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I cannot agree with antonym test I cannot agree with antonym test  
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It is a test and an antonym. (opposite words, opposite term) Is there any problem it is heard that is?

It is a shocking thing equivalent to the rich child of . thinking power who thinks it severe that the "correct answer" which the teacher assumes attaches バツ to the reply different from it, and makes it zero point by only one.

Language is the row of a character or a noise seemingly.
But those from whom making a meaning [ a word ] hears those who talk are because the similar scene using the language is reminded of it and applied.
That is, language always demonstrates a fixed effect just because much knowledge of the common scene where the language demonstrated such effects in people's head heard the inside of the head of those, who talk, is shared.

however, the world -- complicated . . used in the scene which is different in the same language being various -- the meaning of language appears in a two or more piece dictionary from this -- I will accept it -- it names
A dictionary cannot collect all examples of all ages and countries.
Moreover, even if one example increases using the meaning from which I and you are now different for a while here, it should not put on a dictionary.

It is necessary to think that it sometimes has the actual meaning of language tens of thousands of times numbers of times of a dictionary, and dozens of times by such reason.

This is でしょ similar to law and the relation of the jurisprudence.

If an antonym has innumerably at all . scene which is the language which demonstrates an opposite effect in a certain scene, it also changes an antonym, respectively, and if it. Says, since there are many rulers, it is natural touch that it is not decided as one.


It is there.

a "high" antonym -- what

Let's take up the problem to say.

"-- it is そりゃ "it is low" -- ろ and good-bye -- "

? Please wait just for a moment.

When thinking only for about 30 minutes, it went up like this. :

A high thing antonym is --.

■ being mere
Example: High efficiency <=> single function
■ even
Example: High official <=> common bureaucrat
Plateau <=> flat ground
■ Act as an adult and be.
example: a high 鼾 (snore) <=> adult -- carrying out -- い鼾
■ The first
Example: High rank <=> beginners' class
■ 弊
Example: Your respected opinion <=> 弊説
■ 廉
Example: Expensive, <=> cheap
■ Ground
Example: Elevated <=> underground
■ It is young.
Example: Advanced age layer <=> younger age group
■ There is nothing.
Example: Fame <=> obscurity

Still more, there is 愚 etc. to the limit inside.
Is anything unreasonableness seemingly?
Then, it is decided by this and is !.

■ It is thin.
Example: Big salary <=> low salary

It is whether although there may be a child who collects negative expression thoroughly and writes them as follows, you should stamp the brand of zero point on such a child. :

A high thing antonym is --.

it is not high -- not high -- it does not cut quantity but they are low からず and the high reason which cannot be high -- is [ whether it is high and ] it high いもん? It is that it is high. high -- or -- it was bad at Cheevy, although there were price fishing 上げて and higher super-quality articles [ which do not go into the way that he will not buy it now and it will be rich ] which can also be bought for OK and me, which an addition attaches to the limit, which can be bought with a loan more and it was heard are high Although reproach will be received if it can say, it already says [ which cannot be studied ] so more and it says that it is bleeding large service of a better も原価 crack, and is not high etc. since it does not say that it is unusually high The reason for supposing that it is 失当 the judgment in which the reason it cannot be concluded immediately that is not high, and it is supposed whether it was said that it was high and that the judgment whose memory is not certain, and which was made not high is 失当 is not found and which is made high about dismissing is not found. how to make it into the high thing which it has already said and was understood, and うふふ -- it is high

Let's give other examples.
In the salary and concern of a big salary <=> low salary which "it is not only deep", but raised "it is thick" on . which will be so, if a "thin" antonym is "high" . light, it "is strong."

. out of which the antonym problem which attaches or takes the character of "非" and the character of "不" comes well -- an answer is not necessarily one by such case, either
the contrary of . "wonderful" in which the antonym which is likely to exist moreover may not exist -- "思議" He has not heard such language.


The antonym has not carried out even English very clearly.
The contrary of hot.
There may be those who claim cold.
To be sure, if it is coffee, it is good at cold.
But cool will be good if it is the name of the button of an air-conditioner, and the atmosphere of jazz.
If it is temperament, there is also the word "calm."
It may be normal, if it is mild and news when it is curry and is old and temperature.
Supposing the antonym of hot pants is heard.

If the contrary of close thinks whether to be open, the language said in disclose is also in fashion by economy or politics.

The contrary of end has not only start but begin and beginning.
If it is a store and is open, opening, and a man, doesn't it arrange in birth?
It may be called center when it is the SE bearing contrast of an end user and a data processing center in mind.
If it is those who have processed wood, even if the contrary of end answers that it is end by the side of opposite (end), it is not amusing.


No one can declare that antonym of a word is only one, and it is impossible to enumerate all antonyms. Such test in nonsense.

Therefore, tests of antonym should abolish completely, even if it is Japanese or foreign languages.

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