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Inventions and Patents of Sonobe Laboratory Inventions and Patents of Sonobe Laboratory  
     Hello, this is Sonobe Laboratory.   
     Here we explain the major patents, inventions and designs by Sonobe Laboratory.

- The rightful claimant of inventions in or after 2002 is Sonobe.
- The rightful claimant of inventions in or before 2001 is Fujitsu Ltd.
- Refer the patent database in the Patent Office servers of each country about the detail of the invention or co-inventors.
     You might know some of these inventions, for they were adopted to products.

Infrastructure System of fusion of information and physical distribution.

Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)

     Supposing this is not an interesting invention, what else could be an interesting invention?

     Goods will be automatically carried from door to door, and accounts will be automatically settled, so "the physical-distribution-version Internet" will be realized.

     This site has the special pages of CATS.
- published patent application No. 2000-357194.

- applied also in the U.S. (undisclosed)
System of fusion of biology and information

An information communication method, an information record method, an encoder and a decoder, utilizing bio-macromolecules for communication medium or record medium
Nichname: Bio-memory and Bio-communication.

     Could you store all the data in the world in 0.1 inch cube?
     A dream of nanotechnology has took one step to reality.

     This site has the special pages of Bio-memory and Bio-communication.
- Japan Patent No. 4102157.
(2008. 3.28)

Software (Network Service, Elecronic Commerce, Software Engineering, Operating Systems and Security)

Additional object display method, and program, script, plug-in, tag, image,data, object, content, advertisement and documents to display additional object.
Nickname: ComeTop(R).

     This technology performs an additional display in the Web pages and so on when such judge result is true "where the refferrer of the accessed page is?".
     For example, it displays the top page in another new window as well as the accessed non-top page, only when a non-top page is accessed from some search engine result page.

     Thanks to the technology, view of most visitor is improved and they flow from the top of the site along the site owner's desire.
     The effect for traffic up (access up) is wonderful.
     The top page window can be emerged behind the viewed page window humbly.

     This site has the special pages of ComeTop(R).
- Japan Patent No. 4522664.
(2010. 6. 4)
- PCT applied.
- Trademark ComeTop(R) Registered Trademark in Japan: number 2003-.

- Trademark ComeTop(R) Registered Trademark in Japan: number 2003-.

Additional object display method, and program, script, plug-in, tag, image,data, object, content, advertisement and documents to display additional object.
Nickname: KeyRelayAd.

     The viewed page requires an advertisement to an advertiment server with a parameter of the retrieval keyword(s), which has been attacched to the referrer information.
     Then, the advertising server returns an advertisement, deeply related to the retrieval keyword(s), to display.

     Very effective advertisement fitting the retrieval queries is possible, not in the search result pages but in the document pages in each Web site.
     The KeyRelayAd for displaying optimal search key dependent ads is expected to be a novel core technology of new business.

     This site has the special pages of keyrelayad.
- Japan Patent No. 4522664.
(2010. 6. 4)
- PCT applied.

Connectable Directory Inquiries System and Method
Nickname: Connectable Directory Inquiries System.

     This technology is an extra function to connect the customer's telephone/terminal readily to the recipients' telephone/terminal after number guidance.
     This is advanced from the directory assistance service of telephone/terminal, etc.
- patent application number 2003-110615,

Electronic market and terminals
Nickname: SocialwareLand.

     The application text describes my idea of mediating the goods price up and down automatically according to selling pace on the online shop.
- published patent application number H08-249387,
in which the major inventor is Mr. Motoo Masui.

Software work tool
Nickname: Softrobot.

     A softrobot is line a simulated Systems Engineer (SE), a simulated programmer or simulated operator, who shares development or operation of software.

     For example, there are "numbering designer robo", "numbering operator robo." and "error message system designer robo".

     Each softrobot has specialized knowledge, utilizes software, and be able to co-operate each other to carry out software work.

     Like President Lincoln, I declare that
Softrobot is the software, of the software, by the software, for the software.
- U.S. Patent No. 5,377,309

- Japan Patent No. 2874032.

- applied to 5 countries.

Data input/output control system
Nickname: Excel Batch.
Function name at FUJITSU GS/M series : Excel Batch
Product name at FUJITSU GS/M series : PDCF (= Parallel Data Control Facility)

   * Global Server - MSP Operating System [PDF format]

     The continual computer processing of a large amount of data in company and so on is called "batch processing".

