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[Notes] ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop's wonderful advantages of increasing Web visitors  
The advantage of the Web access increasing tool ComeTop developed by Sonobe Laboratory is explained in all its aspects.

1 Accecss increased violently after ComeTop started on-line [Notes] ComeTop \'ComeTop
The velocity of top-counter jumped up by several fold!

2 How was ComeTop's demonstration experiment performed? [Notes] ComeTop Sonobe Laboratory executed a experiment practically on Internet.
3 80-90% of visitors viewed the top page by ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop 10%, without ComeTop
4 80-90% of searching visitors viewed the top page by ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop 20 to 40%, without ComeTop
5 Number of viewed pages per person increased by 17-44%. by ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop up from 1.6 to 2.1
6 Some persons clicked a link to outside further under ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop This is also the effect of ComeTop
7 1 in 7 persons viewed further pages from the top page under CometTop [Notes] ComeTop increase from 2% to 11%
8 Forcasting top page count increased by ComeTop [Notes] ComeTop site being viewed by 12,000 persons might be visited by 19,600 persons
9 Law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you" [Notes] ComeTop Contents enrichment brings immediately access increasing.
10 Such great effect of ComeTop in terms of money! [Notes] ComeTop The law of "The more contents you add, the more persons visit you" weights in gold!
11 Summary of ComeTop's advantages [Notes] ComeTop We are also waiting for your mail of joy.

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