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[PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(1) [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(1)  

In mid-April, I came out of a public office. I felt I saw strange pine trees. I passed by the trees once, but I returned to the trees, since it was on my mind.

Oh, a lot of flowers were on the pine tree!

The next year, another beautiful pine tree with blossoms was found. --> * [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flower (Pine Tree Blossoms)(2)

BGM "Impromptu Op.90-2"

  Composed by : Franz Peter Schubert.
  Piano and MIDI by : HIROKO.

  - If the music do not start automatically,
stop the above, and then play the below:
  Copying or Re-distribution of this Work is Forbidden.

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