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[NEWS RELAEASE] Web advertisement technology: KeyRelayAd [NEWS RELAEASE] Web advertisement technology: KeyRelayAd  
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Web Advertisement Technology: KeyRelayAd

June 15, 2003
Sonobe laboratory

     On June 15, 2003, Sonobe laboratory ( completed and released architecture of "key relay advertisement (KeyRelayAd)".
     The patent application of KeyRelayAd technology is also submitted on May 16.

     The level of web advertisement was such that fixed ads, random ads, or ads in the fixed field which had been registered to ad site were displayed.
     It was impossible to select ads and display them, dynamically fitting to visitor's interest.

     Therefore, it was a problem that visitors got bored with the monotonous ads,and was not interested in them, for the ads were not related to the currently viewed content at all.

Decline in the ratio to which a listing example is also no longer clicked easily and is called in advertisement a click view, a click slew rate, etc. has been a serious question.

For this reason, the currency of the click piece rate of across the board advertisement also fell, and it became the situation which is not preferable to the owner of an across the board website which offers an advertising place, either.

Conventionally, the technique called "keyword advertisement" or "paid listings" etc. used recently in AdWords by Google, Premium Linstings by Overture Services Inc. appears as a pioneer, and is just going to be commercialized as know how which changes web advertisement dynamically and is optimized with the interest of an access.

By such keyword advertisement, it is thought that an advertising service program inputs the keyword (host) which the visitor inputted into the search engine, optimum advertisement is displayed "on a retrieval result page" in consideration of the concern of the visitor who supplied the keyword (host), and it expresses as a character string or a picture.

Although keyword advertisement is new in respect of calling it advertising optimization, there are the following features.

- It is the market place of only the ad agency where advertising media call it a page as a result of a search engine, and tie up [ narrow ] with there [ a few / search engine operation company and there ] as a matter of fact in the world.

- . which displays advertisement on the stage where the document which a visitor still reads is not decided . by which the advertisement too early and displayed while there was the prior effect of making advertisement clicking ahead of the document to read for this reason, when action moved to the direction which reads the document which fulfills a visitor's question may be disregarded

The "key relay advertisement" which Sonobe laboratory devised lately differs from this for a while.
It is the structure of the script embedded to the displayed searched page relaying further the keyword (host) which the visitor inputted into the search engine to an advertising server, pulling out optimum advertisement from a data base in consideration of the concern of the visitor to whom the advertising server supplied the keyword (host), and answering a letter as a still picture, an animation, etc. into the searched page.

"Key relay advertisement" has the following features.

- A visitor is that the deep advertisement of relation is displayed on its present interest object, a question is solved by advertisement, or although it is not the present question, interest is excited in advertisement, and possibility that goods and service can be known and satisfied increases.

- Accounts are cheaper time, short time, and the small number of times of advertising exposure, and can increase the calling or purchase to a self-site because "the rate of a click" as which a visitor gets interested and regards advertisement becomes high.

- Since an ad agency is the more efficient advertising technique than before, if it is easy to propose to an account and a visitor and an effect goes up to them, comings in will go up it.

- Advertising media are very large things called the across the board web page searched from the search engine.
It is the open market place which can develop the advertising business of the gobs which had individuality by making into advertising media a web page called what 1 billion.

- Advertisement is displayed in the stage after deciding and perusing the document which a visitor reads.
Therefore, it is thought that possibility of concern moving and clicking in advertisement automatically after the action which reads or glances at the document which fulfills a visitor's question is large.

- When there are few advertising budgets, at the high fee of a search engine, what had given up advertisement can strike advertisement with the across the board web page extracted rather than it at a low price.
Moreover, I hear that advertisement can be struck to the group of a differential website, importance can be extracted, and the capitalization effect can be advanced.

- A contract of each site of an individual and an artificial person can be made with a favorite key relay advertising agency, and it can obtain much advertising revenue conventionally.

This know how has the big possibility as a business model of new advertisement.
Moreover, the route to the advertisement by which good rare expectation is carried out opens in the customer of an access by using together with the addition display know how by ComeTop(R) of the Sonobe Laboratory.
Aren't there any activities of your company a relationship with web advertisement?
If interest is leaned, please consult with this laboratory in a hurry by all means.

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Contacts: Masayuki Sonobe (Sonobe laboratory)

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