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How to receive tax credit of medical expense also by hospital single room charge How to receive tax credit of medical expense also by hospital single room charge  
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This information is concerned to tax in Japan.

"The medical expenses of the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan may also be able to be deducted."
I introduce such オトク information that will be lost if it does not know.

if it is sent to hospital, there are condition and it is in a single room -- the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan -- what 1000 yen per day, and paid . -- if it is 10,000 yen per day, since at least 3000 yen per about 3,600,000 yen . day are about 1 million yen -- very much -- coming out -- peevish .

The one person room, the two-person room, the three-person room, the four-person room, etc. are located in a single room, and there are a charged single room, special room, special single room, and special medical-treatment environmental room, a single room A, a single room B, --, etc. in how to call by the hospital.
The charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan is called a differential rate of bed, the charge of a single room, single room cost, charge of single room utilization, etc.

"Deduction for medical expenses" pulls a maximum of 2 million yen of parts 100,000 yen or more (*1) from an amount of income among the medical expenses which started at the time of calculation of tax.

(*1) If the earning is 2 million yen or less, the border is 5% of earnings instead of 100,000 yen.

Main related act and avisos of deduction for medical expenses (as of January, 2003)

for example, since the person for whom the medical expense required 2 million yen per year of earnings by 6 million yen is . which is the reason which can calculate tax noting that earnings are 4 million yen of the difference, supposing it says him roughly and he is 20% of rates of taxation, he will return 2 million yen x20%/100%= 400,000 yen -- ことにな (It changes with other elements, such as proportional-tax-reductions amount, in fact.)

However, it is to be usually able to apply for the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan by deduction for medical expenses.
Although it is useless in the one's own convenience of since the single room is quieter, if the want top single room of medical treatment was used, a revenue office votes.
I hear that it will be made to the object of deduction for medical expenses if a medical man proves with a diagnosis the reason for which the single room was required when it checks to a revenue office in charge.

Then, a method is explained based on experience succeeded from now on.

It goes to the window of the hospital which started and a diagnosis creation request is carried out.

Probably, it will be good not to have to go probably, although it is good to make this by posting, or to telephone although for . to also want to ask you for いちど and a diagnosis before that.

There is disturbance refused only by taking out with 書い to the application form of hospital predetermined diagnosis cession.
Then, it is effective, if the attached sheet which entitled one more and request significance the "favor of diagnosis creation" which wrote by free form is made and being attached to a predetermined application form.
In order to make it successful, let's surely do.

How to make "the favor of diagnosis creation"

There, the significance (for the deduction-for-medical-expenses application of the charge of a single room, why a single room will be used on medical treatment unavoidable is written, and, that is, it merely came) of a request is carefully described after a title, a date, a patient name, an applicant name, the address, and the telephone number.

And let's list a patient name, the furigana, a patient's registration card serial number, a hospitalization and the department name of hospitalization, and a family doctor name "below" so that an affair and a medical man can retrieve required information immediately.

Even if the family doctor is already transferred from the hospital, the family doctor name at the time of . hospitalization which other medical men write is written.

Moreover, if . creation which also attaches the copy as "a reference" if there is an example which I had made in other hospitals or the previous year is easy, the rate which a medical man takes over will increase.

The example of creation (utilization by copy attachment is possible)

Now, it is -- as to what will happen, if a diagnosis is done.
The hospital (there are a hospital which gives a nexus, and a hospital which does not give) which has to go to take once again, the hospital (there is also a hospital with the want of taking out a stamp to a window) which mails, the hospital which will send to a ward if in the hospital are various.
Please consult with a hospital window on the methods of taking comfortably also including how to disburse the charge of diagnosis creation.

. with the days scattering at one day - about three weeks concerning creation -- since there are quite a many these things, to there be also the purposes other than deduction for medical expenses and be in a hurry by declaration, it is necessary to count backward from the time limit in mid-March, and to carry out a creation request with a margin

What is necessary will be just to attach one of the . notes attached when sending the declaration document to which the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan also put the got diagnosis into the revenue office in the attached sheet.

The acquired example of a diagnosis

Procedures Memorandum

* Write "the favor of diagnosis creation" (with one's format).
A copy will be prepared if there is a precedent of a reference.
* Telephone a hospital and hear diagnosis creation, the charge expense method of creation, the completion nexus method, and the voucher method.
* Go to a hospital window, write a hospital predetermined diagnosis creation written request, make it together with the documents which he prepared, and apply.
* Receive a diagnosis by the hospital predetermined method.
It checks whether the unavoidable reason of single room utilization is written.
* Attach the diagnosis to the declaration document to a revenue office, and write and issue notes.
If representations with a diagnosis should be insufficient, supplemental explanation will be given by notes of it.
* If a revenue office votes, a refund will come by transfer etc. on the contrary.

- . by which a duty not only comes on the contrary, but local taxes come on the contrary -- even if this does not report itselves, since a nexus goes from the direction of a duty, 1/3 of the deals of easy . duty return

- Since it was late for the declaration of the next year, the medical expense before . the time of the declaration in next year March is not necessarily write off at all can also regain the application to which I have tax, such as deduction for medical expenses, paid till . five years surely improved, without saying and giving up.

- . which is a deal with day [ about ] delicate when . deduction for medical expenses with the case which is not voted to be large sum past る is seen by . Internet which is because it has become "let average generally outlaid according to condition of disease be the moneys of the portion which does not surpass remarkably" of 20,000 yen per -- however, it will be based also on a reason

- . an apparatus is considered by . serious illness which is what is taken out also when there is no empty room, and the empty room was made especially and it returns from a single room to a large room, infection, and rehabilitation in want, and can consider various reasons of want etc. to be for medical treatment -- if there are more than one, let's mention more than one

- There is also a place which is supporting the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan for some autonomous bodys.
About the medical care of the .-> * senior citizen with that right who may support the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan to 1,500 yen per day to a 68 or older-year man in Ichikawa-shi, Chiba although it is the example searched now (Ichikawa-shi)
Let's surely investigate about the autonomous body of a home.
Also when autonomous fostering is received, the portion which the remainder required will be entered in the "moneys filled up by insurance benefit etc." column with . declaration which should consider deduction for medical expenses of tax, and calculation subtracted from a medical expense will be carried out.

- How about seeing [ improve and ] about all the constitutions that have entered, since it seems that the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan may be supported by mutual aid, assurance, etc.?

- . which is what is depended on the criteria of . Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare which may not need to pay a hospital the charge of a hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan . which I regard just as it caring about the direction sent to hospital from now on enough * reference information -> -- charge of information === hospital room not covered by a health insurance plan === ( Mr. nakajii ) to know

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