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The Epoch-making Paper of Common Automatic Transport System CATS The Epoch-making Paper of Common Automatic Transport System CATS  
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"An Information Processing Society of Japan user-oriented information system symposium
Collection of papers pp.83-90" (5-December 6, 1996 Tokyo Shibuya Kokugakuin University)

Common Automatic Transport System: CATS,
a Novel Infrastructure of the 21-st Century Informatized Society    *1

*1  Masayuki Sonobe

Institute for Social Information Science, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

    A a new concept of Common Automatic Transport System (CATS) is presented.
    CATS, which cooperates with the information communication network, conveys goods from a person to a person, cheaply, softly and securely.
    CATS could be the physical distribution version of Internet, so the existing information processing technologies are applicable.
    We show the issues and solutions for CATS.
    Technologies, such as cooperation with the electronic commerce, horizontally keeping mechanism, automatic locking, and goods authentication, are effective.

1. Introduction

People are one of those which are useful only using information.
(. which will not be useful if there is also no bread)
The arrears of a way of physical distribution are likely to become a bottle-neck among the streams of information, money, a man, and thing. :

    (1) Informational stream -- . which can access large information now by explosive way in an information communication Network in an instant -- us -- the architecture of the shape in the "virtual world -- actual social -- data world" Socialware It proposes. [1] , useful 3-dimensional virtual city Digital City It is building. [2]

    (2) Stream [ of money ] -- Sign Certification [3], Cybermoney E-market The know how of , grew up. SocialwareLand [4] It also has an automatic advance in prices / price reduction from evaluation of は and the goods which sold.

    (3) Stream [ of people ] -- There is new traffic of uninhabited motion, such as Yurikamome. Intelligent transport system ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) The Public Works Research Institute, the Ministry of Construction, and an AHS research association carry out 244 billion-dollar (about 27 trillion yen) capitalization of the . U.S. in 20 years during an investigation. [5]

    (4) physical distribution -- Examination of the end of the 1980s, and a city planning project [6] It conceived of the distribution system which includes deep subterranean utilization inside ten or more. Interconnection is possible for three sorts in [7] . present investigation. :
    - Terminal physical distribution in a block country (The Building Research Institute, the Ministry of Construction, collection delivery system study group of the commodities in [ of 12 companies ] an area) -- the city environmental issue study group of six companies proposed Logistics LAN [7] They are an underground terminal for construction . tracks, and each building underground about automatic conveyance Networks, such as a linear tube, in the basement of the business district before and behind が基礎 .4 block. Collection-and-delivery depository (deposit) and each floor are connected and common collection delivery is performed with a roll box with an electronic key. [8, 9, 10]

    - New distribution system in a city (The Public Works Research Institute, the Ministry of Construction, new distribution system government-and-people joint research) It is 2t electricity track about -- trunk road underground. DMT Dual Mode Truck is an uninhabited run. [11]

    - New distribution system between cities (同) DMT is an uninhabited run (a plan is made by second Tomei God) at 100 km/H about -- highway underground or a central belt. [11]
    The underground beltway to which between 10 post offices is otherwise connected with the new municipal waste transport system of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry system, and the linear automatic train of 70 km/H Tokyo L-NET plot [12] etc. -- although the uninhabited mail subway (1927-) of existing . London is famous, because the city centralization of a foreign country is light, a physical distribution automation plot is not conspicuous

the above-mentioned present project which left the sense of crisis of "coming in a city backup, environment disruption, and a short of hand to a deadlock if physical distribution increases at this tune" -- "-- first -- individual traffic business -- it is -- coming -- " -- it is . leading role is an electric track, and the automatic conveyance system is closed for every area, and does not have a norm

however, . in which a carrier, on the other hand, has the necessity of the circulation constitution betterment which utilizes information communication know how, such as CALS (Commerce At Light Speed, commercial transaction of the velocity of light), also for . consumer who has computerized [ optimization / package follow up / delivery ], a producer, and a channeler inside -- there -- the consolidation of a partial optimal solution -- another The optimal solution of a social total The method of an idea

around 2010 -- 1 -- the international and work time ---like Borderless A magacompetition community, 2 Environmental deterioration The community which cannot live easily due to aging, and three life styles were diversified. Date of 個 it is predicted that it comes to be alike

the past 15 years and mail -- an annual rate of 4.3% [12] and the parcel have been extended and the door-to-door delivery service has been extended at 16% 12%. [13] . . whose motion of people becomes blunt in aging while upgrowth of information communication accelerates increase of needs of 個 from now on, consequently physical distribution -- especially Mail order business Multi-frequency smallness lot transportation の needs increase rapidly.

