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Name Sonobe Laboratory: Masyuki Sonobe
Activity Research on Systems
Laboratory Establishment Date Apr. 12 2002
Home Page Establishment Date Jul. 1 2002
Hisoty of Activities - Fujitsu Limited (Systems Engineer)
- Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Senior Researcher, Section Manager)
- Bio-venture Firm (Fellow)
- Venture Capital Firm (Full-time Auditor)
Address Japan
Contact e-Mail
Web Page - my homepage career: I made a homepage in the company in 1995 or around with the purpose of research. How many years passed from then?

There was neither Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Opera nor RealOne then.
Instead, there was only initial browsers, CERN and NCSA Mosaic.
It was very inconvenient that HTML Tables were displayed as a jungle, Japanese characters on HTML Form Buttons were unreadable.

Since the network speed was low, we had to use only small pictures or icons, and, moreover, we had to reduce used colors in an image to less than or equal to 8 colors.
I did not know where sites providing materials of pictures/icons/sounds were.

For digital cameras had not appeared, we had to use a scanner instead.
It costed more than 30 minutes containing retry or waiting..., and at last the OS (UNIX) consumed vast memory and become frozen.

On my homepage on the intranet (in Fujitsu Ltd.), 777 pages of contents are issued. The page view count reached to 310,000 hits.

The signboard of my homepage of those days,
which I like very much even now

This is the first personal homepage of ours:

- Japanese:
- English:

- Our motto is "Cool Pages, Hot Heart, and Eye Scales Drop."

- Our target is a site, filled with a unique personality, new software, new ideas and new business proposals.

- We will be pleased if the visitors could bring some new discovery or hints from our site.

- Never reproduce or republicate any work on this site without written permission.

- This page may be freely linked from your page. You need not notification to us or our acknowledgement.
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Thank you.


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