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How to open a plastic bag in a short time How to open a plastic bag in a short time  
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Even if the reverse side and the table of the plastic bag got in the store adhere exactly and twist with a finger, when not opening .... What does it carry out?

Since a finger can be wet when you buy by chance goods which become wet and have mind, such as frozen food, tofu, and pickles, it is lucky, is peevish and does not have ., either.
He has a dirty feeling, even if it has placed sponge and the dustcloth which were soaked in the store.
a finger -- a mouth -- Ž¼‚ç‚· -- "mean imitation" -- absolutely -- carrying out -- ‚½ -- or -- being troubled .... [ like ]
then, having invented -- "-- it pulls and is formality"

Like ÔŠÛ of a figure, two places left around two -10cm on the line of the mouth of a plastic bag are chosen.
a left hand -- a left point and a right hand -- a right point -- pinching -- it is going to open -- not being perpendicular -- it pulls in the direction which distance leaves along the surface in a bag

although the two places are the things whose edges of a plastic bag may just be going to be a straight line-like -- handbag one choosing two like a beach of a concave place, if it is the bag of type -- good .

If it pulls strongly, since it is a plastic bag, that will be extended partially.
then, good . lengthened. regardlessly just for a moment -- or it was extended about 0.2-1cm and growth ƒWƒ of ƒfƒRƒ{ƒR was made there . -- the -- about -- it is suitable

Since how to be extended with the surface and the back of a plastic bag is different when Siwa is made, a crevice is made.
What was closed when becoming like this

If the point of the center is shortly pinched from the both sides of the front reverse side, and it removes perpendicularly so that it may be usual, it will open with ƒpƒ‰ƒb and a sufficient feeling.

This method can be used for a large and small plastic bag, a garbage bag, ŽP‘Ü, etc.

a book -- "-- pulling -- formality" -- the known -- "-- it is made to become wet, and ends with decent action compared with formality", and there is the feature of being clean -- if it. gets used, it can do certainly more quickly

Please enjoy yourself.

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