Is . transportation which a backup, environment disruption, and a short of hand aggravate truly high, and do . commodity prices which become late go up, and can it respond to explosive upgrowth of an information style by the modal shift to . railroad to which life and management become painful, ITS, and the new distribution system? Japan Circulation margin It says [ that が多く is occupied, commodity prices are high, clothing is 1.5 times the U.S. and food is twice even now ]. [14]

2. Solution

According to the law of inertia, and the axiom of dynamic energy conservation, if there is no cost of friction, resistance, a collision, transformation, etc., the summation of the energy which conveyance to the same advanced spot takes will be 0.

If duration can also use an object for the straight line tunnel between the arbitrary 2 spots on the earth without "dropping" and cost of 加減速 by gravity R: The radius of the earth, the density (it is assumed that it is fixed) of rho:earth, mass of M:earth, G : 10,000 owner gravitation quorum It is referred to as *2. . which can be conveyed between parts -- it seems that high transportation is physically paid because of friction although merely

When thought like this, door to door was consistent. Automatic conveyance system When it could make efficiently, when the things became good, they formed the assumption considerably.

It is なら at any rate. Amalgamation of an information style and physical distribution for applying to physical distribution . information handling which realizes fine service which is not in a known new physical distribution plot, making full use of . computer curb aimed at until, and conveys many items of goods -- data -- an article -- a transmission -- conveyance -- と . logistics LAN which will become a hint if language is replaced
[7] if the の命名 method teaches -- us -- " physical distribution Internet " -- it conceives

* 2(Web notes) "M : since the mass of the earth and G:10,000 owner gravitation quorum" had fallen out, it compensated.

3. Concept of CATS

The general public automatic conveyance system which unites an information style and physical distribution CATS *3 (CommonAutomatic Transport System) The concept was designed.

Fig. 1: Overview of CATS

* Not three (original notes) brand but the concept name for an argument
You may read.

3.1 Definition of CATS

CATS は -- " Information communication It cooperates and lays in the air etc. among the underground of a country, the ground, and the sea. Conveyance frame It is alike and they are a tenement, a business corporation, a store, the post of general public, etc. more. Terminal since -- it is shipped Article It is the system conveyed to the terminal of an address" (
Fig. 1 ). ).

. building which connects a factory, a warehouse, a merchandising business corporation, a store, house and home, a refuse disposal place, etc. with a conveyance frame, and transports an article is the Internet / CATV / exclusive net. Information communication Network But it is connected and shopping, work, study, and play can be performed.

CATS It connects with an automatic apparatus and automation of the whole physical distribution is advanced. : Automatic warehousing According to an order, a goods host is taken out from an inventory. Picking system To a freight car Loading and a product wholesale machine Nest storing / dissolution machine Automatic order / supplement machine The supplement from (it can use by rice or toilet paper also at house and home) and a their company warehouse and order at a purchase place are performed automatically. Automatic rack An article can be sent and received in the street. CATS The post of general public . Help is not Needed for Goods Supplement and Bill Collection. Perfect vending machine など

3.2 Structure and Typical Operation of CATS
    (1) Entry -- User CATS An establishment is employed. Undertaker A contract of utilization is made and it installs in a user side. Terminal It draws and a cost of equipment, a cost of construction, etc. of a line are paid. CATS A Network ( Fig. 2 ) is entered.

    Fig. 2: Structure of CATS

    (2) Estimated -- Forwarder It is a は terminal screen etc. Motion curb office OCS . address which tells conveyance conditions to (Operation Control Station) is a payee. CATS address Also from . telephone number come out of and directed, and the address Conversion to a CATS address is possible. . Course is Planned. A quoted rate and time it が示 -- if . request of is done, a contract will be concluded and a mailing cost will be settled

