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My first invention and stars My first invention and stars  
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It seems that what [ like / a thing / invention ] in early stages of me has a star and a special edge.

The science column of the Nikkei newspaper morning paper on July 6 (Sunday), 2003 says today that the new planetarium by which a star is projected in three dimensions was able to be done.
While reading this, it is the one method of . both-eyes 立体視 that one idea flashed.


. which now the method of 立体視 which looks at an image by both eyes and reproduces a cubic effect has dozens of kinds including a liquid crystal shutter or holography . which will not have resulted but by the time it always broadcasts 3-dimensional scenography by the solid picture of a color -- that will be because one technology used as a conclusive factor is now missing

Although the thing using the cellophane of red and blue is famous to 立体視 for many years, a picture mixes in confusion in blue with red, and there is a peculiar inconvenient feeling.

It is the feature that it is visible in . color through which the method of using properly that light "shakes" only perpendicularly by polarization, and the thing which shakes only horizontally by the formality which improved this has spread.

It is as follows.
It is made to polarize using the character to polarize light, by electricity to which the display of the image photographed from the left camera emits only the light of a pitch, and a polarizing filter is made to pass light so that the display of the image photographed from the right camera may be emitted only in the light of rolling, or liquid crystal is applied in the case of a liquid crystal display.
. by which a polarization filter is set on the other hand so that only the light of a pitch may let those who see pass on the left of [ on which glasses are hung ] . glasses, and a polarization filter is set to the right so that it may let only the light of a pitch pass -- 立体視 is made in this way

However, if . face with a fault inclines, the polarization direction of the light currently given off and the direction currently filtered shift, a picture on either side will be mixed and this formality will be visible.

Then, . circle polarization which the method considered today is not -- called the polarization -- straight line polarization adopted conventionally, and uses circle polarization . to which has a right-handed-rotation shake and a left-handed-rotation shake, and this can also limit light with a filter -- even if 立体視 therefore does not come out as much as possible like the method of straight line polarization and a face inclines, the picture on either side should not be mixed -- I will. lie down and will watch stereoscopic television -- I thought that it was good news also to those who say.


Speaking of 立体視, when the fruit was said, I was being absorbed in the design of stereoscopic television at the time of the freshman in a university, using leisure with 心踊らせ.
The technology of 立体視 was investigated at a library.
And the idea which reached was such. :

in order to pile up the screen of the .2 set television the filter which makes light from two televisions polarization which was described previously as shown in a figure is made seen [ television ] with through and glasses, also now, a television camera etc. is sufficient as the principle, and it is used -- a half -- 透鏡 (half mirror) -- if . transparent board to be used is made to vapor-deposit aluminum etc. thinly, half through half reflection of the light will be carried out -- a half -- 透鏡 -- it can do

The model of stereoscopic television which rides on a palm is made using carefully the polarization film currently attached to the appendix of the science of Gakken which bought it before.
Such a big polarization film that television can be used for a model could be expensive, and could not come to hand, and the television picture photographed and divided with a camera on either side was not able to make it.
Two televisions are the boxes of a board and burned the miniature bulb to inside.
In the opened window, the picture drawn on wax paper with the felt-tipped marker was stretched instead of the screen.
a half -- 透鏡 -- since there was nothing, the small glass board was used

What this method must cover glasses over is fate.
The fault which was able to make the model and has been noticed further is that light is dark since only a half comes.
Moreover, since the difference of the focus of an eye and an objective position is made, it is also a fault to have a feeling which is hard to see.
It was clear that it probably still looks in three dimensions.

However, in addition to somehow serious prior patent investigation, and application procedure and the Patent Office application commission, for patent application, even the large sum type printing expense of 500 yen per page got to know with necessity those days.
From there being also no adviser and it being unable to have firm belief of the peculiarity of an idea, or business nature, either, research was stopped unawares and it has been made going out.


now, me who finished drinking coffee -- self -- returning -- at once -- the Internet -- a browser -- the Patent Office -- tying -- circle polarization & . which investigated the solid patent -- such things came out seeing some
Patent 2586490 "a 3-dimensional scenography display" (Mr. Sony Shimada, Inc. 聰, Mr. 砂賀 Shengli, Mr. Takahashi Katsumasa) (June 19, 1987 application)

