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[PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (1) [PHOTO] Pachira Flower (Pachira Bloom) (1)  
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 (パキラの花,ギアナクリ,カイエンヌナッツ,pachira bloom, pachira flower, pachira blossom, pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut)
This is the tale of pachira which is in a Sonobe Laboratory now.

Good Sunday . of the 1990 -- . weather
If I call it time to come out to the research institute in Kawasaki on Sunday, it will be the time of having turned around daytime very much leisurely.
The middle,

"-- if it あぁ and goes -- the desk of a company dreary in papers again .... . -- I desire some grace -- "

. which approached the florist

To what tells the tree like a pencil to a mini bowl, or is visible only to grass, it is the bulletin board of "pachira."
This was the encounter with pachira.
it is said that pachira (pachira aquatica) is Mexico native vegetation -- although . heart is solid, appearance is [ heart ] popular by the very bright tree

Small 葉っぱ of the bright green which it was able to extend five sheets at a time for every branch seems to be a baby's palm.
Healthy "vigor" which does not have cloudiness although it is small was emitted softly.

My pachira will attend a company to repull with 500 yen together with me.

The desk top which was in disorder is arranged and ちょこん and the bowl of young pachira are put on an edge.
Something is ashamed so that there may be one more unripe it there.
Nothing is said although a host passes this desk front from Monday.
it is a mini bowl even if he notices . -- only carrying out ふり which he does not notice wholly -- かもしれな .

among those, the secretary -- たち . which got to know having attached to my pachira the pet name "Pachy" . (notes: secretary person of general-affairs activities) which had given water instead of me
It was very glad when it was got to know.

It had imposed giving a cupful of water by oneself to pachira every week.
Coffee is drunk up Sunday etc. taking breath and looking at pachira slowly.
. for which I felt that it was gulp/+downing as 嬉しが when the paper cup was rinsed, and water was drawn to the brim and having been applied to the bowl of pachira

pachira spread when the environment of my seat is good was set also to 50cm.
Growing up quickly only with full water every week, without also giving fertilizer was impressed with uncanny strength.
No, if full, since water did not pass to the bottom, two cups were needed.
Since it is over 1m from the floor, it is fairly splendid.

  it came out that a leaf becomes yellow gradually and falls lightly although he thinks that he forgets neither water nor り by himself -- although not. written down -- sentimentality -- being deep

"They are autumnal leaves (it needs like this)."

Although it is beautiful if it is . "autumnal leaves" to say, since the leaves depend and fall at a season, he is me.

"Has pachira weakened?"

Uneasy .

It was transferred to the research institute in Makuhari 1993.
The attendance to Kawasaki from the one year before was in between けつ.
The way things stand, pachira will die.
. which the things bad for giving three weeks, four weeks, and water were generating while it was worrisome

When it was going to return the Kawasaki 研から, the move of pachira was determined at last a certain night.
若 of the handbag which pachira extended in height of 50cm or more wrapped to many sheets -- the green palm was taken out and it was made to consider on all sides as ひらりひらり
the visitor of a train -- たち -- while gazing at my big pachira, I was not able to put up with that nature and a cheek were torn up the seams

When it calculates, the odds which divided into ≒100 week for two years, having assumed that the odds for someone to give water to pachira at one week were 95%, and do not forget at all, but give water are only 0.95100≒0.0059, i.e., about 0.6%.
That is, it is the proof of work of man that pachira grew up greatly in this way.

. which set at once pachira which has taken and come home on a special seat called the table of a bright place by the window

While relaxing in the room, it is good for green pachira to be always at hand.

It is extended [ that this is extended quickly, ].
. which replants in a tidy flowerpot and gives black soil, a Histosol, and solid fertilizer
Water became two cups of weeks and became three cups of weeks.
The leaf which passed through days and months is thick and glossy dark green.
On the other hand, as soon as it eats and cooks the leaf even with about two young months, for meeting, it is softly delicate and is carrying out delicate light green.
pachira is . which also became the pleasure for my mother.

In fact, it also turned out recently at last that it is what a leaf grows old and falls from the branch of a root one by one.
The trunk near the ground is . which is not so if it thinks whether the face became dirty, and becomes the color of 木肌 from the bottom.
It has grown fat like a wen from the root bee.
Since it rooted and this also began to have increased a leaf when the chip box carried out the cutting of the one kept branch to the bowl, it was surprised at strength.

pachira blows off the leaf of a five-sheet set rhythmically like every month.
. which has the pleasure which is looking at fireworks since it acts as the Il Sung chief every day and becomes a big leaf

 (パキラの花,ギアナクリ,カイエンヌナッツ,pachira bloom, pachira flower, pachira blossom, pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut) It is hard to believe that a soft light-green bud is delicate like downy hair, and becomes large degree it be several days.
but if it comes out, at least a length of 20cm, 30cm, and the leaf of Kaede (changing and coming out) will become large
Dew transparent at the tip of a leaf is round, and a hotel shines in the morning sun.

Top-heavy, long my pachira came to reverse by the wind.
Then, he buys a large flowerpot and it replanted again.
It is year [ of 6 years old of pachira ] . which exceeded my height at last.

"It will be troubled if it keeps about a ceiling."

that it was also worried has collided head-on with the ceiling with a height of 230cm bravely and perpendicularly well at last in a moment and the spring of 7 years old of pachira -- coming out -- there is nothing -- it is .
 (パキラの花,ギアナクリ,カイエンヌナッツ,pachira bloom, pachira flower, pachira blossom, pachira aquatica, Shaving-brush tree, Cayenne nut) It became really anxious at this.
It is the begun crisis after being born for pachira.
the genetic code of the DNA -- by no means

if "ceiling is collided with -- like this -- avoiding -- why -- in this way -- "

. to which など and the evasion implement are not written -- why is because it should have evolved in the natural outdoors
A sprout does not come out of whether pachira is lost in thought with "ウーム" in a usual rhythm.
It came out, when waiting to waiting.

Although it came out for a bud to come out surely, between a ceiling and the trunk currently thrust up from the bottom, the way was crushed to death by itself and has withered black.

Now, it was troubled.

Moreover, there are no news for one month.
pachira which may all become useless as it is

. whose "commemorative photo" which took from the bottom pachira which collides with a ceiling and is troubled is this
Now, what happens....

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