    (3) Shipment -- It was suitable for the article. Capsule Cart An article is stored in . capsule which (carrier) is assigned and comes from a pool or a railway, and it is a capsule. Locking It carries out and is locking combination to a cart. Mount By carrying out . to carry out, if only a capsule is set settled in a terminal, an empty cart will come, and it is a capsule. Automatic mount Only while [ which removes . capsule which leave by carrying out, and can be kept ] having. Separated Guarantee charge を預 or る

    although a bar code is sufficient if it is only ID of . capsule / cart which OCS recognizes ID of a cart and a capsule and manages the whereabouts correctly -- bar code of existing standard-of-bar-code-symbol-for-dispatch-unit-code ITF or a par physical distribution label [15] . which cannot specify the conveyance as a meaning -- it is there and non-contacting reading and writing are possible Electronic tag [16] Equip a を capsule / cart and OCS controls the location of . cart with which . personal digital assistant with Conveyance ID, and an address and others can also read slip information. the flow control nearby based on [ . this gentleman which suppresses the autonomy by the side of a cart prevents discrepancy with actualities, and ] a course curb -- in order to prevent substitution of exact . capsule and cart -- a principal -- certification know how [3] an article -- applying -- OCS pair A cart / capsule / terminal verifies a partner mutually. Object Authentication, an article certification function ).

    (4) Conveyance -- If those who perform 開錠 and a contents identification for assurance, returns, dealings certification, etc. are specified Third party course If there are a tie up, a bar, disaster, capsule multiplexing, and an absence, displacement, refusal, acting and a shift of a payee during . conveyance to carry out A course is changed dynamically. A . quality maintenance carried out sake, Arrival time limit time A が迫った case, it treats urgently and returns, forwarder indication waiting, 保冷 warehouse evacuation, etc. are directed.

    (5) Receipt -- It is kept waiting outside and an arrival cart is usually in a payee's terminal. Arrival advices in order to prevent . spoofing by which . (E-mail -- the same) receipt indication carried out can be performed always, and a cart comes into a terminal -- the principal, a payee, -- after a certification success and a capsule Unmount. / 開錠 が becomes possible. Autolock function ). Collection of bill For . forwarder performed at the moment of はこ The action of the completion of conveyance が行われる

3.3 Characteristics of the CATS Network

    (1) -- which is a public network CATS In the area which a conveyance way covers, population and an organization can carry out automatic conveyance of the article among each other.

    (2) -- which is a lifeline CATS It is at the disaster time to . contrary which also transports は食料 and medicine and becomes a lifeline like electricity or a water service and for which the whole area will be paralyzed if it. Stops, and a carriage must be substituted with people. CATS It becomes the precious supply route of が動いていれば, drinking water, firefighting water, food, apparel, and medicine.

    (3) -- which is CA (City Automation) It is automation of traffic / transportation function of a street.

    (4) CATS -- which can do Shopping Electronic commerce cooperation function つ: . electronic commerce which people answer an information communication Network and make carry out price reckoning of the . result which receives items of goods and address information from the information communication Network which shopped by the virtual shopping mall etc., and is certainly sent finely quickly at a low price from a real store or a warehouse also with articles of daily use, fresh goods, and a dish CATS の相乗効果 was produced and the present common sense was exceeded. Super-multimedia community [17] が実現.

4. Issues and Solutions for CATS

it is cheap, is quick and can transport certainly finely -- as CATS Applicability is large if it can design.

4.1 It Can transport Cheaply

d: As a way (km) It was called the (circle). Nonlinear fee scheme It proposes. This function form shows local business or retail protectionism. moreover, a:commutation deal (circle) として It was called the (circle). Nonlinear commutation commission scheme It can become the promotion measure of も小額 electronic commerce.

. which a construction way worries since it builds in a country, however 14,914km (it is a division to 本管 of a road and the service pipe of a user burden is another) of waterworks water pipes in 23 wards of Tokyo If it divides by the business establishment + number of households 3.57m/house it is .

Because of a cost-of-construction cut, it is a bar. Sonar detects. It is 堀り進む about underground like a mole, carrying out. Shield driving method . To automatic conveyance of earth and sand and a material, and automatic interior finishing CATS Self is used.

4.2 It Can transport Quickly

Conveyance module : It is also interesting that a capsule disguises itself by . consolidation which considers small [ which is described below ] and the large model packed. [ two or more ] Metamorphic conveyance [12] . -- we do bulk bloc conveyance, we using a capsule also as many [-fold ] with automatic/manual operation at a nest, and doing electronic management of the contents Nesting conveyance if devised . (multiplexing communication -- the same) multiplexing capsule puts on a mass conveyance frame -- high-speed and economical ., for example, a newspaper and a sheet, -- a printing office -- multiplexing -- on the way -- if it comes out, and it delivers, decomposing -- already -- it is . -- on the other hand -- purchase and a move Division and assembly : which can use a function -- an extensive article is divided, and it arranges after conveyance and is made to arrive (a packet exchange network -- the same) CATS The order sorting of reverse Since carrying out also arrives from the article kept in the back, it is convenient.

