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The origin of the symbol colors of CATS (Common Automatic Transport System) The origin of the symbol colors of CATS (Common Automatic Transport System)  

    CATS can be considered `the dreamy automatic delivery machine'.
     So we have adopted rose color as the first symbol color of CATS.
     Rose color gives the image of hopeful future with a lot of possibilities to our mind.

    But, depending on how to realize and how to use, CATS has the risk of making people unpleasant or unhappy, like any other new technologies.

    If the system were designed too optimistically, while their minds are dyed only with rose color, it might bring unfortunate result.
    The people working in the transportation industry, the automobile industry, or the retail industry must not lose their job rapidly because of CATS.
    Catastrophes must not happen because of CATS.

    So, all persons, who are involved in the development and promotion of CATS, have to study thoroughly the issues and countermeasures, in order that people will be able to use it in comfort and it will make everyone's life better and happy.

    Thus, we have adopted gray as the second symbol color with the warning that we must not forget the dark gray side associated with unhappiness.

    After all, we have decided that the symbol colors of CATS are rose color and gray, by reasons as mentioned above.

    In addition, light blue has been used for the cat's eyes in the logo.

- Technical information of the colors:

logo * Rose #ff8faf (255,143,175)
logo * Light-blue #7faeff (127,174,255)
Background * Rose #fbbbd6 (251,187,214)
Background * Gray #c0c0c0 (192,192,192)

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