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The Introduction Slides of Common Automatic Transport System (CATS) The Introduction Slides of Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)  

1 Title  (in Japanese)
2 Presented by  (in Japanese)
3 Table of contents  (in Japanese)
4 [PART 1] The Problem  (in Japanese)
5 The Society around 2010  (in Japanese)
6 The developments of the modern society is unbalance  (in Japanese)
7 Physical distribution will be a bottleneck of the multimedia era  (in Japanese)
8 Already high prices  (in Japanese)
9 Correspondence to a physical distribution is scattering.  (in Japanese)
10 [PART 2] The solution  (in Japanese)
11 Total energy required for conveyance is zero.  (in Japanese)
12 42 minutes to anywhere  (in Japanese)
13 The mailing cost was found to be the friction cost!  (in Japanese)
14 [PART 3] Concept of CATS  (in Japanese)
15 Proposed concept  (in Japanese)
16 Overview of CATS   (in Japanese)
17 Overview of CATS (zoomed in)  (in Japanese)
18 Definition of CATS  (in Japanese)
19 configuration of CATS  (in Japanese)
20 configuration of CATS (zoomed up house)  (in Japanese)
21 configuration of CATS (zoomed up city)  (in Japanese)
22 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS  (in Japanese)
23 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS: Evaluate  (in Japanese)
24 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS: Send  (in Japanese)
25 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS: Transport  (in Japanese)
26 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS: Receive  (in Japanese)
27 Characteristics of the CATS network  (in Japanese)
28 [PART 4] Issues and Solutions for CATS   (in Japanese)
29 [ISSUE 1] It Can Transport Cheaply  (in Japanese)
30 How to make it cheaper according to the nearness  (in Japanese)
31 How to build at lower cost  (in Japanese)
32 How to manage at lower price  (in Japanese)
33 [ISSUE 2] It Can Transport Quickly  (in Japanese)
34 How to transport quickly  (in Japanese)
35 [ISSUE 3] It Can Transport Softly  (in Japanese)
36 How to transport softly  (in Japanese)
37 [ISSUE 4] It Can Transport Securely  (in Japanese)
38 How to transport securely  (in Japanese)
39 [ISSUE 5] It Can be Used Widely  (in Japanese)
40 How to use widely  (in Japanese)
41 [PART 5] Configration and Connection of the Operation Control System OCS  (in Japanese)
42 Subsystems consisting the Operation Control System OCS  (in Japanese)
43 Cooperative execution of transport control  (in Japanese)
44 Reference model for the transport between CATS domains  (in Japanese)
45 [PART 6] Merit of CATS  (in Japanese)
46 MERIT 1: Simplification of Distribution, and Raise of New Kinds of Business  (in Japanese)
47 MERIT 2: Goods on Demand  (in Japanese)
48 MERIT 3: Cost Reduction of Waste Disposal  (in Japanese)
49 MERIT 4: Recycling of Things Is Supported  (in Japanese)
50 MERIT 5: Polution Improvement and Energy Saving  (in Japanese)
51 Target benefits of CATS  (in Japanese)
52 [PART 7] Commercialization of CATS   (in Japanese)
53 Essential points of commercialization  (in Japanese)
54 Multi-vendor system  (in Japanese)
55 Combined usage pattern with other physical distributions  (in Japanese)
56 [PART 8] Conclusion  (in Japanese)
57 Conclusion  (in Japanese)
58 Questionnaire  (in Japanese)
59 Fin  (in Japanese)

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