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How to repair plastic food wrap torn unclearly How to repair plastic food wrap torn unclearly  
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Plastic food wrap (especially Saran Wrap (Registered trademark)) It sticks with wrap and ƒsƒVƒb.
Therefore, if it breaks strangely in some rhythm, can't a break (edge) be seen and is troubled?
While it is torn to pieces even if a finger pulls the edge which looked a few or it scratches it, and a break becomes complicated ....

It may be hit by the misfortune which the portion "before one revolution" remains in part, and is not connected forever and which is very said when you think that it turned 1 round well.

It is a management way such at the time.

please stick tapes (cellophane tape etc.) on the beautiful place considered to have not started a crack if possible sideways (if there is nothing from a minute -- anywhere -- saying -- it is -- since), and, in the case of a transparent and colorless tape, draw a line by oily marker (or ball-point) on it further

. since the coloring tape of product attachment stuck on the first drawers can also be used here in the case of Saran Wrap, but there is little adhesiveness -- work -- on the way -- as [ come out / it / in many cases ] -- be careful

next, on the basis of a tape line, the place which hits outside . tape line which arranges a plastic food wrap should give me the place of . tape line which is not cared about even if it will break, however it may pluck noting that I will float from a pipe . -- if the plastic food wrap of the outside which is interfered with then is all gone out from a left end to a right end -- O.K.

Since it can get in and take between new round from a tape line even if there is a fragment before an OK . round, if a tape line floats from a pipe even if it cannot finish taking an outside fragment

. yes, then, ƒsƒŠƒb which is the edge currently attached to the box and be finally finely cut to an even length inside a tape line!

It was already good in ‚­’¼.

using at once, if you buy the 1 more reserve, and it is torn when busy -- saying -- it is -- since. correcting settles down

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