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[PHOTO] Clouds Crawling on the Ground [PHOTO] Clouds Crawling on the Ground  
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July 11, 2001 . ピューピュー 吹いている -- a lukewarm wind is white -- it was torn to pieces and clouds were carried to the ground

White clouds pass through between an apartment or buildings rapidly, colliding.
It seems that a group of what 100 sheep is marching through the air.
About 3-6 animals come to いちど, and an open space is crossed in about 10 seconds.
A spectacle which is seen only in a plateau

It had seen once before, and clouds were lower than an apartment and were caught. . which うな気 carried out, and a photograph of evidence which will be shot were stored.

As looking, an angle of an apartment and a building over there will hide with passing clouds, will be now peevish, and will be stroked with ゾワッ with . clouds.

If there is a house in which the washing is hung out to dry, since clouds will collide, is a head twisted if it would get wet why, although there is also no rain in the next morning [ . ] which will become wet?

When uncanny, it has been getting down several m above ground from . height by which between garden trees is filled with clouds pure white.

going maintaining a form mostly, when passing unlike fog of dry ice, whatever it might collide with -- a bogy -- like -- glamorous -- 摩訶 -- it is wonderful

When seen from a high place, clouds called what 100 raised the head and were marching rapidly by considerable speed east from the west.

a sheep -- one animal and a sheep -- two animals and a sheep -- three animals and a sheep -- four animals and .... .zzzzz .. .

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