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[PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (3) [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (3)  

pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut, pachira flower, pachira bloom

     Litle did I dream of seeing our pachira tree in bloom(pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut).
     Pachira blooming is rare, they say.
     I bought the pachira in a handy flowerpot in 1990, which reached to the ceiling when it was 7 years old.
     Now at 12 years old, it has grown to longer than 4 meters (= 13 feet), having turned at the ceiling.

     At July 9, 2002 10 a.m., I found the flower, however, it fell down after 5 hors from that.
     It means that I could see it by a hairbreadth.
     At once, a miraculous luck visited me.

     I have another secret about pachira.
     The sticky and shining dewdrops appearing on leaves and branches of grown-up pachiras are a little bit sweet honey. Did you know it?

     Some weeks ago, I licked the dewdrops with anxiety whether it is a poison or not, and surprised to find it sweet.

     I was able to confirm it by the internet.

     We cound see more beautiful bloom. That is the next story.

BGM "Blumenlied (Flower Song)"

  Composed by : Gustav Lange.
  Piano and MIDI by : HIROKO.

  - If the music do not start automatically,
stop the above, and then play the below:
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  HIROKO homepage (recommended!)
Information and pictures of pachira bloom and fruit:

(In Japanese but with photographs)

  * Pachira Flower in Aryuu

  * 'Pachira' called as 'Guiana chesnut' (Nippon Shinyaku CO., LTD.)

  * The Flower of May: Pachira (Nippon Shinyaku CO., LTD.)

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