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Direction to recommend you Web page A recommended reason
idea goods -- the favorite one i"・楳・・></A>

((Mr.) Sugiyama)  


I could not think that what is necessary was just to be able to make from before all the time as the umbrella (shoulder ブレラ) which is fixable to the shoulder, either -- it is . -- such idea goods are full

The argument is also rising with the bulletin board "such a thing is - at ・"・÷鯰"


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<TR VALIGN= To the more tender-hearted one Angel Tears
May the thought reach the person from whom Mr. .RINA who is a site [ that it is romantic exceptionally and joke ] (an angel's "tear (Angel Tears)/White Bell") became the stewardess Mr. . star which prizes the heart!

My dear Momo of harbot (homepage robot) is the friend of harbot "Popotan" of Sonobe Laboratory.>
To the direction which wants to be employed in a good company, and the one uneasier at the present company OFFICE Y2
(the Yamamoto pタ-- careless)
"-- corporate 凋"蛟・-- oタ-- " -- noisily -- the burst-of-laughter series of a comedy touch -- all -- although it was Chapter 22, since this called it Yamamoto's true story, it was the poison of mind
me -- this -- a great work -- "-- swerving -- arranging -- change of occupation -- " -- up to -- it has read without a break for two days

You will develop rapidly Yamamoto who stepped toward a free lance's way, and from now on also.
To the direction which wants to like [ direction ] mathematics and music, to drop [ direction ] an eye to scales, and to enjoy them
(() Kato Ichiro)
"The walk way of meditation" is a great name.
Although I also learned the Pythagoras's "theorem of 3 square one", it is a surprise at the merit of Kato's head that the "theorem of 4 square one" better at one sheet than this flashed.

Especially recommendation is "the lady who was possessed in the nose."
To the direction which wants to like [ direction ] physics, to drop [ direction ] an eye to scales and to enjoy it
(() Onishi)
the "research result" in which the highlight is added to a corner "from the latest research" every several days

It can ニッコリ, although "19 It is secret to a superior official having seen UFO", "36 Carry out the chat even of the ape", "133 Fighter in the parallel world", the "403 drunkard theory of relativity", --, anything are read.
To the direction which likes new equipment * ASTERISK
((Mr.) Wada Koji)
For example, the circuit which a "coffee checker" rolls some power cords, sees a magnetic field by the transformer, and is put into the communication port of RS-232C shows in a network that coffee has boiled.

The electronic circuit of interesting ideas, such as a "weather survey" and "smell surveillance", is a full load.
why that will be why -- it is -- the direction which always considers the principle
((Mr.) Hirabayashi)
It admired for " making your photograph into a beauty ."

The report of a full load is scientific and it is not only interesting, but it has sex appeal.
To the direction which wants to like [ direction ] science fiction novels, such as a time machine, to drop [ direction ] an eye to scales, and to enjoy them
(() Maeno)
. young woman Maeno is [ young woman ] the teacher of University of the Ryukyus -- "-- particle" and the son -- "-- it is existing "熱血叶ニquot; of theory of elementary particles as it was named Mitsunori"

Although it is a difficult talk, there is also a talk like the "blue back" of interesting . Kodansha.
my recommendation is the corner of "ネタ instruction ・限of hard SF"
The direction [ in the direction which likes science, he likes operation of a car especially ] =タ 濫鯊science of fascination (false eタis gノ
((The) 濫鯊science study group)
A series of the inside story of a sightseeing bus or a track is the special province of the 濫鯊science study group who he is experienced in powerful . operation, and has a doctor's degree.
To the direction which likes a cake =タ Large dissection of Mont Blanc
(() ぁ"榾
"A store list" is seen and Mont Blanc beyond .333 house 492 kind which was very much surprised at investigation power is introduced with the photograph.

It is already No.1 Dr. Mont Blanc of Japan.
To the direction which is glorifying the corporate life
(ワンダー world)
The real intention of a salaried worker and OL carries a full load in the friend of a corporate life of "shock ! payroll white paper ", "an office trial", etc.
To the one more nearly related to SE
(Page for a systems engineer)
Since I also had the time which was carrying out SE with might and main, it became nostalgic when this was found.

although it is variously serious as written to you of SE, and there -- the user -- o"逝-- please do your best in a sake
To the direction which be not deceived to people
(The inactive people: World which the other side of a telephone does not know)
It is the page which the inactive people (x梳朽鯔 with experience of a futures trading canvasser are opening in order to save a consumer from illegal business practice.

It carries a full load of a concrete means, a distinction method, the nice method of escaping ワナ, etc.
Thrilling . "an illegal-business-practice * index" should also get a narrative style angry with . 1 uncanny clue with バッサリ.
To the direction which wants to roar with laughter by others' (man) ク敗談
(崇8F結ノ (Bamboo steamer cancer) j"鰛 -- Shonan from -- fine club
Also by hタread just for a moment, remainder オカ and vigor has appeared in jホ

allergy . which may die when 崇8F結タeats Japanese buckwheat noodles in fact -- since it is made to laugh as プッ also in such an unhappy talk, it is true
To the direction referred to as wanting to obtain the patent of one's idea
(The meeting who supports making a thing: Guidance of patent application! -- To an engineer and an inventor sake)
As for reading the thread of the document of patent law or the Patent Office site, a bone breaks.
This site explains and guides patent application plainly carefully.
"2 Basic matters required for creation of the document for patent application" and "4 link collection " are especially precious.
When its idea becomes goods, the direction [ it is glad ]
(It is asked and crowded)
As for the excellent idea which the reader wrote for "It asks! Making", this company looks for a commercialization company.
Limited sale may be carried out to this site.

It is interesting structure, although collateral is "joy of commercialization" since a proposer and an improvement proposer will allow this company a license free.
To the direction which likes a living thing and is interested in new discovery =タ Biotechnology news
(Nature Japan)
The report of the world front about life science comes out every week.

The mystery of evolution, a clone, perpetual youth and longevity, cancer, BSE, anthrax, etc. is solved.

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