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Law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you" Law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you"  
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If the top page is registered into the search engine ƒJƒ€ƒgƒbƒviComeTopj It is also the subsequent increase in access that introduce and access increases readily, although it is natural. ƒJƒ€ƒgƒbƒviComeTopj helps you.

If various non-top pages which pull a visitor's interest to your site are increased, after they are registered by the search engine, the number of visitors will increase.
ƒJƒ€ƒgƒbƒviComeTopj By effect, access to a top page will also increase further according to the new number of visitors.

It is got blocked.

" If only it is substantial in contents, those who access from a top page increase in number. "

It becomes the situation that the delightful law to say is realized.
This, We name it the law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you".

Still if ƒJƒ€ƒgƒbƒviComeTopj How about increasing a non-top page hard without introducing? Above

" Only the those [ 3% of ] order who have usually searched the non-top page looks at a top page. "

If it guesses from saying, it will be thought that how whose access of a top page increases will remain slightly.
the difference is clear -- coming out -- peevish .

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