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Connectable Directory Inquiries System

April 16, 2003
Sonobe Laboratory

     On April 16, 2003, Sonobe laboratory ( announces that we have completed design of "Connectable Directory Inquiries System".
     The technology "Connectable Directory Inquiries System" will add a such new function to the directory inquiries systems (namely, number guidance systems for telephones or terminals) that the caller's telephone/terminal will be connected to the recipient's telephone/terminal immediately after the guidance.

     The applicatio of patent of our technology, named "Connectable Directory Inquiries System and Method", is also submitted on April 15 (Japanese Patent Application No. 2003-110615).

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     An old directory assistant like No. 104 was not able to be reconnected with a number of the guided partner point, without hanging up a customer's telephone, after an inquiry clerk investigated a number.
A customer is . which makes a note of a heard number and hanging on the number again anew only had.

     In Sonobe Lab., we devised a good method for connecting the partner point to guidance automatically succeedingly, and an efficiency completed a design of a user friendly system well
     This technology can be quicker than a method of half-automatic guidance & connection by which the conventional proposal is made, and can be connected certainly.


     When you use a directory inquiries service center made from this invention, for a customer, it will be audible as follows.

Customer: (. which dials "1045" by telephone)

(Dial tone "rrrr and rrrr")

center: crawling -- use -- thank you, it is OO of . directory assistance connection service in its duty

Customer: Excuse me, please tie to O, Inc. O business affairs of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Center: Please wait a little.... You crawl. Are you all right on the OO business affairs of 1-chome, Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku?

Customer: That's right

Center: I tie to now representation telephone 03-OOOO-OOOO then.

(Dial tone "rrrr and rrrr")

O O business affairs: It crawls and they are OO business affairs.

(It can telephone to OO business affairs as it is) .

     Thus, since it is automatic at the guided partner point and is connected with it, it becomes very convenient.
     A directory assistance "disguises itself" as if it was like a telephone switchboard of the Japan whole country.
     . which will become without it seeming that paper or a pencil which make a note of the telephone number are not found, and it is troubled until now, or applies and makes a mistake by faint memory


     This technology is . applicable besides directory inquiries service service. How is a business plan into which guidance services and search services, such as the telephone number, an IP address, and URL, are developed in this function?
     Please consult with this laboratory.

* Details of the Connectable Directory Inquiries System

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