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Praises for Common Automatic Transport System (CATS) Praises for Common Automatic Transport System (CATS)  
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    The next are the praises given to the Common Automatic Transport System (CATS) plot.

It is the contents of automatic carrier system "Cats" which become Mr. Sonobe's investigation, and will be surprised in where such ways of thinking spring [ very much ] from.

I thought that the 21st century will be secured for a betterment of this very field to attract big attention from a various environment disruption side, and there was no method of setting this and otherwise saving the earth.

Many questions which will be followed on . conveyance which can also save CVP sharply if the existing establishment is used and enlargement fullness is carried out -- (Mr. Sonobe is also described) The 21st century will be the environment disruption of the tie up and carriage by conveyance, delivery of goods restrained in time in addition to this. -- He is just astonished by the bulk of the merit -- various questions are solvable.

Various questions to the next century come soon will overlap at once, and will cause a community big anarchy, and this will become a global question, if it does not tackle from now on.

Such a large project needs to tackle immediately as national business, and it wants for Japan to cut a head and to reach a practicing very much.

If this is first completed only within the 23rd division, many questions should still be, and is various environment disruption solved at once and is a big effect mentioned also to global warming prevention?

However, that such general public automatic carrier system is completed is when things are.

It is only that we the general population wishes that beautiful air, quiet nature, and the stable life will come early by completion of such a system also for one day.
An investigation and growth are prayed earnestly increasingly.
-- one-time Schoolmaster Hidehiko Yamazaki

It may be interesting if Mr. Sonobe's CATS would be pursued with belief.
-- Emeritus Professor Eiichi Wada

- like CATS will be said if it is A company -- I think that you may think to come out -- although kicked -- how -- kana

- . out of which the machine with which a thing needed comes out at hand in the space household Robinson which was being watched on television as a child was coming so that naturally -- realize that

- CATS is help [ woman / it is difficult for delivery like a working mother to wait / busy ].

- I want to equip this very much in the residential quarter developed newly.

- What is necessary is just to do together with A company of a supermarket, or B company of a convenience store.

- the cost which an enterprise and a state have to pay after this for environmental improvement is serious . -- what is necessary is not just not to assign it to land improvement of CATS -- it is .

- Probably, it will be good not to continue a bad investment in public utilities of the efficiency to the unchanging civil engineering and construction industry and raw-materials business, or for business of communication not to absorb employment by force, but to have one's best done by CATS foundation as an area of strength of such industry, and to have a personnel harnessed, in order to improve the inter-industrial-competition strength in the 21st century.

- Although it is about a CATS plot, I think that it is the very interesting way of thinking. A transport cost is high. In a door-to-door delivery service, even if cheap, 600 yen or more and a —X pack are also very high. This will be because the wait with the biggest employment cost is occupied.
Is the question of CATS having to consider being also technical/economical and quite fresh realistic questions, such as damage according to disaster, or a rat/cockroach with last thing, management at the time of failure, and the maintenance method? Does it succeed, if it thinks so and will begin from a small place like [ talk / of city underground / big ] delivery service of an upper-layers apartment?

- Isn't Mr. Sonobe's investigation effective in the delivery system in the Mega-Float which A ministries are carrying forward? Since it buries and puts from the beginning in the building on not an across the board road but a Mega-Float (marine depot).

Next, it is a society announcement. (1996. 12.5) It is a pattern in the social gathering of night.

- Thank you for the talk that it is very interesting today.

- It was pleasant.

- . to which today's announcement was stimulated -- such announcements are also good

- When the bosom was large truly that Fujitsu also does such investigations and he comes, he admired.

- I have this symposium chosen as a place of an announcement, and it is honorable.

- It was a talk with a dream.

- When I am a child, saying like this in comics has started as an ideal. ‚½

- It was the talk to which SF became actual.

- As a social system, a place with philosophy thinks that it is good the place considered variously synthetically.

- If CATS is recommended to Southeast Asia, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, . deer which is burned rather than Japan and which may be realized will also become the associate who cooperates with Japan closely in the future.

- Although I had actually seen the sewerage tunnel of the underground in Paris used for jacket ƒ‹ƒWƒƒƒ“ to escape with a novel "oh, heartless", I had improved very much.
The name of terrestrial building is all written also on the underground passage.
The iron ark was floated on the underground water and the thing and man for maintenance were transfered.
Napoleon who had a strong policy and did such firm beautiful city planning projects hundreds of years ago is great.
It is beautiful, and CATS can be performed as such a city planning project which is beneficial to people, and I regard it as wonderful.
-- Professor Tsuneo Kurokawa

- Please continue your research to realize the grand plot.

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