Claim :
Each display sides A and B are equipped with the circle polarization filter of this revolution direction.
Two image light sources which faced the front reverse side of a half mirror at the predetermined angle, and have arranged the above-mentioned display side to abbreviation symmetry,
While piling up and seeing the penetration picture of one field to the above-mentioned display side A of the above-mentioned half mirror, and the reflective picture of the above-mentioned display side B
In order to pile up and see the penetration picture of a field to the above-mentioned display side B of another side of the above-mentioned half mirror, and the reflective picture of the above-mentioned display side A,
The polarization glasses with which the revolution directions on either side differ are provided.
The 3-dimensional scenography display characterized by things.
Effect of invention :
As mentioned above, this invention uses the circle polarization filter of this revolution direction for the display sides A and B, and uses the polarization glasses with which the revolution directions on either side differ.
Since 3-dimensional scenography was seen from both sides of a half mirror
While admiration area doubles
By adoption of circle polarization, even if the visual angle of polarization glasses separates from a screen center axis, it does not become the deviation of a polarization angle, but a large level view angle is acquired.
Therefore, the compact 3-dimensional scenography display suitable for admiring by a lot of people is obtained.
In addition, even when seeing from which direction of a half mirror, arrangement of the revolution direction on either side can use the same circle polarization glasses.
Since the angle of a set was not asked if it was circle polarization, I also thought of the merit that it could replace with glasses and a contact lens could also be used today.

Now, if you compare two upper figures, as it understands immediately, invention of Sony gets with invention of my stereoscopic television, and is two.
Only the point of having added adoption of the circle polarization which I considered . today when calling it the difference
What was necessary was just to have considered the idea of . circle polarization stereoscopic television which was patented now when it was 17 years ago.
-- which I am calling the thing of today's special scoop -- patent ネタ like this in this way became rejection, without joining my research theme.


Time [ it was still an elementary school 1, a second grader or the kindergarten third-year class that is remembered in a star ]
He is walking along the neighborhood of a house with parents, and the shooting star was seen night.

The wish is 叶う", when "shooting star is seen and every wish is said.

. which seemingly heard the talk to say for the first time, and has been believed -- unlike the world of a fairy tale, I was able to consider it for "the realistic means" very much
. a shooting star appears suddenly -- although remembering the wish then and finishing saying all at the moment of moreover flowing carried out practice said in . mouth which was able to be regarded as very serious -- emergency -- at all -- it can do -- also meeting -- since there was nothing, my awareness of the issues was able to be aroused

What has the me [ liked with the toy ] was what is known today as what [ like / a thing / a レゴブ lock ] that stops the parts of a small stick, 角板, and 丸板 with a screw and a nut, and makes a structure.
I very desired a machine of magic into which I am yearning after the recorder (tape recorder) which was ぜいたく品 those days, also put in a noise, it can reproduce freely later, and people go as it is completely.

or [ which will become such touch if it writes in the patent detailed style at last one day, remembering that time now / . / when . "a plan" "designed" wrote "the omnipotent machine which fulfills a wish" since it was such children / that I will come out ] . -- please laugh

With the "microphone" written to . which was not understood [ what should be put into a child's thing and a main part, and ] whether he needs to study something since it does not understand at all and understands, it was convinced that it is epoch-making solution just of the place where a wish is heard, and it was excited.
While he was alive, I thought that . someone who wished what is necessary was just to be able to make such an automatic machine might make.
The box of such an absent-minded dream was the young design of my beginning.

Then, a chip box is touched and this "omnipotent machine which fulfills wish" is recalled.

Of course, the nice talk which can do such a thing is not heard.
however, computer . which exists at hand now . to which he has also realized various dreams by computer since this is not "the box of magic" which probably was not being imagined [ a surrounding adult and ] or used the research theme at the time of . student as the computer when I was a child -- it is certain that progress fast from now on visits repeatedly
. as which a physicist mentions the hypothesis for making realization possible, and even the time machine is calculating conditions . which appears if the book of the way is read -- just the idea of those who have said that it is impossible absolutely is not believed
I think thoroughly that a too simple dream and a too simple ideal are a thing to prize without throwing away simply with the ability not doing.


It turns around 0:00 あぁ and now, and the day of Tanabata has rotated this year also.
those everybody wants to meet -- fully -- it can meet -- a wish -- full 叶います -- like ....

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