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** Sonobe Lab for 22nd C!**
Such great effect of ComeTop in terms of money! Such great effect of ComeTop in terms of money!  
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" Since some counter values, such as an advertising rate and link commutation, may be paid even if, I want many quarters to discover my website. "

.... Such needs are strong in the individual who asks for the enterprise of all business circles and scales, and the exchange including a network mail-order-business enterprise.

It is there. カムトップ(ComeTop) Let's make the trial calculation of the pecuniary effect by introducing.

カムトップ(ComeTop) Probably, that I have the visitor who came out and visited the non-top page by retrieval by keyword surely peruse a top page additionally has the effect which was like a visitor clicking advertisement by the advertising technique of other kinds, and shifting to a top page.

Then, let's set up a click piece rate first.
Examples, such as 10 yen - 25 yen and 50 yen, are indicated as compensation per click by the present advertising system.
moreover, . examples, such as 58 yen and 75 yen, are indicated to be as a piece rate per click with the latest service which places in the retrieval result display screen advertisement corresponding to the keyword which the visitor inputted -- a piece rate is assumed to be 40 yen per affair there

By this, it estimates to the site (model B) which was substantial for above "their being 10 times about a non-top page, respectively". *1 If it carries out カムトップ(ComeTop) Annual effect by v痩3・:

Small scale site It increases 105 times. 4000 yen effect
To a small-scale site It increases 2,300 times. 90,000 yen effect
Minor scale site It increases 10,000 times. 400,000 yen effect
To a middle-scale site It increases 26,000 times. 1 million yen effect
To a large-scale site It increases 260,000 times. 10 million yen effect
It is overly a large-scale site. It increases 2,600,000 times. 100 million yen effect

It will be equivalent to a part.

10000 yen . . 10000 yen . . 10000 yen

(A picture is a national Bureau of Engraving and Printing publication sample)
*1 Naturally this provisional calculation is influenced by . actualities which are the guideposts based on the actual proof experiment of a Sonobe Laboratory at various elements including the individuality of a site.

It is a degree only that your company and you do in order to acquire such a greatest effect. :

  1. Sonobe Laboratory カムトップ(ComeTop) Please introduce and apply to a web page.

  2. Please register your site into the main search engines, such as Google.
    (It is O.K. if it has been already done) .

  3. please be substantial in the contents of your site .

Now, many quarters discover the recommended contents of your site, and come to take access action.
How is it?

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