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Worldly Thoughts out of My Bamboo Pen (1) Worldly Thoughts out of My Bamboo Pen (1)  
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The essay was written when I was 3rd year of senior high school student.
Now I present it to who are feeling loneliness.

It is wonderful. For a nose, an eye is [ the person of a hot country, or the person of a cold country ] two at one. It is said that it falls downward in Japan even in South America on the back side of the earth although a thing falls downward. The U.S. length same [ one day of Japan ] as one day. Wherever it may go for whom to necessarily have not determined on the earth, many laws of physics and chemistry are realized similarly. if electric two poles are + and - in Japan -- Germany -- x and / -- you may be -- although that is right .... As the third person planned, coincidence agreement of happening in personal things and personal every corner of the earth will be carried out.

Now, the greater one temporarily called "God" when the universe was still the world of only energy is E=mc. 2 Following, From what to what When [ the law and having destined ] we the human beings understand, is the fact らたす about any profits to us? Did the heart's moving like [ him ] me and this basis become clear, and are useful to he or me?

We are the universe. Besides nud Others It does not become. Inside It is alike and exists. Furthermore, experiential various knowledge is acquired since birth. In fact, even concepts, such as about it, "we", the "universe", and "existence", are experiential knowledge. か -- the question of the kind "why it has such an experience" and "what kind of thing existing in addition to the universe to be" will be [ why ] important for us [ like ] "Soul" Also on an "experience community", it may really be sufficient for a thing called our soul. Therefore, it is waste of imagination to criticize the problem the universe and precedent to existence, and that it is significant says what considers such a law dully useful on everyday life.

It may think well. Although he forgets from what years-old time you begin to consider such a thing, it comes into its mind frequently from a schoolchild's time anyway. -- "I" is merely out of the universe in fact with one soul. A soul is not the thing of the shape of a transparent amoeba which people consider and which モヤモヤ(ed). It is the soul perfectly equipped also with an outside and hardness. I of the present soul have received one trial. the results believe that they change the treatment after a trial (it is -- a thing)

Now, when it comes to the trial, it is as follows. Spiritual I can show the long play which the waist is made to be applied and occurs in front of the screen (it can see also with a soul, of course) of 180 degrees (it is inside ったっけ in the waist etc.). One of the dolls which are visible to a screen is assigned to me. (It seldom expresses the whole) It saw, and because it did not get used, the doll was felt uncanny at first. The signal which that fellow sends says spiritual me in codes, such as a noise, a smell, and a tactile sense. Faithfully according to the notice issued here on the other hand, a doll uses [ a doll ] my considered thing as a mouth. Therefore, splendidly, spiritual I am deceived and begin activity by the doll in a screen, and one. A drama starts from the family yard in Japan. And a thing of the same shape as the doll which I control comes out a lot, and addresses, or makes it involve in various incidents. Of course, a script is the universe. Here marker -- which it is alike and is -- one person does not know actually those who are not anything and in whom I receive such a trial in addition to myself with the soul to which he (?) resembled me, either --s made A scene useless in a script does not have one. When a doll is still small, it is the play which gave a certain memory which acts in union the back, or was made very skillfully in uniting an inconsistent portion well. Since [ whose a doll is / like a machine ], if a play is given mostly, it will appeal against tiredness or a pain with a signal. Moreover, the temptation from which he is indiscriminately excused although it is uninfluential to me even if a doll stops moving in fact is sent. And the notice different from thinking just is sent to a doll, and a play also becomes painful still more. And it is, for example to a doll always. Even when carrying out            Even when carrying out           , the marker is gazing with ジッ. When feeling it behind a screen, something shudders.

me of the soul which the doll which appears resembles the doll which I move and has been convinced of the doll like its end (now) -- the "human beings" -- a soul like me -- と -- I will consider occasionally It is a free virtual image. Don't mistake. They are the dolls which move as the cold director directed, and are uttered. If I appeal against the loneliness which has received the "trial" in them, they and the director in back are grinning in the heart. If this air is felt, that of the Aya vine will also become disagreeable about a doll. And their words are "confession of an inside" as if they were also like a soul carried out in a trial. The thing seemed foolish how in my heart in order oh, it will be, will be common and to reveal to them ....

