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[PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(2) [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flowers (Pine Tree Blossoms)(2)  
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"The [PHOTO] Pine Tree Flower (Pine Tree Blossoms)(1) " -- the next year which looked at the flower which put is cheerful repeatedly -- if you are walking leisurely the end of the month in May -- along a way ....
The pine to which the flower is in bloom(松の花) I understand immediately and it became glad だ and this time.
A flower takes lessons from a branch called the new branch of a tall pine, and the heart is struck to signs that it is steadily extended toward heavens.

Red light currently attached to the completely big chandelier

A 激写 success!!

Oh, cone (松ボックリ,まつぼっくり,マツボックリ) The fruit of the flower which bloomed the year before last [ which is / . ] which it has (球果,果実) Reason kana to say

The grain of the upper purplish red color is 雌花 (it is めばな).
The long whitish thing under it is 雄花 (aunt).

BGM "Impromptu Op.90-2"

  Composed by : Franz Peter Schubert.
  Piano and MIDI by : HIROKO.

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stop the above, and then play the below:
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