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Summary of ComeTop Summary of ComeTop's advantages  
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iComeTopj 's -- operative bulk is as the article of a before having described in detail, and is progressing by leaps and bounds compared with known know how

iComeTopj and a reasonable and easy addition display are realized.
It is suitable for guiding a web visitor to a top page etc. especially.

iComeTopj If it depends, the flow of the huge traffic which is introduced from a search engine etc. and reaches the non-top page of a website will not be made to finish there.
And it guides to an object site operation person recommended [ a top page, a menu, a goods sight page, advertisement, etc. ].
consequently, reasonable contact of a website and a visitor can be boiled markedly and it can increase

Further iComeTopj if it applies to advertisement (refer to Sonobe Lab's Key Relay Advertisement), the advertisement chosen or optimized based on the keyword is simultaneous to the interesting inner part or the "interesting" exterior of an object which the visitor already chose by the search engine, the link collection, etc. -- or it is displayed almost simultaneously
It is expected that the odds for advertisement to often be perused increase and an advertising effectiveness goes up greatly from this point.

iComeTopj It is the new hand method do not see a kind also while , the various display technique at the Internet by the present, and the advertising technique have been invented one after another.

It is from a visitor to the pop-up advertisement which comes out even if it carries out displacement in a site now.
"A window is hidden and it interferes,"
It is "troublesome [ erasing ]."
There was an intense thing in the voice to say.
It was guessed from there.
"Furthermore, isn't anger of a visitor caused if it is taking out each time at every access in big windows, such as a top page?"
simplex guess . to say -- the place which broke it -- an effect -- there is a key of the novelty of this greatest invention

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