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How to memorize a number securely without memorandom How to memorize a number securely without memorandom  
* This page is made by "machine translation" program from Japanese to English.

When a number must be memorized just for a moment, it uses inventing a way firmly memorized without a memorandum.

Are a big talk and the telephone number begun and aren't there any various numbers (?) of a postal code number, an ID number, and a witnessed hit-and-run car etc.? .

Tips are only this which attaches "- yen." (NOTE: yen is the money unit of Japan.)

For example, when "8386" must be memorized, as shown in the next figure, "8000 300 80 6 yen" is visualized.

If "The price is 8386 yen" is said in a store, what kind of thing will be considered?

Kana which will get change with a ten thousand yen bill,
A tag was in ‚  and a nice thing 5000 yen.
However, 8000 yen is painful.

100 yen, it was sufficient for one ball [ two / 3s ].
The back, a ball and 3s 10 yen copper coins of 50 yen were put in, and it could. Come with 80 yen, and came out, and a wallet became light very much.

it is disagreeable that there is a less than 10 yen fraction -- since change increases
a consumption tax could be done and change increased in number suddenly -- already ....

It is still 6 yen the back. . change which. Existed that what is necessary is for there just to be ‚Ύ‚Α‚½ et al., a 5 yen ball, and one whole place ball at a time and which existed was decreased in number and saved.
Yes, the prices are 8000, 300, and 80 or 6 yen!

In this way, although it thinks it long that it is made a character, man is wonderful and such a thing is considered in an instant.

In time, even if short, it is thought that it is advantageous to a way of a process accompanied by complicated and various feeling and association remaining in storage internally.

Please remember four digits a while ago to a trial, without seeing upper figure.
Is it easy?

Please use this technique.

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