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How to restart work more easily by a split task How to restart work more easily by a split task  
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The telephone by which time has come and by which people have come has come....

although not only work but study and housekeeping are so -- some causes -- work -- not being interrupted -- ‚Ä‚¢ -- the time of becoming bad -- somehow sick . which is not felt refreshed -- this -- man -- is it what everyone feels?

But a view is changeable if this is read.

please think -- what is worrying about time beginning . work first?
It wavers by selection called the kana which must carry out what now while there are various candidates of work.

‚µ [ it hurries that and also hurries this ] ....
If that is done, ‚µ [ it will be behind here ] ....
Well, well [ well, ] ....

Wanting to escape a trouble and attaching a way to work good just anyhow is things and ? which will be common.


Such a trouble is not generated at all, when the interrupted work is waiting.

Since it is good only by resuming the interrupted work anyway, mind is easy.
It remembers how far it was carrying out just for a moment, and what was being used is only arranged.
Lightly, it can resume with ‚ç‚­‚ç‚­.

There are also tips which relieve resumption. :

  1. It writes to memo paper where it is interrupted, and places on a desk.
    If it is a computer, it is smart to write to the mail addressed to oneself, and an electronic attachment memorandum and the text made temporarily.

  2. When job listing (to do, action, task) which became a Personal Digital Assistant, and e-mail software and a group is being used,
    Probably, work may be registered there.

  3. In the case of difficult work
    It is certainly help after . written [ to what kind of wind he plan to advance after this, and ] to that memorandum by itemized statement.

  4. When a lot of paper files are being used,
    Ruler etc. is inserted into an open place.
    If there are some open paper files and books, two will be made into a group, and it will engage in the shape of > <, and will place.

  5. In the case of work by computer
    It changes into a resume (closing lid, if it is notebook PC) (suspension, suspension) state, without closing a window.
    By the person of not feeling that it finished when the window was open saving a file, a window is minimized with the "x" button without closing.
    Namely, after changing into the state where it is visible only by the icon (taskbar button), it changes into a resume state.

  6. When it is said that each is important and it is not closed although the page here and there by the browser was opened and seen,
    If the icon which is visible to the head of the address column is all dragged to a text or a folder and is summarized to it, a ƒCƒ“ƒXƒ^ƒ“ƒg link collection can be made.
    Those pages are opened only by opening the text or a folder later and clicking the link.

And let's leave the rest to ourselves and it should finish up the cause cause and work. [ of the future ]
moreover, . which has all performed the procedure of work at hand when time is made -- it is truly pleasant in this and it is -- ‚æ

From today, if time, a person, a telephone, and mail come, let's interrupt work positively using it.

You are the quick star player of a start dash now!

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