It came to start all functions other than a virus measure function to the stopped place and "stopped" normalcy. "
! Excel and he is the kR diary of ?aq. "Although the PC-cillin Internet Security was used at my home, it became very heavy when installing the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007. the same thing occurred also in its wife's parents' home " -- "-- once -- the following (This report) Although the measures currently come out of and introduced were taken and a few became good, I think that a PC-cillin Internet Security will stop by the end of this year. "
! Mr. ExplosionSocietyI/O "It is to have made it reference on VB2007 problem here. (This report) . me -- those who are in trouble like -- right or wrong "
! He is Mr. narration every day. "Probably this first problem thinks that it may have been "URL filtering"."
! Appearance which do not - Say at a word "There is neither what regret nor attachment and I think that I will change frankly. It is even wasteful to apply this energy that gets angry soft. "
! Mr. Fore's Web Gallery I was also able to carry out skilled [ of the happiness "made it "2006 and peaceful days have returned" ]. It is written. Is this already done (^^U If it does as written to this site - - - - Peaceful days have returned also to me (^^) Further (Since it turned out that the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 does not support Windows Me) "The PC-cillin Internet Security 2006" is installable also in Me returned to "avast", and isn't there any registered still more nearly same 6a serially? That is, "the PC-cillin Internet Security 2006" can also use [ serial 1 book ] three sets now for three years. It inserted in this and A?a deep emotion was carried out. It is gratitude gratitude at the Sonobe study. "
! Mr. 6d$ [Calah which is not seen] u O having seen the Sonobe $ and having risen to the version 15.30 -- starting of IE6 (Internet Explorer 6.0) -- yet 25.5 seconds It cuts in `. because there are those who will have improved if IE was set to IE7 -- "yes -- it is -- ! -- late at any rate -- take out and do If it does as " 4.8 seconds alike -- being shortened -- "-- the time of stopping VB2007 what and before 8.7 seconds It is quick! " Sonobe -- $E` -- I will make it reference
! He is Mr. installation about Vista to its original work PC. Because of PC-cillin Internet Security 2007(at least 15.30) Tmproxy.exe, IE and the going-up transmission speed in Firefox are a useless ."reply (from Trend Micro), even if it stops a resident program besides thing . that it falls to 18Mbps(es) from 94Mbps(es), and service. Repeal a URL filter, Web mail retrieval, a fishing checker, and a protection-of-personal-information function. using [ since you could respond to `, a virus, spy wear, and unjust access / repealing it ]-function leading to phenomenon" . -- saying [ being useless ], if the four functions all are not made into an invalid ....
! The Dunhuang corridor blog "Those who are using 2006 need to take care not to upgrade by any means. Since it becomes more amusing and more amusing while using, the uninstallation also with those earliest possible that say that it is now OK is recommendation. The already put-in measure for men is here. (This report) "
! The dilemma of climax A V If it changes into the PC-cillin Internet Security 2007 from "PC-cillin Internet Security 2006 ... It became late as the curse required the personal computer. PcScnSrv.exe F -- it is because the spy wear surveillance software to say is running through the CPU time and memory" book site was returned to reference 2006 -- it is indignant although that is right

Or [ that which virus measure software is really the best ] ....

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