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How to remember what must be done definitely How to remember what must be done definitely  
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* Problem

Although it might have to be made absolute, doesn't he forget in spite of himself?
Since my head is bad, if I do not devise, I will forget well.

Of course, when it registers with the cellular phone etc. and the appointed time comes, it is also one to use the function to tell about in a noise, vibration, or pop-up.
But probably, there is also business which cannot specify time.
  • "Reservation and らなきゃ" of a morning ticket
  • "ゃ which is not in a post office in the lunch break in a line"
  • "-- if who [ Mr. ] comes back from a business trip -- the talk -- carrying out -- なきゃ"
  • He will telephone, if work finishes "today, and it is なきゃ."
  • "It is money 降ろさなきゃ to return."
  • "-- since it has cleared up, he forgets an umbrella -- there is nothing -- making -- なきゃ"
If you forget to see it primarily although it is good to write business to a notebook or a schedule file

* Solution

the direction with a wrist watch should move a wrist watch to an arm opposite to attaching usually, when business which should be carried out later is made . . which those who usually attach to the left arm attach to a right arm -- if I will go home and I will go to bed until it executes the business, whatever there may be, it will not return to the original arm

this should look at time -- unacquainted -- unacquainted -- the nerve of it being alike and not only remembering but a right hand -- "-- there are some obstructive things -- よある -- " -- と -- since it continues sending a signal to the head, it is unexpectedly effective

Or [ awaking in the morning, before effective . alarm clock will sound, if a wrist watch is attached to an opposite way and it sleeps also when considerable early rising must be carried out ]

. dress, another pocket of a bag, etc. which put those terminals into the place different from usually when OK . business is made, if it was the direction referred to as walking around with a cellular phone etc. and seeing time by it very well even in the direction which does not attach a wrist watch
Or probably, it will be good in attaching a wrist watch, when business is in that which does not carry out a wrist watch usually and which is.

Moreover, although the above-mentioned method may be used when there is business which should surely be remembered next morning, I introduce how to act as Ms. Tamao Nakamura.
. of "putting in and placing the memorandum which wrote business into the shoes to wear" -- since a memorandum must be taken out to wear, it is a good method
Moreover, since Tamao had said, "It is also good in sticking a memorandum on the place to which its face is reflected on the mirror of a washroom (dressing table)", he laughed indeed.

It is -- about how to tell people the business I want you to see absolutely in passing.

When telling those who have put many things on the desk that he wants to surely see only his message memorandum, what should it carry out?
Also put the front when. Sitting down at which a memorandum is stuck on the place which becomes the obstacle of work, this side of a personal computer keyboard, and it on the place which feels the loneliness which is likely to be protruded from an edge just for a moment, and fall, it flies, or stopping with a Scotch tape also is and has unexpected nature effective against . or the chair to be stopped with a Scotch tape so that it may not carry out.

Moreover, it comes. What it should carry out to a teacher of a university who is not telephoning, either and does not give a reply to e-mail, and not coming. If FAX is placed on unexpectedly effective . desk, since it is very obstructive to send FAX, by filing being impossible 即処理(ing) -- た -- it will become -- if it recommends to the person of school affairs or a laboratory, "put on the middle of a desk with Dawn" when .FAX is sent -- perfectly .

It seems that the tips to remember are collected by the keyword "an obstacle."

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