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[PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (2) [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (2)  
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pachira,pachira . kept 3 months before the sprout came out, although pachira which has run against the ceiling is drinking four cups of water every Sunday . on which the trunk of pachira is drawing ビヨーン and the arc by 撓 (たわ) ん between the ground and the ceiling if it often sees -- when it went as it is, it was likely to become a parabola, the Miyoshi curve, or something and was fearful

Bending becomes still larger and tended to begin to become spirally (spiral).
Then, as the bent place was lengthened, when making the colliding point with a ceiling into this side more, the point of a trunk was able to be somehow bent to parallel, disagreeableness, and the slant grade on the ceiling.

A paragraph with vital energy too short before the point which is a strong tree colliding [ . ] is made, and about three sprigs are beginning to be extended.
the sprig and the leaf have occurred also from the point of having collided, without withering shortly -- coming out -- there is nothing -- it is .

And growth mileage and growth were begun again.

Although its yard cannot be found because of an apartment, either, even if planting outside in the tree of gamma (gamma) type is allowed, to the public notice, I think just for a moment that it will probably be amusing.

Since the tree grew thick fairly, the space of one by the window is filled with 青あお.
If "a room where the large green person is looking at outside by the window" is looked for when building is looked up at from outside, it will be my dwelling unit.
If a bowl is moved to the center of the room, . which is likely to press living space, then a trunk progress to a window rapidly along with a ceiling, and . tip is touching the curtain rail with them....

if this tree and a ceiling turn out not to be torn, or it plans to break a window and to reach empty . "the tree of a jack and beans" 雌鳥 which it does not become the same as the tree of beans, or there is a giant on . clouds, and bears a promising youth .... . -- growth of pachira of this point will transfer episode which is surprised more

It is -- which will continue subsequent episode to a slight degree although it was finally carrying out here when it wrote in tale . November, 1997 of such lovely pachira.

pachira,pachira It writes in October, 1998 next year from here.

. which pachira carried out スクスク growth and has been extended to the direction of a window in the ceiling also after that -- it has become like a grape vine trellis truly

It was a morning glory when raising into the bowl of a veranda the kind which has flown from somewhere in June, 1998 this year.
Coiling around pachira round and round too, or walking a tightrope the air boldly, if it sets next to pachira, it follows to the ceiling and, now, is in the agreeable coexistence condition everywhere.

However, a morning glory is [ probably because of / air conditioning of summer ] still probably because of abnormal weather this year. (beginning of October) Without making a flower bloom, it is extended intently and a new leaf is opened.
Since a bud comes out from the place of a stalk and 2 or 3 leaves come out even if a certain leaf withers, how whose number of sheets increases unlike pachira is uncanny.
Although it appeared in the rash act which closes the head of a stalk with a finger in order to make a flower bloom here, as the direction of や相手 which is not cut was an one-step top . stalk, the branch of no less than two places was completed in あ from from.
It will just be going to profit fairly, if this is the game of "going by A train", since it seems that extension of a branch line is also favorable.
まぁ (bringing-up Lord), It is the morning glory which has vitality like pachira.
It does not come to feel that it continues being extended even if winter comes the part in which a flower does not bloom, and as [ this ].
It is also pleasure.

Now, making a new leaf is being continued so that an antecessor's pachira may also be weekly.
Although a leaf grows and becomes glossy dark green, when it says by length and is set also to 32-33cm, lease-of-life . autumnal leaves will be carried out soon, and it will fall.
until the zero hour when the leaf falls with パラリ comes -- much -- a tree -- attaching -- てい -- minutely -- でも . which cannot do a wooden wound, either, if . leaf which has seemingly received replenishment falls normally, and does not have damage -- wonderful programming -- it is not .
The leaf of a venation to which sugar attained full maturity healthily is vivid, and it has the beauty in which a color is also and which it cannot say the taste not at all.
When the moment such leaves fall is seen, I am glad for something to feel relieved rather than it is said that it is lonely.

A person also thinks whether it is good however, if it grows old finely and a lifetime is fulfilled wonderfully.

Now, from here, it will write to a pan in 2003 five years after.

As a morning glory removed an electric bulb from the tree which . Christmas which has withered finished, when removing it quietly in the cold morning in the October, 1998, the vine which grew fully had reached 22m of the total extension.
. which has bought the bowl of a morning glory with which the flower which became the talk of following a dream with a mother again next year, and bloomed from the florist, and the bud were mixed . which did not open the next bud only by 2 or 3 buds blooming but -- if it thinks from this, unless a morning glory is hot, it will not be able to bloom

(pachiraの花,ギアナクリ,カイエンヌナッツ,pachira bloom, pachira flower, pachira blossom, pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut) The similitude of the present pachira will put a totality image into looking by composition of the .4 sheet photograph which bends further and is valid from .gamma which is a right passage. :

(pachiraの花,ギアナクリ,カイエンヌナッツ,pachira bloom, pachira flower, pachira blossom, pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut) A left photograph is the situation of the now of the colliding point in question.
After all, the branch which extends a straight main track was not made.
It became, by the time the side shoot (branch which goes to the upper right from the center of a photograph) made first became thick, made many leaves grow thick and hung down to the height of a sofa.
. to which the beautiful big leaf one after another grew, and turned into a big leaf 30cm or more from the made side Four thin branches appeared in others and the little-by-little leaf was pickled.

When pachira will also become 12 years old 2002, the drama to which the line which carries out autumnal leaves and falls happens at the point of . which has caught up at the tip of a side shoot, and its branch is a talk from a degree.
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