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How to layout windows to view them easily How to layout windows to view them easily  
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When the number of windows increases, a window in which it has hidden is brought to the front, and it is made visible [ one difficulties ].

a taskbar which is under a screen of Windows as a measure against the known -- if it is UNIX -- icon windows, such as CDE, -- there was a method of clicking a thing corresponding to a window seeing using --, and taking out to the front
Since correspondence of a taskbar and an actual window was still unclear, it was inconvenient too.

Doesn't the lower right make a window and are not you often putting it in order (Fig. 1)?
Even if it operates "displaying in piles", does it become so automatically? [ which Windows is sufficient as and is used ]

Fig. 1 The lower right is the method.

If it uses and then size of a window is made various, it will become impossible but to take control.

Fig. 2 The method has the unclear lower right.

thus, a window in the direction of the upper left -- most this side -- . in which a window on the right of it may almost hide if it comes -- there was a fault of being hard to remember what window of what No. an angle which is in sight having been again

Then, it discovered that it will go very well if an upper left edge of each window arranges along with a slash upward slanting to the right as shown in the next figure.

Fig. 3 Upward-slant-to-the-right method

If it carries out like this, and each window is this side and it will be the back, and however size in every direction may have become, each upper left edge is surely visible.
Therefore, if the angle which is in sight as for every window is clicked, it can display most on this side by one-touch.

Although it is such an easy principle, it is unexpectedly convenient if you use.
If it is kept in mind, it will be found useful throughout life.

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