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[PHOTO] Lucky Tree Flowers (Lucky Tree Blooms) [PHOTO] Lucky Tree Flowers (Lucky Tree Blooms)  
The object of these photographs is Dracaena fragrans cv.`Massangeana', which is called also, "lucky tree, lucky plant, happy tree and happy plant. (I don't know which is correct and incorrect, strictly.)".

One day something happened to the lucky tree, of which a friends of mine had been taking good care...

These are letters of the rare bloom.

Feb. 22 Suddenly a bud emerged. "Does the lucky tree bloom really? "

Feb. 28 The tree began to give out good fragrance, and to drip sweet honey.

Mar. 3 Many buds.

Mar. 15 It was pleasure that the tree was likely to bloom soon.

Mar. 16 It bloomed!

Mar. 16 The lucky tree showed the most fascinating figure in its lifetime!

I heard that the lucky tree bloomed every night till about Mar. 27.

I was also encouraged very much by the bloom, thanks.

BGM "A Dearm of Love (Liebestraum)"

  Composed by : Franz Liszt.
  Piano and MIDI by : HIROKO.

  - If the music do not start automatically,
stop the above, and then play the below:
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