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Hiccup game  
* This page is made by "machine translation" program from Japanese to English.

It is the original play invented at the time of a junior high school.

. those who are doing a hiccup at worst are [ . ] necessity one person

Therefore, . which cannot be referred to as being able to play at any time playing

1. Number and Age

if there are one or more persons who guess and enjoy themselves, it can play (that is, those who are hiccupping -- one person -- it can do also for fun)
A match will be made if there are two or more persons (the person in question who is hiccupping can also participate).

Those who those who apply age are more than the small children (about [ 3 years old ] ?) by whom a number is counted, and hiccup also OK a 0 or more years-old . cat or a dog.

2. How to Play

The timing by which the next hiccup comes is guessed and countdown is carried out.

Mr. A
Mr. A
................ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

. which is a hit when a hiccup comes almost together with the moment of finally calling it "0" The immediately next round starts for the purpose of the next hiccup.

It will become the following touch if two persons are doing countdown [ simultaneous ].

Mr. A
Mr. B
-- 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0......5,
4 3 .... ‚€‚£‚£
Mr. C
................ 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
0 .... ‚ν - Be.

Mr. C who guessed becomes a victory.

In the middle of . which must say the number reduced at 1 second per every ‚Β if countdown is begun, if reduce a number or more by two, a pace is changed or a number is enlarged, it will not arrange.
"-- now -- what -- ‚Η‚« -- it is -- ? -- " -- ‚Ζ -- hearing it -- a number -- flying -- etc. -- a comic story -- "-- the time -- buckwheat-noodles" -- it is not -- since -- being useless .

. high-tech prohibition which must not be done while referring to a clock, a pulse, etc.

Although it may begin to call it "13, 12, 11" immediately after thinking "it is likely to come after 13 seconds", since change is not allowed in the middle of . which is O.K. even if that is not right and it begins to call it "10, 9" after 3 seconds, it thinks well.

And . which will total the number of victories and will determine victory or defeat if a hiccup stops

3. How it is interesting

A hiccup reliance game could be called treasury of fun as follows.

  1. a physiological phenomenon can be played ... It's interesting! .

  2. a surrounding man's curious eye . (‚Ε‚ΰ . which will be ƒqƒ“ƒVƒ…ƒN if it does in a train etc.)

  3. a hiccup currently regarded as coming periodically about 1 law comes an unfixed cycle unexpectedly ... It's interesting! .

  4. if those who are hiccupping participate and it will say whether a person in question hits most, such a thing cannot be found, and it separates from it unexpectedly, and it is completely twisting the head ... It's interesting! .

  5. since a hiccup came out -- this play -- remembering -- "-- I will do -- I will do -- " -- ‚Ζ -- it begins confusedly ... It's interesting! . -- rising -- ‚Δ -- a frame frame -- although it is waiting for the next, even if the next hiccup waits, it also stops waiting to it, and a game disintegrates in mid-air after all to it ... It's interesting! .

  6. a hiccup is cured in an ironical thing at the rhythm which the person in question who was hiccupping hiccupped, laughing, or was laughed for other men, and got angry, or began to shed tears with ƒƒb ... It's interesting! .

Supplement: How to stop hiccupping
Warm your back, abdomen, hands and foot by putting a blanket or a quilt.
If the hiccupping does not stop yet, take a bath.

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