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[PHOTO] The Longest Moon Total Eclipse in the 20th Century [PHOTO] The Longest Moon Total Eclipse in the 20th Century  

     From 8:57 p.m. to 20:54, on July 16, 2000.
     ... was the total eclipse of the moon. It was the last astronomical show of the 20th century in Japan, they told.
     Moreover, the moon total eclipse was the longest one in the 20th century.

     I was happy that the weather was fine then.
     I tried to observe the moon eclipse through the window and on the veranda.
     The first photo is the shining full moon before the eclipse. The moon is near by the top of the building.

     The start time had been announced as about 9:00 p.m., but I could not see the difference about 9:30 yet.
     I recognized the moon on the wane about 10:00.
     I have pachira trees, which have grew up well and have made the turn at the ceiling of the room.
     As the next photo, the moon was very small compared with the pachira leaf, but I could see the moon was near the half. I felt very exciting.

     At the next photo, the moon was likely to vanish soon.      The program of "News Station" of "TV Asahi" was to finish after few minutes.
     Since the moon became very dark, I came out of the room and took photographs on the veranda.
     The shape of the moon differs from new crescent, you see.

     At last, when the "News 23" program of "Tokyo Broadcasting Station" has progressed more than half, the moon could not be seen with the naked eye.
     But, by the digital camera, the moon was caught like dark bronze color.
     I was a little worrying how I could take photos of the dark moon, so I confirmed the photo one by one.      Because the total eclipse of the moon was the longest in the 20th century, the time was long enough and I did not need to hurry up.

     I could take such fine and large photo by a digital camera, even if I did not use a telescope.
     Such a long moon total eclipse will not come until the 38th century.
     In the warm evening, I thought about future.

BGM: Piano Sonata quasi una Fantasia No.14 Op.27/2 in C#m "Moonlight"

  Composed by : Ludwig van Beethoven.
  Piano and MIDI by : Makoto Yamazaki.

  - If the music do not start automatically,
stop the above, and then play the below:
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