At the time which felt loneliness tightly, the writing 如き idea was very mystical, and, and yet, included validity and actuality much at it. However, when it looks at this image with an eye calm and analytic now, it turns out that it is filled with many fault-incorrect ball-inconsistencys. It stops, although it can also point out in 逐語. If a big defect is said, concepts, such as a trial, a marker, and treatment, are terrestrial concepts, and even if it reaches outside the universe (world of existence where actual existence was transcended), the origin will serve as a new question.

が and this image -- Christianity and Buddhism -- beginning -- the same undercurrent as the classic philosophy of the east West -- って -- one notices it being -- I will come out Therefore, you should say that religion and philosophy also have much such a field which is the product of a feeling of a mystery, and a solitary feeling. being appropriate -- it is alike and these are as above-mentioned play of meditation The hometown of the soul being located in the place which is not the world the present life being led, or an essential system's existing is "not being" with the measure of our experience community. Moreover, there is also almost no possibility of being taken to such the world. Therefore, it can be said to be the product of imagination even if there is uneasiness. Getting to know things other than an experience community is not needed for us who live in an experience community the place got blocked. It is better to think also by "how it can become happy if it lives" rather than it thinks the origin of life, "it is what ぞ with life", etc. if it puts in another way.

this [ first of all, / one's / right ] -- or the feelings which ask for peacefulness become a basis and the feeling of wanting you to allow and comfort one etc. continues [ the feeling that religion does not want to die, and ] [ who does a 求むる feeling and a bad thing and repents of those who trust efforts ] So, it has also been believed by the time when science is underdeveloped that it is "unscientific", such as "after painful life dies in peace and lives in paradise happily" or "Mr. [ God ] letting you understand his rightness, and having trouble appreciated." However, in the present age, science is better [ 目ざ ] and, thanks to development, the "next world" and "おばけ" have changed to superstition. It does not start, even if it teaches Shinto and Buddhist deities to these times. the way from which a trouble of a man of today is saved -- even [ free ] -- "-- scientific -- so much -- not coming out -- experience -- positive This world It is philosophy."

By the way, the talk is troublesome if relativity comes out absolutely. Surely, man is relative and cannot understand absolute truth etc. However, there is a thing called unification nature in man's world. It is the character which exists unawares like existence of unification nature that is, the universe, and us. many moral and material substances of all containing the living thing in which this unification nature contains no human beings not only within man -- this 嵌まる -- they are things when it is considered, all one phenomena in the world all contain themselves -- explanation sticks by observation of the small external world suitably [ oneself or ] The same thing can be said even if it stands on a time viewpoint. And it sees in time, and the world unrelated to our life and they are unnecessary to us except the universe as they mentioned above. Therefore, in the relative world, it will be said that relative truth is also realized and it is the thing which should be deduced from experience.

When it is made another form and this is said, on the earth, the speed of a train also understands the speed of a car by considering a position relatively [ earth ]. As long as it is on the earth, it is sufficient for 40km/h, 100m/m, or で用. And in fact, if it turns out that it does not come out 1 step from the earth, this can be made into truth for us, though it is relative.

Unification nature has strange touch. It attaches for carrying out the same idea as oneself and others etc. to see, and, as for man, anyone makes deep the feelings of being the same structure wholly and having the thing [ person / every / all ] "oneself" completely like me. Just this problem is depended on unification nature. By bearing unification nature in mind, I think that the phenomenon of the solitary feeling will be carried out. And a "life" and the problem of "self" are also solved very simply by recognition of unification nature again.

(issue 31R class newsletter No. 5 carried)
The dot was changed into ゴジック and 空行 was inserted in the paragraph.
The place where the blank continues            is as the original.
I drew the illustration in 2003.

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