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How to recover IE, which is slided and partially hidden, in full screen mode How to recover IE, which is slided and partially hidden, in full screen mode  
* This page is made by "machine translation" program from Japanese to English.


Microsoft iMicrosoftj Windows iEBhEYj L Internet Explorer iIE, Internet Exploorer, ,InternetExplorer, MSIECC^lj It is a thing when using (IE) and Explorer.

Explorer iCNXv
[	,Explorerj FM -- my Computer i}CRs[^,My Computerj C:, my Document i}ChLg,My Documentsj My Picture i}CsN`,My Picturesj My Music i}C~[WbN,My Musicj And it is the program which is taking out file sight screens, such as "a file and a retrieval of a folder."

Hereafter, these will be represented and "IE" will be written.

It will be the touch which will be solved and to say that the window of IE is smaller than the screen of display. :

It "full-screen display itXN
[[hCfull screen modeC
Ee	;C
Ee	;\&C\&
Ee	;,maximumj " (full-screen display) -- if it changes -- like this -- becoming -- :

S	fJ\&,tXN

This full-screen display is an indispensable function for the direction which makes a web page the greatest size and is looking at it from usually.
In a full-screen display
- Or [ clicking the square full-screen display button near / a window upper right edge / each ],
S	fJ\&I7i
- "a (Display V) => full-screen display (F)" is clicked by IE -- it is .
- Push F11 of a function key on IE screen.

For restoring to the original size
- Or [ clicking the button restored to the original size near the screen upper right ],
- Push F11 of a function key.
However, right and left may shift from right and left the screen top of display a window location top as follows in the momentum which moved something with the mouse, and the momentum which some programs finished. i8jiC8j=C()5"C()5-HA=C)&H"CXN
[E+H"C	BjiC	Bj=C_gH"Cs^bF
mH"j .
A computer will be rebooted if I will drag the edge of a window how with a mouse. (u[gC
u[gCboot, re-boot, reboot, IPL) A window cannot be rejected to the location of the right above full screen in order to carry out.

Thus, since it must become impossible by the drug of a mouse and an arrow key (*, +) and a page key (PgUp, PgDn) must be used even if he wants to move a screen up and down if a scroll bar disappears, it takes time and effort very much.

The cause of these phenomena is because the set point (window_placement) of the window location information on IE became amusing.

Moreover, it is as another phenomenon by the same cause.
  1. Condition --, i.e., a window, always minimized whenever it was going to click the link by IE and was going to peruse another page in a new window does not open, and it is a taskbar. It will be in the condition that IE is displayed only on the button.

  2. Reversely [ the ] it will always be maximized and will become a full screen (full screen) display.

  3. It is too small in a window being too large, whenever it is going to click a link by IE and is going to peruse another page in a new window.

There are some persons who encountered HG.


This phenomenon is Microsoft to Windows 95, and the known fault of IE 1.0-5.5 of the 98th edition of Window.

" ! New Internet Explorer Window Opens Partially Off the Screen (kbenv kbprb KB194759) " (English)

It is opened to the public by carrying out.

Since the registry positive which it has written on the . above-mentioned Microsoft information which three methods of settlement of this phenomenon have when many things are investigated is dreadful when it mistakes, it is performed one by one from .1 made into the last implement, and if repaired, finally it will carry out it.

Solution 1

  1. The window of IE started is all closed.

  2. That of a taskbar is moved by the drug and it has in the superior extremity or left end of a display screen, or a right end.

    Although it is the following beltlike areas which a taskbar usually has in the inferior extremity of a screen here, and contain the start button, a location will be moved, if it is not fixation and moves well.


    a taskbar -- right and left of a screen -- it will become length if it drags to one of edges
    Also in a taskbar, the tips to move hold and drag the portion of T [ of the following figure. :

    ^XNo[ph	bOE+iF1k

    Along with the border of Y Y and a screen, let's move, with the button of a mouse pushed until a taskbar moves with s, since it does not receive in the place which has overlapped with a part of taskbar currently displayed now as a displacement place.

  3. The taskbar is dragged again and it rejects to the original location.

  4. It confirms starting IE, making it a front screen and coming to the right location.
    If useless, please give displacement of the above-mentioned taskbar to sundry locations.
    . which still progresses to a Solution 2 if it seems to be useless

The example repaired by the upper method is known.

! Source (Mr. Kimichan)

Solution 2

This is changing the height of a taskbar and making Windows re-calculate window size and a border.

  1. It will remove, if a setup which hides a taskbar automatically is carried out.
    How to remove starts with a start => (setting S) => taskbar. Property of a menu
    The check of (U) hidden from => automatic target is erased.
    (Carrying out a work closure relapse splendid .)

  2. The window in question is maximized.

  3. while the window in question is maximizing -- a taskbar (if it is in a screen inferior extremity) -- the superior extremity is dragged upwards and it is made two steps from one step

  4. According to the new area which the taskbar which became high allows, it allows making the maximized window reset by oneself.
    Since an Alt-null is pushed and a pull down menu comes out in order to have written, i.e., perform whether maximization takes place automatically once again with . manual operation which will be made to maximize, maximization (X) is clicked there.

  5. A taskbar is rejected to one step [ ordinarily ].

. which still progresses to a Solution 3 if useless

! Source (MVPS)

Solution 3

About the set point (window_placement and OldWorkAreaRects) of the window location information on IE, it is registry. It once clears using an editor and a computer is rebooted.