Bulk : In consideration of . apparel size in which an orbital building cost will increase if a capsule is too large, and the squat work in a tunnel, it is par and width. 650mmx depth 400mmx height It is width at 350mm and the maximum. 650mmx depth 1,100mmx height Let 950mm be a tentative plan.

Weight : Suppose that a norm will be at least as the shopping on the first for high speed and high-density motion. 6kg and the maximum are usually the maximum weight of a parcel, and it can have them alone. 16kg It considers as a tentative plan.

Velocity : an electric formality with a fine curb -- an adoption (another side type: belt, 気送管) . rail -- linear motor drive . -- par 5 m/sec (18 km/H) and the maximum Waiting is reduced by . flow control and the preference passing curb which make 15 m/sec (54 km/H) a tentative plan.

Motion interval : Put between carriages as much as possible within the quantity of heat and load limit value of each section, and operate.

4.3 It Can transport Softly

transporting [ a swing and inclination / without spoiling . fresh egg pressed down to a Shinkansen grade in the car, a cake, an electric bulb, and the noodles of delivery ] . -- there -- it is -- capsules, such as a hanging formality Level maintenance frame A shock is reduced by collision prevention of . cart to adopt and acceleration curb.

4.4 It Can transport Securely

An address curb, Autolock, and Object Authentication are performed and it sends to people certainly from people.

Moreover, the following measures against an accident are also performed. :

They are an orbital ground board and a home terminal (space is taken) so that man, an animal, a foreign substance, mud, and moisture may not invade into orbit. Cover It comes out and covers. Weight and a size check frame The spread of a fire, flood, a gas leak, a noise leak, and a thief inroad twist from . railway which comes out and flips the capsule outside a standard, and it is like. Automatic shutter They are a capsule and a cart periodically so that neither を設ける . bacteria nor a smell may move. Washing establishment It is alike and sends.
When [ which is restored using an inspection carriage, a dust cart, and a repair work carriage ] it cannot. Do, people work entering and being cautious of ventilation, so that it is not necessary to 開函 a tunnel if possible, even if an accident occurs in a railway.

. by which conveyance and orbital blasting of a dangerous article are planned even if it regulates -- a payee can restrict those who can be shipped until a cheap non-destructive test apparatus is made Payee custody function A system a forwarder Principal certification The function to carry out, Code system expensive railways, such as (there is a boundary) and inside of . sea which comes out and corresponds, localize damage, even if it damages -- as -- a fixed interval The branch mouth for a detour Automatic shutter を設ける

Conveyance information and electronic commerce information Message encryption Electronic signature It is alike, tapping and spoofing are prevented more, and he is an undertaker. 守秘, custody を義務付ける

4.5 It Can be Used Widely

If the above subject is solved CATS は . which can be used for multiple purposes CATS the clothing and medicine which had gone to buy it the . every day which the marketing cost of the article which he comes out of and buys decreases, and becomes comparatively cheap, and which will come out and exist, general merchandise, processed food, and a dish -- a part -- perishable foods CATS A . sky vessel set as the object of shopping, returns, goods on approval, packing material, garbage, etc. Vein physical distribution Deregulation is also required for . which can also convey . cash which is boiled and can be used at a low price, securities, a card, ad, electronic media, a fragile article, a newspaper sheet, and a letter, in addition application enlargement.

us [1] " Map the city of an actual community to a "架想" city as it is. The virtual city of the structure advocated as ", CATS . which is most useful when it comes out and an information style and physical distribution are united -- for example Non-store business, telecommuting, a remote medical treatment, home training In the の case Virtual social life Although supported by の併用, convenient . dish club and a handicraft club are also pleasant to send a muster, the past instrument, remedy, the homework of handiwork, etc.

At house and home, if it remains and few articles are clicked on the screen of virtual house and home, collect suitably. CATS It comes out. Automatic purchase It is carried out and . with which real house and home and virtual house and home are supplemented, therefore a man are released from the plot of shopping, and the trouble of dispatching.

