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[PHOTO] Terrible Taxi [PHOTO] Terrible Taxi  
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Just as it takes a taxi in an open space in front of S station and sees a driver's seat,
"‚±‚θ‚α -- ‚Α" in big trouble
It was not able to get down from considered . by fear.

It was surprised that television in a passenger seat turned to and attached a driver's seat also by taxi taken a number of years.
A driver of a taxi was operating a movie with ƒ`ƒ‰ƒ`ƒ‰ Œ© to pick me up and run a highway.

if a driver thinks that he changed to a baseball relay broadcast after a while -- already -- television -- holding on -- it was . -- "-- occasionally -- a front -- seeing -- " -- it was operating
I live and return and think that I was good.

a taxi of this S station -- a top [ it ] -- carrying out -- ‚Δ‚’ . looking -- like -- a driver's seat -- television -- "enshrinement -- better -- furthermore -- " -- it is
A front road is whether to be visible.
a photograph of evidence also photographed . out of which I came nervously and which was carried out in this way until it arrived at a destination in several minutes

. which a more fearful taxi also had -- or [ I carry out the talk ]

It is the taxi of yellow YC which gathered in the city of Tokyo for going home.
It decided to return using . highway which was summer or is regarded also around 6:00 p.m. as still bright.
as good measure . as geography not understanding it by newcomer yet although a driver's age is before and after 30 .... over which is running about loiteringly and time passes vainly
I had you go to the Tokyo station first because it would not know what it should be made to ride at high speed -- if it. carries out . which considered what toward a station from Horihata's crossing, or began to advance into the "right" of a median strip . oncoming car which is a head-on collision course comes this from a front -- it is. panicked, and I pointed out and had the right course turn

Probably, a succession vehicle and an oncoming car will be dreadful surely, since right-turn directions will not be issued, either but it will turn to the right with ƒYƒ‹ƒb suddenly, without also carrying out a stop at a crossing.
Since an accelerator is thoroughly puffed with an automatic, it is set to about 100km/h in several seconds after a stop.
A map also extends on a handle . deer which takes out a map with a run and it begins to see.
Not to mention ƒGƒCƒ„ and high speed which rode go to my house, is it said . opposite side which was the line which goes to a workshop?
It is what if it requests to be amazed and to once get down from high speed....
A car tends to be stopped at left-hand side which does not have a highway anything, and it is going to open a map on a handle.
cars 80km [ or more ]/h, such as a heavy-duty truck from back of a taxi which has stopped cooly since it is a line with much traffic, -- one after another
"ƒ“[[[ƒrƒ…ƒ“ƒb, ƒ“[[[ƒrƒ…ƒ“ƒb"
It flies so that a fish may change the body.
Thought whether to die, hurried a better seed . driver, and it was made to depart anyhow, and was made to get down for [ at this time ] several seconds at the next outlet.
Since high speed has already become fearful in me
"Please carry out by general road."
It is continuation of sudden acceleration, a sudden slowdown, sudden right-turn, and sudden left turn, looking at a map, if it says.
or [ being followed and flooded with a house in case of "at this rate when ] . which is not understood -- if it carries out by accident, arrive forever -- or [ that there is nothing ] .... "

I am as the ability to come having seen a telephone booth as it is happy.
"Since it became late and a house must be telephoned, it comes down."
It said, and "perfectly", a fee was paid and it got down from it.
A driver
since it is waiting until "telephone ends -- pleasing -- "
‚Ζ -- although said -- whom -- waiting -- I will not have you .

When I got off only enough in this way in an unknown town, it had grown dark completely.

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