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a shellfish which was useful by the fish dealer, and kana . sake-steamed dishes with seafood soup (obtaining and carrying out おじる) sufficient [ . tomorrow supper to which a big hard clam or あさり is come as one pack 買 ] if it can do are also オツ

Now, a shellfish is put into containers, such as a bowl, and cold water which melted salt (-> reference ) to the extent that it becomes the depth of sea water and which is not cold is put in to the extent that a shellfish is immersed with a grinding sound.
Since it may be bright, when a bowl is calmly placed on a table, it is after several minutes....

A leg is taken out suddenly, and the circumference is explored, among those it begins to move freely downward to everybody, そごそ, almost empty, and a top.
Among those, what is considered or cold water is blown with ピュッ from a flood pipe.
It is as active as it is wonderful that there is no face.
There is no vision and it will react how being conscious of the external world.

"おっ and a shellfish move fairly."

It feels actually and is interesting.

Or [ that interest will spring more if each shellfish is named, who is fine and who observes in a mischievous priest ] (if it goes so far spare time people's area)

It is a pitiful life until it will be eaten.
Let's make it live freely one evening at least.

It seems that it is better to cover a container with a lap or a lid however before people go to sleep.
It is surprised when it does by hard clam only after thinking of this, and it sleeps as it is, and it sees in the morning!
No, although a border of a bowl is overcome and it has not independently escaped, a table top is already cold water to a long distance, and it is ビチャビチャ.
Cold water of a container had kept a decrease of considerable.
Was gun play considered as バキューンバキューン all together during 1 evening?

Since I think that it is probably pleased, please try this cheap method on a home to which the child comes by all means.

The original purpose is "sand omission (-> reference )", and has a good reason perfectly.

If a friend places the not an intention but clock immediately near the container of あさり貝, what does he think . shellfishes to which a chime of a time signal began to sound to ガランガラン and a loud noise reacted?
That's right which considered 糞 as what after shellfishes danced all at once

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