     Excel facility is a function realized by my design and proposal in the company, which enables pipe parallel processing on the job control of main frame computer operating systems.
     Excel Batch has demonstrated excellent effect of shortening their batch processing time and sort processing time, for example, from 18 hours to 6 hours, and from 5 hours to 2 hours.
     The processes had taken several hours even by large-scale mainframe computers. Excel Batch was "the Savior" for many customers who are suffered from lack of time.
     The computing center of your company might be using Excel Batch.
- U.S. Patent No. 5,404,520

- Japan Patent No. 2109477.

- applied to 8 countries.

- Fujitsu Laboratories President Prize 1990 was won.

Overlay control system by sharing virtual storage space
Nickname: virtual input/output.
Facility name at FUJITSU OS product: VIO (= Virtual Input Output).

     File can be resident efficiently on the virtual memory using virtual storage control of the operating system and hardware.

     In addition, the files are acceccible from multiple users (jobs).
     The VIO technology is very useful to shorten the execution time of programs.
- Japan Patent No. 1376593.

personal confirming method
Nickname: putting the time off at password error

     Even if some wicked person tries various candidates of password of other person, this mechanism controls to make the re-inputable time longer and longer everytime he fails, for instance, 1 second, 2 seconds, 4 seconds and 8 seconds, ..., so he hardly successes by chance.
     The internal information used for carrying out this control is protected even if the wicked person turns the power off and on.
- published patent application No. S62-219162, No. H05-204766.

Secret information protection system
Nickname: security lock of Netbike.

     When you shut the lid of the computer or the telephone line is extracted from the computer, a password lock is carried out or a confidential information is automatically eliminated so that other person may access the confidential information in the computer.
- U.S. Patent No. 6,167,519

- Japan Patent No. 3305737.

- applied to 6 countries.
Computer hardware

Grade-variable Computer
     Originally, when the customer need a computer with higher performance, he must buy it and replace the old computer by it.

     Moreover, some customers must have both computers temporarily to keep the service alive continuously (juxtaposition) .
     So, the change of computers took much space, time and labor.

     To solve the problem, I developed a new technology to make the clock frequency variable by switch.
     According to the contract with the customer and the manufacturer, the computer performance can be set on the actual location.
     The character is expressed as "Field Upgradable", do you know?

     Mainframe computers adopting this invention may be running in the computer center of your company.
- Japan Patent No. 1445291.

- The "Invention Prize of Kantou Electric Association" in Japan was won in 1991.

Floatingly Connectable Channel Unit
     The mainframes which read and write magnetic disks have to make the channel units control transferring data. The channel units are located between the computer and the disk units.

     However, in case of systems like bank, which have a large amount of data, dozens of channel units are necessary, each of which is responsible to several disk units.
     If you skimp on channel units and the number of responsible disk units per channel unit turns to be too large, or if you underestimate the data amount, an accident of performance lacking and even transaction failing might occur.
     But, the channel unit is so expensive that they cannot purchase so many units.

     As a solution, I developed a system that all the channel units are connected to a switch and are switchable.
     In the system, any free channel unit out of all channel units can be used, when the computer commands read/write to the magnetic disk, and when the magnetic disk reports its read/write completion to the computer.

     Owing to this technology, the number of the margin channel units may be less than before.
     Also, even if a temporary increase of data takes place, the throughput of the system will not decline.
- Japan Patent No. 1311388.

Shared resource control processing system
Nickname: SRCP (= Shared Resouce Control Processing Unit).

     When a plurality of computers share a magnetic disk, if the database is updated disorderly, an updating omission of the content would occur.

     In order to prevent this, a dedicated device which manages occupancy is made. It is connected with the computers.

     This equipment keeps an updating request which came later waiting for a while, and then gives notice of turning to be free.

     In the company I belonged to, their commercial product adopted a system that computers communicates in order to contorl shared resources.
     So, this invention contains products of the rival firms.
- Japan Patent No. 1551546.
Technology for household electric appliances

Nickname : Plop Plug.

     Is is bothersome to pull out plugs of vacuum cleaners and so on from the wall socket?
     If you pull the code directly, it would cause fire, because the electric wire is damaged.

     If you use this Plop Plug, you push a switch on the appliance, and the plug push and separate itself from the wall socket.

     The Plop Plug is very suitable for appliances carried from room to room, such as oscilloscopes, soldering irons, a CD/radio cassette recorders, hair driers, etc.

     It is also convenient for alliances in office in which everyone must pull out the plug from the socket at night, such as fluorescent light stands, personal computers, printers, scanners, etc.
- Japan Utility model specification: Unexamined utility model specification number S58-099783.

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