5. Configration and Connection of the Operation Control System OCS

The subsystem which constitutes .OCS .OCS in which each undertaker has one or more motion curb offices OCS conveys an article in a wide area in cooperation is shown. :

    (1) Customer Management -- User management, a fee, electronic commerce cooperation, statistics
    (2) Object Flow Control -- The curb of the stream of an article
    (3) Physical Resource Control -- Management and a curb (a capsule, a capsule pool, a cart, a cart pool, a railway, a warehouse, a depository, a washing establishment, maintenance establishment) of a physical mine
    (4) Logical Resource Control -- Management and a curb of a logic mine CATS An address, address group, address conversion, various kinds ID, a database
    (5) Terminal Control -- Terminal curb (a display, an operation, memory, information communication Network cooperation)
    (6) Transaction Management -- The curb of a conveyance transaction (dispatching management, a log, error management, arrival time limit management, transport, return, cancellation, a preference passing curb, a queuing curb, nest storing / dissolution, sorting, follow up banker's reference)
    (7) Routing -- The curb of the motion which crosses between the railways where a course plot, a course curb, relay, a detour, and a third party course differ from an undertaker
    (8) Operation Contol -- Motion curb (branch, a velocity curb, an acceleration curb, a section weight curb, section quantity-of-heat curb)
    (9) Security Management -- Security (principal certification, article certification, Autolock)
    (10) Other Systems Interface -- Other information communication Networks, CATS Communication and information handling with a trader interested, an external physical distribution trader interested, an autonomous body, a banking establishment, etc.

The dispatching module when carrying out distributed dispatching of the conveyance now Domain Software is conveyance between . domains controllable at the same protocol also at the form in which the form in which the processor which constitutes . domain in which .1 trader interested who calls has one or more domains carries out an intensive curb to input output of all terminals only by 1 OCS or many terminals, and much OCS(s) carry out distributed give-and-take dispensation. Reference model The implements (entity) in the same layer of Table 1 . each domain designed (communicative open systems interconnection reference model teaching) perform communication and conveyance in conformity with a protocol. :

Table 1: Reference model for the transport between CATS domains

Application layer Article conveyance between users
Presentation layer Conversion in conditions and the par form of a tag
session layer The conveyance means selection: A bulk bloc, return, circulation
Transport layer Penetration-conveyance between forwarder payees: An error curb, a flow control, multiplexing, service selection corresponding to fee collection conditions
Network layer Article conveyance for two games: Relay, preference
Article link layer Conveyance between two in a domain
Physical layer The electricity / machine / logic between domains Transshipment

6. Merit of CATS

The advantage stated in the following paragraphs compounds and use is also hung down to a community. : 1) Exertion of life rich also in a borderless community, the social climate which is easy to live two, and 個 which felt relieved three

6.1 Simplification of Distribution, and Raise of New Kinds of Business

Distribution revolution が起こる: It is a physical distribution job lot from an upper part of a river to a lower part of a river. E-market . producer and the consumer who が現出 one to one marketing が -- since it can do at a low price, if . store where inefficient distribution structure is screened, a warehouse, and an office hold and make a contract of the information on . business chance which may not be -- only sending an article to the right from the left with one finger An electronic distribution industry It is alike and changes structurally. : An electronic business firm Electronic wholesale A chain store can be opposed. Electronic retail store alliance It buys at a time and divides each other. Electronic consumer group It will open, if there are premises and an automatic apparatus. An electronic warehouse, electronic trunk room business It is など.

Moreover, the non-store which performs cooking, wash, tableware washing, needlework, etc. at a fee with cheap eager house and home Mini domestic-affairs business, CATS の建設, maintenance, CATS Capsule ad, conveyance assurance The population of which new business increases.

. physical distribution business pursuer which lowers commodity prices, lives life rich, floats the personnel engaged in physical distribution, and improves business administration can move from the so-called "dirty, dangerous and demanding jobs" to the beautiful production center based on information handling.

In order to prevent the bankruptcy by the distribution industry / physical distribution business, and unemployment, it is the sake of an electronic distribution industry. Software, hardness, vocational training, information service, a loan It is substantial and healthy activities changeover of a business corporation and a man is helped.

6.2 Goods on Demand
    (1) -- by which a thing is obtained immediately It can convey in a minimum of 200 seconds at least 1km (soup also seldom awakes). CATS If it is made to ship to the picking system which comes out and can carry out the automatic supplement of the goods, business can be mostly done by uninhabited for 24 hours.

    (2) -- which does not need to wait for a thing It can wait for prolonged delivery or . having-two-incomes husband and wife and the unmarried person who do not need to go to take the package which became absent and in transit can play an active part outside more.

