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How to mark out your shopping memo items without pen How to mark out your shopping memo items without pen  
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It is a way recommended to the direction of the type of buying and collecting while going as even if it makes a note of the articles which he is going to buy on small paper and puts them into a pocket like me and looking at it.

Like the right, the list of things to buy is written to paper.
And if you buy it, the left of the item will be torn with a number of mm and a finger from an edge just for a moment.
If it carries out like this, isn't it necessary to walk around with a pen or to carry out very exaggerated appearance which takes out a pen together with a memorandum one by one, and begins a note in the middle of a store?

In a right example
"Although he bought kurikinton, a dried herring roe, and chicken thighs, he still has to buy boiled fish paste, a black soybean, and Japanese honewort."
Does it turn out that it says?

The item which stopped buying it will also tear.
Does it mean completing shopping, when all items are torn?

Although written as a shopping list in the top, it can use also for an erase lump of the item (action) list of work.
It will be O.K. if write the item of investigating a copy and this [ this ] for e-mail and what X to whom to paper just for a moment, and it is put into the pocket, it tears whenever it carries out one, and it erases.

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