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How to duplicate (copy) a graph on Excel How to duplicate (copy) a graph on Excel  
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To you who make a graph from Excel of Microsoft (Microsoft Corp.)

In some cases, I want whether to copy the graph made one in the same sheet, and to make the graph with one [ same ] more.
I also reproduce in advance in preparation for failure, also when changing the appearance of a graph sharply.
Moreover, a duplicate is first copied [ the time of wanting to also make the graph of another style from the same data, and ] to the beginning to make the graph of the same style from another data.

however, the tool of other Microsoft Corp. -- being different -- a graph -- choosing -- a copy (Ctrl-C) -- sticking (Ctrl-X) -- it is not reproduced even if it carries out

. which may not react at all whether the program of Excel lapses into an endless loop at the moment of carrying out this operation although it will be based on a version, not to mention it, -- if it becomes so -- the task manager of Windows -- starting -- an application tab -- the task of Excel -- choosing -- task termination -- pushing -- time -- sushi -- being lost . -- the work updated by Excel in this case -- useless -- becoming -- heavy-loss damage ....

Then, as to what it should carry out, it will be O.K., if the graph is chosen and it drags with a mouse (lower figure).

After moving to a location to push a drug, i.e., a left button, on and set a graph new as it is, it is detaching a left button.
A graph becomes less dreadful now.

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