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How to move figures more minutely at Word/PowerPoint How to move figures more minutely at Word/PowerPoint  
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Aren't a curve and a curve connected finely by Micosoft PowerPoint, and isn't there any experience in which a mouse cursor flew with ƒsƒ‡ƒ“ and suffered troubles?
Was it useless, although he thought whether it could move finely at first when expanding?

That is because a smallest unit is to specify a location of a figure with a mouse.

In order to move more minutely, it will be O.K. if it drags with a mouse, with the Alt key pressed down.

in addition, . out of which a "guide" which a vertical line horizontal rod of a dotted line intersected comes by the (display V)-guide (G) -- although this is dragged and a few can usually be finely moved more also by method of ‚È‚ª“® or ‚·, it can move more minutely [ direction ] dragging pressing the Alt key from it
If it carries out when dragging using these together, taking out a guide and pressing the Alt key, you may indicate that it can be moving minutely numerically and it is understood.

Also by Micosoft Word, it was able to move very small by drag of having stopped the Alt key.
(Microsoft Excel defines Alt key inversely, that is, the figure movement size is wider (fitting to cell size) when Alt key is depressed.)
Please try.

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