  1. (Windows XP, 2000, and NT) When logged in by . "Administrator" and other users who need to log in to Windows by the user to whom the location of IE is amusing, it relogs in.

  2. The contents of registry are evacuated.

    Because, it is for preparing for making a mistake in registry, and tampering with and breaking it.

    Important setting information which is English of significance called a directory as "registry (registry)" of Windows, and influences the curb of the software of the computer and hardware is frequently referred to and updated from the application of .Windows itself which is the file choked up tightly, and many.
    For this reason, although what is necessary is just to correct correctly, reaction may come out greatly as it becomes impossible to reboot Windows, it becomes impossible to use an apparatus and fault will happen by some program, if make the wrong correction, a file is broken or a file is erased.

    [Attention] Keep in mind that . Sonobe Laboratory which is your liability which all the reaction by the operation of registry performs does not take any liability.

    Then, before touching registry from now on, the copy of the same contents is evacuated to another file so that it can reject in an emergency. (= save, backup, the beginning, export) It carries out.

    For only copying a file by Explorer or the command, since it does not understand when a constitution is complicated and it is moreover accessed by the program, the contents of the file (it is not necessarily one) of registry are . for which the train special to evacuation of . registry which does not become effective evacuation is prepared.

    Then, it is here and please perform evacuation of registry in the following train.

    Did evacuation of registry end? If it does so, please move on to a degree.

  3. All the windows of IE started are closed. (It is a guard for not being fastidious during compilation at reading) .

  4. Registry An editor (regedit) is started.
    (. which it continues as it is and is O.K. if it has started in the above-mentioned evacuation train)


    A start => file name is specified and performed (R).
    "regedit" is inputted into => name (O) box.

  5. Registry From . top "whose key" which is carrying out the tree structure can be seen with an editor with the constitution to which the folder type icon was connected with the left window area

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

    Z -- it follows

    If [+] will be clicked if there is a key which is not visible since it is [+] and the bottom of it is not displayed while following, and it changes into [-], the bottom of it will be displayed.

    Top "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" etc. is called "nCu."


    It changes to the icon of the form which the folder opened when. Carried out which finally clicks "Main", and the group of a name, a kind, and data is simultaneously displayed on a right window area in the one-piece front form of one line as a value of a key "Main."

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

  6. The character string [ "Window_Placement" in E ] top is right-clicked.
    => suppression (D)

    The contents of change will be reflected now in registry.
    Although he may think, "May I carry out in suppression?", IE started later sets the right value.

    Although I incidentally think that the data before suppression change with . people who understand if the row which contains "Window_Placement" in the above-mentioned evacuation file is searched, it is my environment which is moving correctly.
    "Window_Placement"=hex:2c, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 01, 00, 00, 00, 00 and 83, ff and ff, 00 and 83, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff and ff, "96, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 99, 04, 00, 00, 87, 03, 00, 00"
    The value to say was contained.

    . out of which the screen which changes data will come as follows if the character string [ "Window_Placement" ] top will be double-clicked (on left) -- "the cancellation" is surely clicked and closed

  7. The following data as well as a top are deleted.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\Old WorkAreas\OldWorkAreaRects

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\oldWorkAreas\OldWorkAreaRectsL

    Although I incidentally think that the data before suppression change with . people who understand if the row which contains "OldWorkAreaRects" in the above-mentioned evacuation file is searched, it is my environment which is moving correctly.
    "OldWorkAreaRects"=hex:00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 00, 78, 05, 00 and 00, c6, "03, 00, 00"
    The value to say was contained.

  8. Registry The window of an editor is closed by the click of the "x" button.
    Registry About change in which an editor attaches a "(file F) - name to unlike ordinary programs, such as a memo pad, and the menu retention (A)" does not exist and which. In other words was made after starting Bulk bloc cancellation is not effective. not applying the wrong correction by L . to be warned -- never don't correct an excessive place

    It will restore, if it should have broken, and reverse "reading (= restoration, the import) of registry" of the above-mentioned evacuation is carried out, or there is an implement of Window (although it changes with versions).
    Moreover, ConfigSafe etc. can also relieve recovery of an in [ an emergency ] beforehand by installing the software which can perform periodical evacuation of registry.

  9. A computer is rebooted (or it logs off).
    Change of registry is told to Windows by this.

  10. Start and maximize IE.
    If normal, it will use as it is.

    If the location of IE should not still be repaired, it will mean that the upper method had not been effective.
    In this case, probably, the direction which restored registry as file g which evacuated in the top should come out [ a bad influence ] and be safe for others.

    Reference: In the direction called Mr. Libra , as shown in a figure , will be in the condition IE always "displays in piles" (cascade), appear in having not carried out an assignation, either, are troubled very much by it, but . (.IE which I regard as only being displayed being because the window having come to the inferior extremity of a screen, and lowering downward fundamentally, and in addition having shifted also upwards being -- re--- installing .) which was not solved by this method

! Source :
The known fault of Microsoft to IE "
! New Internet Explorer Window Opens Partially Off the Screen (kbenv kbprb KB194759) It is opened to the public as ".
it seems that it comes out so much and it is repaired in many cases since the information on the first half in this (suppression of window_placement) is . found all over the world [ much ]
However, the information on the second half (suppression of OldWorkAreaRects) was seen for the first time here.
The more prudent one thinks whether I may perform in two steps of beginning when it investigates whether it correcting and rebooting and IE being repaired and is not repaired probably only the first half, correcting the second half, and rebooting and investigating.

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