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Access Up Tool ComeTop for such sites! Access Up Tool ComeTop for such sites!  
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     Here is a good news for people as follows!

     For those, Sonobe Laboratory has invented and has developed a tool to increase Web access by a novel mechanism.
     We released a new software ComeTop A 1.0 on 2004-03-03 (for Japanese Language only), based on the invention.

Since he wants to increase traffic of a homepage, please give the hint of a success.

Why doesn't the traffic of a homepage increase?

Now we have made a website. If we register the website URL in search engines, will the numbers of visitors increase, and will the access-up realized?

Although registered with the search engine for the time being, if it carries out the back, what can an access rise (access up) be carried out?

Although it is advertising agency, if it carries out, how does advertising exposure increase sharply to each site?

Although contents were registered into . search engine (search engine) increased gradually, the directory, the mail magazine (mail magazine), and the mutual link in large numbers so that . access which is the administrator of a homepage might be lengthened and a counter rise might be carried out, aren't there any good software which . access which is not raised so that it may consider increases, and attains 1 million counts, tool, and tips?

although it has registered with famous search engines (search engine), such as Google, Yahoo!, goo, excite, and nifty, . without the quite satisfactory number of accesses of a top page -- please teach me how to access and raise by leaps and bounds

the number of . accesses which started HP (homepage) of a company lately -- increasing -- a client -- "crowded much" -- is there "any know how of customer gathering"? [ like ]

If the renewal frequency of a homepage is advanced, does a user visit and do access frequency and access frequency go up automatically?

more nearly full in a friend, although he wanted to extend a friend's ring and a diary, a guest book, BBS, and the chat are set -- increase -- aren't there any idea or know how which become the access rise measure of . immediate effect in which the rental counter was installed so that the number of times of . access to carry out and carry out the upswing in access might be known?

The caller of homepage wants to convert so that a great rush may be carried out, and to carry out an access rise sharply.

. whose visitor who comes to the store does not increase although goods are arranged and the shopping mall is done -- what kind of work should . network shopping to which it carries out leisurely and is deserted just carry out for becoming busier and prospering explosively?

. the number of accesses is [ . ] leveling off when the counter is seen although a mutual link, banner commutation, access ranking participation, homepage contest participation, HP advertisement notice board writing, mail magazine printing, PARUPUNTE (in Japanese), and the web ring (web ring) were given order per way -- isn't there any effective implement which lengthens access more?

Although the inner homepage is advertized by the some other homepage using a banner, how should it do to make . visitor whose visitor does not increase easily increase rapidly?

Isn't there any upswing strategy in access which increases the number of times of a display as does not spoil the mood of . customer who wants to make the site which the visitors gather rightly and becomes ad and advertisement?

Isn't there any blind spot in the conventional various upswing measures in access yet? Isn't there any wonderful solution which becomes the access rise of a homepage with new know how?

Although the access counter is installed in a top page Since those whom the caller who comes to pages other than a top page by finding it with . search engine a trouble does not increase [ search engine ] so that a calling count may consider comes also by . which also carries out mind which is from a search engine have many people who finish without seeing a top page and other pages In order for there to be no - or to double the amount of . accesses, isn't it necessary to act as such a visitor somehow?

Although the investigation of . keyword which the charged service which the tips made into the popular homepage which is as fashion analyze the access log which is not unsatisfactorily understood something, and of which . enrollment was done, and analyzes the keyword searched with a search engine also has becomes a reference Even if it only increases a keyword and a document, I want those who follow from the top page of a homepage and look at sundry contents to support some approvement methods for the upswing in . access not increasing.

although it comes about a retrieval robot and for full access, there are many the visitors (unfamiliar customer) of one access among the visitors who search to a retrieval site and come to a homepage -- what should it carry out for coming out, being peevish, increasing . repeater, and raising access frequency?

. to which those who also follow very much . currently offered on the frame like a side bar and the site map from a top page since . raw materials which are the owner of a homepage, MIDI and a photograph, animation, and . menu sight that is useful and offers much information are heavy when it is put on a homepage are troubled by few situations -- since he wants to know the know-how of the good way of making, and how to write, please help

Where will be the reservation of the "expert" of a homepage who is proud of the number of times of access of tens of thousands of . times which consider the upswing great work game in access? It will teach, if there is a secret to which, as for a what 10,000-page breakthrough or a great success like 1 million page views, the number of hits of HP increases the number of accesses 10 times also as a dream.

Is it advertising as registration acting of a homepage? Although there is also charged service, since . top page to which its number of access counts of a top page does not increase even if . which the free automatic registration software that bulk bloc registration can be easily carried out in one shot by itself also has is also truly useful or is registered into . search engine, a search engine, and a directory has little keyword, is it unavoidable? It is good in solving this question and the new know how which can carry out an access rise being invented.

Although he thought whether an access rise could be carried out when making it a homepage come out on a high order by the search engine, please let me know the final edition of the upswing in . access whose access count does not increase at all.

webmaster of an enterprise (webmaster) . with signs that the number of the counter of a homepage and the utilization factor of the shopping which must have been lonely and must have been prosperous are extended although it is . network which is a person in charge, and the office which expands a market place using WWW -- please introduce the key [ access up / . former which it is ordered to carry out a counter rise somehow / key / like a lie ]

Since .HTML which is sovereignty can be written if the number of accesses is raised from the contents of . potluck which are always gazing at the counter which it is glad that . reference of is done [ which is a life for a homepage to find activities in a network ], and it seldom goes up although it is working by SOHO (being home), please teach me a method.

the customer who we became a sponsor and has struck pop-up banner advertising and who clicks it and refers to the website of - although kicked us little [ unexpectedly ] . -- although there are more page views of the site of us in fact, big failure hung too much the advertising expenses which do not come to a top page -- there is no countermeasure against . or banner advertising of . pop-up wants to send the ad which will be disliked by the customer or leans . favorable impression

If . click of is done, an access rise will be carried out [ to which a mutual link page, a web ring, and the visitor that come to HP from Harbot (notes: Harbot is the registered mark of the Sony Communications Network Corporation) remain in an access of the page, and they do not click the link to a top page (HOME) ] more.

the word "search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization)" recently -- hearing it -- if various countermeasures of .SEO are implemented, is it true in the ability of the full purchase (traffic up) of the traffic (traffic) from a search engine to a homepage to be carried out? Saying that it is good, if it puts much keyword into a top page as ‚¾ if too busy, or it is not contradictory in taking display time and being disliked by the visitor (becoming heavy) etc. . -- ‚ , if it is made light and a keyword decreases the visitor does not come from a search engine . -- only by those who come from a search engine, look at only 1 page of a top subordinate's pages of a top subordinate, and instead perform them somewhere also by . currently very written on the volume of SEO that what is necessary is just substantial rapidly Although the number of accesses of a site is far from a ƒOƒ“ƒOƒ“ ‘‚¦‚é ideal ....

Although it is advertising agency, isn't there any idea of new business? When [ at which the business model of the final edition that an advertising effectiveness is extended wonderfully is looked for ] . access of is done, supposing the know how which can choose and display apt ad on an account site is developed, it is pleased also with a client and sovereignty.

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