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How to make full use of heaping pocket tissue How to make full use of heaping pocket tissue  

Pocked tissue is served for commercial purpose in Japan, for it is cheap and printable on the cover.

They hand us pocket tissue around stations and shopping centers.
Our letter box is filled with pocked tissue packs every day.
We cannot exhaust the piling pocket tissue.

I store pocket tissue in a soft plastic inner box of cookie, but the box becomes full in a short time.

So, use an empty ordinary tissue box, as the photo.
Enlarge the opening by scissors widely enough to pass it easily.

Then, move tissue paper out of each pocket tissue pack into the tissue box.
Please be careful to put the each folding surface up.

As the box was large in case of this photo, 3 times 6 = 18 tissue could be stored.

You may put the box at kitchen etc.
The paper can be used very easily in this way.

You can enjoy searching pocket tissue.

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