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How to shake off sleepiness  
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I invented the know-how to get rid of the daemon of sleepiness.

When you are so sleepy that you can not keep awake by "ordinary methods", such as chewing gum, drink, toilet or face washing,
or when you have to continue to sit on your seat,
or when you are sleepy though you must not fall asleep by any means,
you can use these emergency methods.

[Dropping Method]

It can use, when it is sleepy to the midst which is holding study, work, and the meeting and is troubled by it at the desk.
. which takes out an eraser -- if there is no it, what does not break even if it falls will be chosen
(Probably, a ball-point, a clip, etc. will be good . that is right although I have not done . in which especially the cigarette as for which the coin piled up 2 or 3 sheets and 封 are vacant may have effect)

the erasers, such as etc., are put on the place from which the edge of a desk is set about about a half, and it still does not fall

He once forgets an eraser.
you -- again -- sleepiness -- losing -- if it carries out . そ, it obtains, even if it pushes an eraser, and is made to set about just for a moment
you -- again -- sleepiness -- losing -- if it carries out . そ, it obtains, even if it pushes an eraser, and is made to set about just for a moment
The center of gravity will separate from a desk, while having repeated this several times.

At the moment, in the case of ., especially the eraser with which an eraser falls with ポ - ン, flies, and bounds on the bottom of a desk suddenly, if it flies to the more unexpected one and is interesting . classroom, conference room, and office It is so convenient that . not existing also flies gaily. [ of it being so shameful that it rolling in the center of the meeting desk located in a line with the character type of . ロ and the character type of ニ which may go at feet of . people who may fly to other seats and passages of people ]

you -- being surprised -- shameful -- becoming -- もぞ -- ぞ床 -- an eraser -- later on -- crawling -- surroundings measure . -- the time of being able to gather only enough and taking a seat -- already -- completely -- brains -- it becomes clear and, probably, the heart is also excitedly made moderate

A field of view spreads in the proof which awoke suddenly, and it understands that people's voice clarifies.
but the direction which dropping a mouse to a floor left -- certainly -- if it. broke, since an eye stops having awoke

[Question attack method]

This is the convenient method of using also at students or office workers.

You determine,

I ask one question at each period (meeting)!

then -- oh, it does not become sleepy by wonder and period (meeting) which must be sleepy

If you do, it is turned out immediately why it does not become sleepy.
Interest springs to advance of a period (meeting) with ぐ ー ん, and makes it it excitedly.
Other men's remark is worrisome in ヤケ.

It is most effective for the worst moment which a period (meeting) was spoiled if possible and became sleepy wholly to fly a sharp question with ガツーン.

"Is a question slightly good? it which was said now -- explaining a little more nearly plainly, since he thinks that it was incomprehensible -- ?"
But O.K.

since it turns out that a question flies to within a time absolutely, a teacher (chairman) who was a little slack also already shows "spare time" -- not having -- since it is "- with spare time", and バッサリ OFF れる touch when . mind loosens

a "reaction" of a classmate (company person) -- this -- moreover, it is interesting -- ふふふ

If a question which heaps up a period (meeting) is carried out, naturally your popularity will also go abruptly up.

Whether it is that it was a home run, . exciting [ that this was a wide swing, / making and recording a scorebook ], and unbearable at merit of a reaction of a teacher or a classmate (company person) rivals by . friend....

Let's choose sleepiest subject (meeting) and do from next time.
I was pleasant for one year, when inventing and using this question attacking method by period of the world history of a high school.

[Breath Stopping Method]

Please use at the critical moments "he is likely to repent throughout life if it sleeps here", such as before all-night study and all-night work, and a meeting.

When you are driving the car and sleepiness comes, please park a car at a safe place and use this way.

Then, it is made for a clock with the second hand to appear first.
Sonobe Lab's special stop watch below is also available.

seconds to measure

seconds left

it is very well -- it is .
Please breathe.
Yes, it stops.
It bears for 50 seconds then (useless, if it inhales, although you may breathe out).

Yes, please make it . comfort which finished.

How is it?
Probably, as for you, the head is clear like a lie in itself a while ago in only 50 seconds. [ of until ]
And it was filled and filled to useful volition and, probably, study and work have disguised themselves as the Bali Bali こなせる superman / super woman.

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