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How to traverse crowd without collision How to traverse crowd without collision  
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Is it difficult to cross a square, a passageway, an amusement park, or a scramble crossing through crowded people toward where we want to go. The reason is that there is danger that people coming against us may collide with us.

Then, I teach you three methods to cross crowd, which I invented.

[Method 1: String Method]

First, people which are crossing a flow in the state of a matrix in the same direction as themselves are found.
It will be luck if it is!
It adheres behind the people and crosses at the same direction and the same angle.

Since "Zone of Emptiness" is made to a flow of opposite direction after men before a matrix make and pass along a path if it carries out like this, it can progress very happily by touch as for which a route along which he passes exactly is automatically vacant.
Since it was visible like a "string" which advances tidily, inside of crowd was named the "string method."

[Method 2: Pretend to be Washed Away Method]

Even if turning to the right at an aisle of a crowded station wants to perform the serious . (in case of left-hand traffic) string method, it is crowded too much and a "prior unit" is not found.
then, the opposite lane -- direction is reversed, and it becomes together with a man of opposite and progresses as if it began to back for he forgetting completely and taking a thing, when approaching to the stream of a man of opposite who was not -- (to direction under a figure)

Surely, from a destination, if . keeping away also visits the left rapidly (like [ a car / of lane change ]) and comes to an edge, carrying out ӂ currently passed, the course will be changed again, and it progresses in the direction of the original purpose rapidly.
as to [ it / why ] it is that opposite direction once passes like a spy, when people go with a field, also mentally they have a drag and are mutual -- although avoiding is serious, it is horizontally moved by the same direction because it seems that it is easy to allow also mentally and physically
If it gives it a try, it will go smoothly unexpectedly.
then -- "-- it was washed away -- coming down -- law -- " -- -- it named

[Method 3: Running Through Method]

If it finds and runs through a crevice between people when it is in a hurry, this will succeed without colliding unexpectedly.

. which is moving only about 1m in 1 second generally since people which are walking along crowd are the same speed -- if it runs quite fast even if you of .... are impossible 10m in 1 second, before a dozens of cm crevice which attached an aim will be buried by people, it can pass
H. G. It was SF of Wells's time machine, or it is that principle although there was a scene which progresses freely a tip of the nose of a man as if a it to whom the passage of time became late from people had stopped in a town whose movement was lost like a ghost town into it.
At the time of hurry, it is smooth without bumping into people, and since it can go by moreover running early, it is a case of killing two birds with one stone.
it says -- dividing -- coming out -- "-- running -- law -- " -- -- it named

Please try.

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