    (3) -- which does not need to have a thing A narrow tenement and narrow office are also a thing. CATS If the space of . (virtual memory curb is applicable) closet utilizable by coming out and taking out to an external warehouse, a wardrobe, a cupboard, and a bookshelf floats, it will be in charge of millions of yen profit.

    (4) -- which does not need to go shopping The weak who cannot go to a street easily can also make a living.

6.3 Cost Reduction of Waste Disposal

The shortage of disposing space of garbage is serious, and the dispensation cost is also going up. The capsule only for garbage It comes out, the garbage of house and home or an enterprise is conveyed at disposing space, and, if possible, the same user is assigned after washing.

6.4 Recycling of Things Is Supported

CATS It links with a reprocessing plant directly and they are paper and others. Mine garbage In the market place of . new one where . clothing with which dealing of . used article reused at a low price also becomes easy in an e-market, articles of daily use, electric Mdse, stationery, books, and DVD circulate, introduction / repair work business of a used article is extended a little by minus.

6.5 Polution Improvement and Energy Saving

A gasoline carriage etc. CATS It is alike and the changing part, coal oil expenditure, air contaminations (COx, NOx, heat, etc.), a backup, a traffic accident, noise, and fine sight cost decrease.

Instead of CATS Don't take out が公害. Electric power drive It adopts and friction and a mechanical swing are suppressed on machine design. Inertia motion Electricity is returned. Regeneration brake In a ground construction area Solar cell A noise called ゴトン is lost by the slanting junction of . rail which saves energy by の採用, and it is to orbital footing and the orbital circumference. Buffer / sound isolation material There are few . toxic substances which adopt, reduce noise and are made strong also to an earthquake, and manufacture electric power chooses a small material.

7. Commercialization of CATS

Although it designed on the assumption that consistent automatic conveyance A combined use pattern with other physical distribution The depository transshipment with . traffic and mail to consider is . new physical distribution which combines in consideration of a local diffusion index, a cost apportionment, and fee allocation, and designs service so that it may pay も (especially a shift term is). CATS とは -- it is easy to do transshipment/amalgamation of

CATS Business is at the point of management work and the upswing work in service based on a market mechanism. Private management . with sufficient が -- a trader interested with sufficient . user with a fee and service still anxious in the engrossment establishment -- it can choose -- moreover, a plurality of traders interested CATS Every spot is allowed an entry of at least two companies in and outside the country so that it may connect and can do with a bar strongly. Multi vendor The border of . business area to adopt presupposes that it is independent of an autonomous body border, and carries out interconnection.

CATS . out of which convenience and economy of scale cannot come easily if は普及率 is low -- there -- the burden of a trader interested and a user Cheap credit, an aid Coming out and easing, it lays collectively for every area and 70 - 100% entry of an establishment, a store, and a business corporation is aimed at.

A financial resource is repair work of an established infrastructure, utility tunnels, an optical fiber, ITS, new physical distribution, Tokyo L-NET, a subway, etc. It reorganizes across boundaries. It is not dependent on . bond issued by the government which make by carrying out.

There may also be an ombudsman organization which makes restriction the minimum, supervises on . continuation target which makes the rule of information disclosure and a check, and proposes to administration so that neither a concession nor tax may be exploited.

8. Conclusion

General public automatic conveyance system CATS . which clarified the の concept -- that it will be interdisciplinary from now on and . to conduct argument, architecture, and an experiment-like in the work case -- since it is a complicated system -- the demand analyzing method USP (User-Oriented System Planning)
[18] I ask cooperation of the research-and-development person and users of information handling of the important business of . physical distribution Internet realization which が適.


FUJITSU research institute which you guide usually Senior Adviser Eiichi Wada, 同 Information society science research institute A Mitsuhiko Toda governor, 同 FUJITSU which cooperated in . examination for which I am thankful to Manager Kazuhiro Matsuo warmly Mr. Katsuhisa Aikoshi, Mr. Koji Imai, Mr. Yoshikazu Kudo, Saito Mr. Showa, Toyama Mr. 忍, Mr. Hideki Nonaka, Mr. Yoshiro Hatano, Morishige Mr. 明, central FUJITSU systems Unno I am thankful to Mr. 昇.


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[18] Yoshinori Katayama, Naoyuki Horai, Watabe 勇, Koichi Doi, Masayuki Sonobe: They are software process study group and Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (1996. 3.11 ) about practice of the demand analyzing method for user inclination software development.

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